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  1. I have had STB working fine on separate computers and then suddenly I get the message 'Unable to connect to flight simulator'. I also see the message 'Watchdog reports that UT2 service state is now open'. I have installed beta 3.2 but still get the same message. Any advice would be appreciated. Bill
  2. Thanks. Your advice worked a treat. Regards Bill
  3. Hi, I have FSX installed on data server PC and STB installed on my laptop. All connects fine but if I use STB to view AI traffic on client computer, I end up viewing the wrong planes or part of my plane. If I use STB on my PC where FSX is installed, viewing AI works fine. I am able to use 'camera advisor' on STB on PC which confirms AI camera set correctly using camera key 8. But I cannot use camera advisor on STB on client computer as it is greyed out. It is showing camera key 5 but I cannot change it as it is also greyed out. Underneath is the message that Flight Simulator was not found o
  4. Simconnect client v10.0.60905.0 is my Simconnect version. STB works fine when STB and FSX on same computer. The program is great even with this issue, just would be more convenient not to have to minimise FSX to view STB. Thanks Bill
  5. Further tests: If I use port 27105 then I get HRESULT error If I change port to 2024 then I get message about being unable to connect to Flight Simulator. Bill
  6. Simon, I now am no longer having the previous error report but now just getting the message 'Unable to connect to Flight Simulator...' Statistics says: STB UT2 Server State Opened UT2 Callbacks 0 Last Callback Received UT2 Dropped Packets 0 All the other boxes have 0's except following: Airport Count 1 Cache Deletions 3 Thanks Bill
  7. Thanks Simon. I tried what you suggested but without success. Do you have any advice as to finding free ports on my computers? For the record, my PC and laptop both run Windows 7. Regards Bill
  8. I have followed all the instructions as best I can and checked out other posts on the subject but I still get the following message when trying to connect remotely: Unhandled exception error has occurred in your application............Exception from HRESULT: 0xC000013C.. Any advice? Thanks Bill Miller
  9. Hi, When I try and view AI traffic with STB, I just get different views of my cockpit or views of unrequested AI planes. If I click to return to cockpit, this function works fine. I have set up the camera in 'settings' and even amended the camera.cfg to ensure it has hotkeyselect=5 under AI. I presume something is conflicting. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Bill
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