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  1. Thank you Peter. I have just downloaded the update. John
  2. OK Pete, please bare with me here. This may sound less than intelligent, however, I have looked in every folder that unzipped from FSUIPC and I cannot find GFDev64.dll. I moved the one from GoFlight, but I think it is just GFDev.dll. I have the system down right now while I do some more work on the cockpit, so I can't check at the moment.
  3. I still need an answer to my question above. I can only get Go-Flight modules to work with Go-Flight software. FSUIPC5 is not recognizing the modules. I am using the most recent Go-Flight software, V2.8.8. Thanks, John
  4. Are we talking about recognizing the Go-Flight modules in Go-Flight or FSUIPC? I have installed Go-Flight software version I can operate the Go-Flight modules through the Go-Flight module software but FSUIPC does not recognize the module key presses. I used the Go-Flig config program to turn off all the Go-Flight module buttons or rotaries. I have the GFDev.dll from version in the FSUIPC modules folder. I do not see a file called GFDEV64.DLL in either the Go-Flight folder or the FSUIPC5 folders. IN PD3V3 I had the Go-Flight modules working through FSUIPC. I would be nice to get them doing the same in V4.
  5. Add me to the list of purchasers. My CC is out. John
  6. Because your program is magic . :) I was reading your documentation when this came in. Thank you for the advice. John
  7. Thanks again Peter, I am sure it can be done. It is done with Project Magenta and iFly. Here is part of the PM version of the script. It looks pretty straight forward. The problem is the FSUIPC offset are reserved for PM or iFly. running those scrips doesn't work unless I am using one of those applications. I have neither nor am I interested in flying that sort of simulator. I will read your SDK again and try and figure out the bit setting. Thanks for responding. John Var 0001, name iocp_teclas Var 0002, name teclado, Link IOCARD_KEYS, Device 22 { if &teclado = 71 // menu { &k = 629 } if &teclado = 79 // perf init { &k = 624 } if &teclado = 78 // rte { &k = 625 } if &teclado = 75 // des { &k = 628 } ............ var 5, name k, link subrutine { if &k <> 0 { if &k = &tempk { &offsetk = &k + &shift if &shift = 0 { &shift = 2048 } else { &shift = 0 } } else { &offsetk = &k &tempk = &k } &k = 0 } } var 6, name tempk var 8, name shift Var 3000, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, name offsetk, Offset $5428, Length 2 // CDU Functions Var 3010, name fmcLeds, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $052C, Length 2 // FMC LEDs { V3020 = TESTBIT V3010 ,0 // EXEC LED V3030 = TESTBIT V3010 ,1 // MSG LED V3040 = TESTBIT V3010 ,2 // FAIL V3050 = TESTBIT V3010 ,3 // OFST V3060 = TESTBIT V3010 ,4 // DSPY } Var 3020, Link IOCARD_OUT, name OUTPUT2, Device 22, Output 2 // FMC EXEC green led Var 3030, Link IOCARD_OUT, name OUTPUT1, Device 22, Output 1 // FMC MSG amber led Var 3040, Link IOCARD_OUT, name OUTPUT4, Device 22, Output 4 // FMC FAIL red led Var 3050, Link IOCARD_OUT, name OUTPUT0, Device 22, Output 0 // FMC OFST amber led Var 3060, Link IOCARD_OUT, name OUTPUT3, Device 22, Output 3 // FMC DSPY red led
  8. Peter or someone else who is knowledgeable with offsets, Please bear with me. I am a 68 year old pilot who flew both GA and fighters in the USAF. I also studied Chemical engineering in college. However, I went to college before computers took over. I used a slide rule in college. All that is to let you know that I am NOT a programmer, except when forced to in cockpit building. I can copy and modify scripts...most of the time. I am much better at getting hardware to work and woodworking than programming software. I looked up Offset 3340. However, I am afraid I do not understand all of the attributes I need to add after the FSUIPC_INOUT Offset $3340 part. Could someone have sympathy on and old fool (for even attempting to do this stuff) and give me an example of programming one of the buttons. I believe that I can take it from there. Also, I recall that in the early days there was a programming guide in the FSUIPC Documents folder. I couldn't find it with version 4.9? Thanks, John
  9. First of all, thanks for the quick reply Peter. To answer your question, yes, I did look at the offset list. In fact, I have read the entire basic and advanced manuals several times. The problem is that I didn't know what to look for. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. John
  10. I am trying to get an Opencockpits FMC V3 to work with FSUIPC as a general purpose input device. My goal is to use the device as a FMC and Up Front Control Panel (UFCP) in various aircraft using FSUIPC to assign functions to the various button/keys of the FMC V3. However, I am have trouble getting it to work with the existing SIOC scripts. They work with Project Magenta's offsets or iFly offsets. but I don't know which offset to use in FSUIPC to get the device's keys to be recognized as buttons by FSUIPC. I have it working within the internal IPConsol that SIOC uses to test code. However, the key strokes are not seen in Notepad or recognized by FSUIPC. I am using the most recent version of SIOC and FSUIPC. I am running Prepar3D through Windows 10 Pro. Can anyone help me? John
  11. Thank you for figuring this our and posting. I have long been wanting an ability to quickly enter numbers this way. John
  12. Thank you Andy. I will check out AVSIM. John
  13. Modern fighters enter data into the aircraft's flight computers using a Up Front Control Panel (UCP). It is similar to the CDU/FMC used by airlines and corporate jets. I have a T-38C cockpit which is 95% finished. The only major item left to build is the UCP. Building it isn't the issue, it is getting the UCP to enter frequencies, headings, etc. by the use of punching keys, which enter data into a buffer that is fed to FSX when the Enter, COM, etc button is pressed. I cannot turn an encoder to change the frequencies or heading, etc. I want to hit 121.5 then enter and the COM goes to 121.5. Does anyone know if this can be done using FSUIPC? Can FSUIPC handle the buffering of the data? I have Opencockpits' cards including their Xkeys card. I have Leo Bondar's card and just ordered a Pokey55T with which to play around. Any of these cards can be used to send key signal to FSX. I need to figure a way to get FSX to accept an entire freq. or heading or altitude input. John
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