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  1. Thank you - great idea. A quick web search got me the info re what each of those 3 letter codes means. When I have some free time, I'll fiddle with the settings, and see if I can get one of the other Android apps to work a moving map. The wonderful thing about the one I have that has the moving map working is it's free! Again, thank you for your help. Best regards, Andrew [a Brit working in Orlando, FL]
  2. Thank you for your speedy reply! Very impressive. First time posting. Re Wide FS - I re-read the WideFS 6.78 & FSUIPC4 User guides - my mistake: it is the Client part of the service that can read info from GPSout going thru a COM port on Bluetooth, not WideFS. Now, here's the weird part: Android has several programs that can read NMEA data and show on a map. Here's three [for anyone else who might be doing this] and what I see on the Android device [ATT Aria]: Bluetooth GPS Service [by Trackaroo] - heading, speed, and altitude, no location [lat & long] Turbo GPS [ by Michael Chourdakis] - same as above Bluetooth GPS [by Googoo Android] - location info [YAY!], but no speed, alt, or bearing displayed. SO - what I wanted in the first place, a moving map on the PDA, is now working! The Googoo Android app has the ability to read the data coming from GPSout: all relevant data seems to be included, for some reason it just doesn't pick up on the speed, alt, & bearing. I'm using SoftTH for the three-screen experience - which works like a charm for FSX. But, in order to see a moving map [other than the one on the GPS], it would require changing between windows, which SoftTH often does not like. FSnav would have been great - cheap, and accessible right from FSX program, but, it "is no more". Unless I am mistaken, all the GoogleEarth connection apps run outside of FSX and require a window switch. Again, thank you for your response.
  3. I have: FSX Registered FSUIPC 4.6 [including Widefs] Bluetooth Dongle set to Com3 Android program that reads NMEA data from Bluetooth The problem: > Only speed and bearing data are being transmitted just fine - however no location data is being read. Registered Widefs as documentation seemed to indicate this might improve the situation, but unable to set fsuipc config parameters to enable bluetooth connection. Any ideas?
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