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  1. Procedure followed: Select plane, then create the macro and  test with tab, named, and press ENTER. Then when I click on FSUIPC macro list it is not there.

    Other macros for the same plane ARE in the list.  eg. I made macro for Right irs to NAV  and another for Left irs to Nav. Right macro is in the list  and works while Left macro is not listed.

    can anyone help me fix this?


    Neal Howard

  2. All these manuals are written for the earlier version (5.4 I think). They do not appear to be very applicable to this version.

    Are there current operating manuals for v6? I have the program up and running on FSX-SE but wish to know a bit more about what I can do with it.

    As an example: ALL AI aircraft on final approach have landing gear fully retracted. It does not extend until the plane has skidded to a full stop.

    Can that be fixed or is it a bug in the program?

    Neal H

  3. I have studied the user manual and faqs but do not have a clue about how to fix it. My PC has the Steam version only. All the steps for locating My Traffic and FSX worked correctly but after that I am stumped.

    Help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Neal Howard

    Btw...Please excuse/delete the post by CubPilot. I erroneously created another account ......DOHHHH


    Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit

  4. I bit the bullet a few days ago, set Ult traffic 2 sliders to 0, and installed My Traffic 6 Professional. After four days I must rate MT6 as A+ software. It was easy to install, and I found the instructions to be clear. The traffic is very nice at all the airports tested.I never tried to set scedules for AI before but it is a bit of fun with MT6 and even I could do it first try.

    There are still a few features that are not unclear (use of TrafficX or UT2 schedules for example). UT 2 is still on my PC so does that mean that parts of it can be used with MT 6?

    In the meantime, it is nice to see some new "faces" on the ramp and no noticeable drop in framerates. I feel almost guilty for getting such a nice package for only $20

    Best Regards

    Neal H.


    Sorry for the large fonts but I can barely see the size 14.

  5. I have use Ult Traffic for many years but wonder if perhaps it is time to try something new. It is a big leap for me. I assume that UT2 cannot be disabled while trying MT6(?)

    About the only info I find re MT6 is in a couple of forums...it is too new for much else. I  purchased MT6 a couple of days ago but have not installed it yet.

    Will some of you with experience with both programs please give me some advice. MT6 looks REALLY good but I am too old* to start "tuning" FSX again.


    Moderator: If this post is inappropriate then please remove it with my apologies in advance.


    Regards to all

    Neal Howard

    * my username is a good indication of what "old" means :(

  6. This program has a LOT of great features even if you do not want to create a virtual runway. Along with Cockpit Status these two provide a tremendous amount of flight info. That, along with the capability to operate switches and enter radio freqs., etc are just a few.  PKUS, it can be done from a networked PC via FSUIPC.

    Give them a try

    Neal H

  7. Pete:

    Don't think I'm crazy please. Just turned on my PC, loaded FSX, followed your instructions, and Macros created as they should.

    So...I loaded the Majestic Dash 8 and now Mouse Macros work with it also. Ditto the other add-ons I mentioned.

    When this problem appeared I did restart FSX but that did not help. Never occurred to me that a PC restart would do anything.

    Anyhow, thaks for such a quick response.

    Neal H

  8. OOps, I had forgotten that about defaults.

    I tried first with Majestic Dash 8 (which worked properly before the reinstall). Also tried Milviz 737, PMDG 737, Carenado Centurion  but could not get the green/red title box.

    Before each aircraft was loaded I "ended Macro Making", clicked OK then reopened fsuipc to enable the "Create..."

    What am I doing incorrectly?


    Neal H


    Btw,,,there are no Mouse Events listed  in the log for the add-ons

  9. Never had a problem before but after a reinstall of FSX the Create Mouse macro function will not work as before. Latest version (4.91) and everything good except for that one thing. Tried with several plane, default and add-ons, with same outcomes.

     TheFSUIPC4.log for rhe last trial shows mouse events that correspond to switches being thrown in the Baron.

    They surely look like mouse Macros but no red/green popups when they are activated.

    Perhaps I set something incorrectly and the dialogue boxes are blocked?


        35131 Aircraft="Beech Baron 58 Paint1"
        35131 LUA.1: LINDA:: Aircraft: Beech Baron 58 Paint1
        35131 LUA.1: LINDA:: Aircraft module detected: FSX Default
        35162 LUA.0: LINDA:: AivlaSoft library loaded...
        35178 LUA.0: LINDA:: FSX standard library loaded...
        35178 LUA.0: LINDA:: IAO library loaded...
        35178 LUA.0: LINDA:: RealityXP library loaded...
        35193 LUA.0: LINDA:: A2A MAP library loaded...
        37143 Weather Mode now = Theme
        37627 Weather Mode now = Global
        40700 LUA.0: LINDA:: Module: FSX Default Started...
        40700 LUA.0: LINDA:: Ready to go, Captain!
        40700 LUA.0: LINDA::
        68328 Mouse Event=66293
        71729 Mouse Event=66287
        75629 Mouse Event=66241
        79014 Mouse Event=66363
        80465 Mouse Event=66364
       200679 Mouse Event=66241
       202957 Mouse Event=66363
       204267 Mouse Event=66364
       205812 Mouse Event=66293


    Your help appreciated. My thanks in advance

    Neal H


  10. These macros are invaluable when doing almost anything with the Majestic Dash 8. However, there are a couple (at least) of things that I ame uncertain about.

    1. Can a MCRO file be edited in the same manner as a .cfg file? I would like to correct a few typos and remove some entries that I set up poorly.

    2.When typing the name of a mcro, whenever one of the "view" keys is used it also changes the view. The "A", "S", "W", etc. are used a lot so my views are frequently jumping. Is there a way to prevent this?

    Thanking in advance for some help.

    Regards to all

    Neal H

  11. Problem resolved: I did a new full install of FSUIPC and mouse macros can again be created. I remembered that once before some program stopped working and it was caused by changes in the dll.xml file. Maybe this reinstall corrected it (wish I had looked at it before the reinstall)

    If this problem occurs for someone else then perhaps this might help fix it.

    Thanks all

    Neal Howard

  12. I failed to mention that all the actions work using the mouse just as they normally do. right/left clicks, wheel rotations make the dials, buttons, and switches function. None of the actions get the green or res dialogue box. I just tried to reproduce the saame macros that were created three days ago but no joy. Just moved to FSUIPC 4.903 hoping for a fix but......no luck

    I looked at the FSUIPC4.log file but there were no obvious errors or faults in it. It is a bit beyond me to read and analyze.


    Neal Howard

  13. I have made quite a few mouse macros for the Majestic Dash 8 and Duke B60 without any problems. Yesterday, after setting "create mouse macro", etc. I could not get any macros....regardless of which plane or which buttons/switches tried (even for those that I had already obtained)).

    After shutting down FSX and restarting it, still no macro. Finally after restarting the PC the process worked as intended.

    As far as I recall, there have been no changes made to either the PC or FSX.

    Has anyone run across this problem? I hate to lose the mouse macro making, particularly with thes new and complicated planes.

    System is Win7 Ultimate 64bit, FSUICP V4.9, FSX Acceleration.

    Help appreciated

    Neal Howard

    Addendum: I just restarted Windows, FSX, and mouse macro still will not work.

    Fixed! :D See my last post in this thread for details

  14. I go through the default plane startup and then load the plane of choice. This is after loading EFB, FS Realtime, AS 2012, etc. Then, at last, comes Dolby Cockpit Sounds.

    1: Is there some way to load them without leaving Fullscreen?

    2: when changing planes is there some way to automatically restart DCS for the new plane?

    I really like the sounds but too often I just forget to do the start or restart because everything else has already been set.

    Thanks in advance

    Neal H.

  15. it would be great if also the ailerons would have soundeffect when used.[/Quote]

    sorry bstikkel, but there is no noticeable sound when flight controls are used.

    In fact there is practically no "wind sound" with flaps down except as they are extending. If you DO hear lots of sound with flaps down, or extending then you are probably going too fast for flap deployment.

    What I miss is the wind sound when power is reduced to idle in a descent or with a dead engine. There is definitely wind (slipstream) sound then :shock:

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