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  1. Send direct to FS as Axis "Axis throttle set" to Saitek lever 2, and control to send when button released as "Throttle Set" Param (-1) does not cause any change to the thrust position as the button is released.
  2. Thank you for that, yup it was unticked! I didn't even think twice about it, I will reinstall the dll and test. Thank you.
  3. You may have answered this question, can this above method work if the thrust axis' are sent to FS and NOT FSUIPC? I am experiencing thrust reverser deployment in flight with the PMDG 737 NGXu low level near flare. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-737-ngxu-for-prepar3d-v4/55566-calling-on-ntsb-investigators PMDG said FSUIPC would cause this as it doesn't know if the airplane is on ground or in flight. What would be the best way to map the thrust axis' to achieve the saem desired outcome but with the protections from the FADEC and air-ground sensing system?
  4. In the P3D display red text information, my only selections were SLEW and BRAKES. All other check boxes were un-ticked. I removed the dll it was too much hassle. The idea was good, it looks at what frequency is set in your COMM1 and tunes LiveATC.net to that freq and enables real world atc audio which I thought was neat. But not for this amount of effort. Thanks again for the help. I can also confirm that no text message was displayed, although I am not sure if it was suppressed due to my config mentioned above.
  5. Well thank you very much John, turns out that that ipc.ask was the culprit. What was odd, was that there was nothing onscreen anywhere prompting user input. Quite frustrating, I have since removed that. Anyways, happy to be back in operation! Cheers!
  6. Yes, If I remove the FSUIPC.dll from the modules folder, my key presses return to normal. The moment I re-add it, the problem surfaces.
  7. Here is the log as requested. During the sim session, I pressed "B" no result, "Y" no result, "Ctrl+Shift+F12" no result, "Alt+Enter" no result, and finally "Ctrl+C," even that did not work. FirstFSUIPC5.log
  8. Hello Pete and Thomas, I am unsure, but I recently updated my FSUIPC copy to the latest listed in the title. I am now noticing certain keyboard commands are no longer working in sim. I cannot zoom via +/-, “B” for altimeter doesn’t work, “Y” for slew does not work, and Alt+Enter does not work is what I have noticed so far. Even the GSX menu via Ctrl+Shift+F12 isn’t functioning, I have to open the menu via the menu bar drop down. I am able to control zoom and slew from a 3rd party instructor platform so I know it still functions in the sim. All my keyboard keys do work as I checked in not
  9. Ah so even if the button may be noisy, you feel the axis could be wiping the -1 based on seen axis location? This could be very true in my hardware. I will check and verify. Does it make a difference if I assign the axis in FSUIPC (Direct) vs (FS as normal axis)? I believe I use direct currently.
  10. So I am suspect some of the buttons may be noisy. In Windows devices and printers they appear okay, but I do get phantom reverse on ground. To eliminate variable, can I assign ONE button (on release) to command engines 1,2,3,4 to -1 parameter?
  11. So my success was short lived. I am getting unreliable consistence with the reverse idle on all engines. I run a 4 axis 4 engine setup. Each of the 4 button release commands a Throttle Set(x) -1 value. Sometimes all 4 will idle, other times only 2, or even none. What is the behavior so random? I also thought maybe it was a button polling rate issue. So I mapped the a SINGLE button (with no others programmed) to send a singular throttle set -1 (not engine specific) and no reverses idled at that point, strange. If I fly a twin jet I get consistent operations, not sure why 4 engi
  12. I selected "Throttle Set" Parameter -1, and that did the trick. Thank you very much. This is resolved.
  13. This can be achieved via a button assignment? Specifically a control to be sent when the button is released?
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