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  1. It may be old, but at least it works hassle free. And I have yet to visit an airport without traffic. The models kind of suck, yes, but there are plenty of liveries so I dont know what you are talking about. Some of your opinions and views about what should and shouldn't be done in FS are completely strange, and I believe your product is poorly developed. Given the wide range of hassle free traffic programs now available I wont be looking to MTX for a new traffic add-on in the future. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
  2. After a proper uninstall of MTX and an install of Traffic 2005 (Traffic), everything is working normally again. I would prefer to use MTX but unfortunately it doesnt work with my add-ons. Thanks for the help though.
  3. OK, here goes. I use PFE and Delta Virtuals ACARS programs, but MTX, after being installed, no longer lets PFE or ACARS communicate with FSX. If I uninstall MTX everything works fine, but then of course I have no traffic. Can someone please help me with this? What is MTX doing to my FSX installation that will not allow it to communicate with these programs? I have noticed this problem with default and add-on aircraft, I have tried re-installing FSUIPC with no luck. Currently FS is unusable for me due to this issue, please help! Edit: It should be noted that when I remove the MyTraffic scenery from the FSX database everything works normal again. Something to do with the scenery is causing this problem, I do not know what since I have never experienced this problem before.
  4. I think I may know what happened. For some reason when I installed MTX, PFE and VAFS originally the slider for airliners was already at 100%. I dont think I was actually getting 100%, maybe more like 20%. When I installed FSPax it made some changes to the CFG that made FSX recognize the sliders actual position at 100% and then broke VAFS due to that programs own shortcomings in not being able to handle all the traffic MTX puts out. I now have the airliners slider at 70% and this seems fine. The good news is that I should now be able to use FSPax since it wasnt really responsible and it just turns out the slider was set wrong. Thanks for the help Burkhard, I'll let you know if there is any firther issue with this.
  5. Ok, everything was working fine until I installed FSPassengersX last night. Get on the sim today and suddenly PFE and VAFS programs will not work. I delete FSPax and the fsx.cfg files and reconfigure FSX. With a clean CFG file I start up FSX and both PFE and VAFS are working properly. Next I add the line HIGHMEMFIX=1 and change the TEXTUREMAXLOAD line to 4096 for REX2. I start FSX and both VAFS and PFE are working properly Then I open the MyTraffic communicator and use it to add the MyTraffic lines to the CFG. I click save and close. Then I start up FSX and now both VAFS and PFE are NOT working! Next I run the registry repair tool from Flight1. Both VAFS and PFE are still NOT working. Am I missing something here? I can do without FSPax but I cannot do without VAFS or PFE! Please help as I have tried everything I know to fix this and have no idea what could have happened. I tried recompiling all the Mytraffic files and this did not work. Obviously MYTraffic X Pro did something to the CFG to make VAFS and PFE not work and I need to know what. FsPax is deleted and gone so it is not the issue. Also it should be noted that when everything was working fine (before FSPax install) I had the airline traffic slider at 100 percent. Now, after all this, if I set it to 25 percent or so then both PFE and VAFS work again. WHAT GIVES?! It was working fine before so what the hell happened? So far I have gotten up to 70 percent on the airline slider with VAFS working, but that doesnt explain why it worked at 100 percent before and now it wont... There must be some very small line of code that is being overlooked by someone somewhere. If you have anything better to tell me than "Its the other programs fault" then I am all ears, because clearly those programs support the slider at 100 if it was working before right? Looking forward to a response on this one.
  6. I was just wondering if I could use a modified AFCAD from AVSIM with the scenery files that MTX contains for a given airport or would I need to disable the MTX scenery after installing an AFCAD. Thanks.
  7. Ok thanks, I notified VAFS about this. I dont know if thet plan on a fix or not. So far MTX is working well for me now. Thanks again for all the help.
  8. I dont believe the scenery is the problem but the amount of schedules. Burkhard, if you could answer my last couple of questions that would be great, thanks!
  9. With traffic slider set to 25% for airlines and 3% for GA it seems to work so far. I also tried setting the airliner slider to 50% but at that point VAFS stopped working. Somewhere between 25 and 50% is as far as I can go. With airliners at 25 and GA at 3% ( I havent tried anything higher with GA) will I still get realistic amounts of traffic at the airports and in the air? What is the most realistic setting in MTX without having too much or too little traffic for both GA and Commercial?
  10. ok I will try one more time with the MTX library enabled and traffic at 10%. If this doesnt work I will need a refund. Thanks
  11. This is weird, if I move one of the bgl files out of or back into the add-on scenery folder then VAFS will work the first time I start FSX. After restarting FSX it no longer works until I do this process again. I dont get it... Not being able to use the sim unless I have no traffic is starting to wear on me, Traffic was what I was using before and it wasnt even designed for FSX and it works just fine, save for some minor problems. Since this process seems like it is going to take forever with you making one post a day can you just let simmarket know to process a refund for me? I have removed MTX and all its components and reinstalled Traffic so I can use my sim. Thank you.
  12. Yeah nevermind, placing the bgl. files and disabling the my traffic scenery library did not work. VAFS will still not work. It worked once until I restarted FSX and that is all. Now what should I do?
  13. Hi, sorry I forgot you are on the other side of the planet! Ok, I placed the commercialbgl. into the addonscenery folder and I have traffic and VAFS seems to work. I will make a flight and see if everything is ok with both PFE and VAFS. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know if anything goes wrong.
  14. I can confirm that after a manual delete of the MTX line in the FSX.cfg the VAFS and PFE programs work as they should. With this line installed they do not. I am not willing to sacrifice either program to make MTX work. Is there a solution or can I get a refund? **** After further experimentation I have dicovered that it is NOT the CFG line added by MTX but it IS the MTX scenery library addition. If I remove this VAFS functions as it should. Something in the MTX scenery library is screwing up aircraft and position detection in FSX and VAFS. Still will need either a solution or a refund. Soon.
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