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  1. Hi Pete, I cannot seem to get Offset 049C to work, that is why I used the other one. The SDK says it should range from -119 to + 119. However, when using the Beech Barob, get this: - 138 (TOP) - 254 (MIDDLE) - 0 (JUST below MIDDLE) - 119 (BOTTOM) So it seems to range from 138 to 254, and then resets to 0 and counts up to 119. Certainly not -119 to + 119. Jack
  2. Sorry Pete, double dutch to me! Does this mean that it cannot be used with programs like SIOC or do I have to handle it differently (please explain slowly, I am not an expert at all on this programming business). Jack
  3. Hi Pete, I am trying to get Offset 2AB0 to work. According to the FSUIPC SDK, it should range from -127 to +127 with a length of 4. Unfortunately, when moving the glideslope needle in FSX, I get all sorts of erranous results (numbers that are in the tens-of-thousands). Even when I defined it as having a length of 4, which is wrong I know, I received slightly more sensible readouts. However, they still did not make sense eg: 138, 125, 130, 137.. etc I am asking what the correctly length of this offset is, and if it is working correctly or not. Regards, Jack
  4. Hi Pete, I tried some of your reccommended offsets (such as 0E84). I am still struggling to get a sensible reading. For some weird reason, the turbulence logically goes up in value (ie, 155, 216) as the turbulence setting increases. However, when I set the turbulence to "heavy", ALL turbulence offsets read "0". I shall keep testing (BTW; I have downloaded the new FSUIPC SDK so I'm fully up-to-date on the documentation). Jack
  5. Hi Pete, Which Turbulence Offset applies to the aircraft altitude? I'm using FSX, and the latest version of FSUIPC (downloaded 3 days ago). I tried to use FSInterragator to locate the offset, and the "Offsets Status" PDF manual, but I cannot find it. Please could your reccommend an offset for me test? Regards, Jack
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for your reply. I think I shall stick with the FS98/FS2000 Offsets for now; they are nice and simple. The NWI ones are a bit too much for me at the moment. For the precipitation rate, I use Offset 04CB. What is the equivalent offset for turblence (ie shows the turbulence "at aircraft"). Can you reccommend which offset? There is "lower cloud turbulence", and upper, for the turbulence rate. However, there isn't for precipitation (which is why it was easy for my to choose Offset 04CB). Which one should I use? Or will I have to switch between the two depending on what I want? Jack
  7. Hi Pete, I'm having a bit of trouble with Offset C288. Firstly, my understanding is that this offset provides the turbulence reading for the current cloud layer. If this is correct, then I cannot understand the strange numerical readings I am experiencing from this offset. This is what I get: Turbulence set to NONE = 0 Turbulence set to LIGHT = 2? Turbulence set to MODERATE = 3 Turbulence set to HEAVY = 0? Turbulence set to SEVERE = 4 I'm a bit conused why it counts up 0,2,3,0,4. I thought that this offset functions in a similar manner to the precipitation offset 04CB; which just tells me the precipitation rate at current cloud level. Any ideas? Kindest regards, Jack
  8. Hi Patrick, What didn't work? I didn't suggest anything, I was just making the point that some add-ons are funny with VC/2D Panels. Jack
  9. One thing that could help... The VRInsight CDU Panel (not the II panel, the original) requires a 2D Panel to be displayed before it can send keystrokes to the CDU. Maybe this is similar to this problem. Again, a longshot, but the two seem related. Jack
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for that. Is that it then? Just 04CE, Length 2? I mean, anything FSUIPC/FSX associated with headings usually comes with some very annoying calculations. Does 04CE literally just output a normal reading between 0-359? Regards, Jack
  11. Hi Pete, I was wondering if you could give me an answer here: What is the degrees value (heading, 0-359) for the FSX offset for the "Inner Circle" of a HSI Instrument? This is the circle that rotates according to course adjustment and the position of the nearest VOR Station. I am talking about this: I'm just really not sure what it would be called. Of course, it won't be called "Inner Circle" or anything like that. Regards, Jack
  12. Hi everyone, This is what I want to be able to do: - I want to use 2 Saitek Pro Flight Yokes together - I want them set up so that if there is no input coming from a yoke, it is ignored. What I mean is, if I leave one yoke in the perfectly central position (ie no elevator OR aileron deflection), I want it to NOT send signals to FSX and I want the other yoke to do the work. This is done to prevent clashing inputs. - I don't want to use both yokes at exactly the same time, it is one or the other. - Both yokes will be plugged in at the same time (but, as per the above line, not USED at the same time). I have FSX SP2, and registered FSUIPC at my disposal. Is this achieveable? If you didn't understand the post, please say, and I will provide more information, Kind regards, Jack :smile:
  13. Please check it with FSInterrogate or with FSUIPC's own logging or Monitoring. Maybe the 70 is correct and the 5 you are comparing it with is for a wind layer elsewhere. The offset you are reading is the ambient wind speed at the aircraft, as shown at the top of the screen when you do Shift+Z. Sorry, I've no idea wehat SIOC is or is not capabable of. All i know is that the usual mistake is reading a 16 or 32 bit value which contains for its maximum value the highest possible reslut, and then converting it within those 16 or 32 bits. The normal way of treating them in as program is to copy then original into a floating point vatiable and doing the computations there. That way you don't lose fractions nor overflow the space. It's on the right-hand side of the Logging tab in the FSUIPC options dialogue. It is documented in the documentation provided with FSUIPC. Please try using "search" in your document viewer! Pete
  14. Hi Pete, Sorry for my late reply. I am now happy to say that I've gotten the Lat/Lon Co-Ords to work, in the end I scrapped the GPS Co-Ordinate Offsets in favour of a complex Lat/Long High/Low calculation... But everything works. However, I'm now in a bit of trouble with some other offsets. Offset 0E92 for example, Wind Direction. I am currently using the following calculation: - Multiply Offset 0E92 by 360 - Divide the answer to above calculation by 65536 - (Wind Direction) Howeer, this isn't working for me. I am getting readings such as -4, 730... etc. BTW, these are the SIOC calculated readings (Offsets after being processed by the above wind calculation). am I doing the wrong calculation? Secondly, wind speed. Offset 0E90 is giving readings like 70 Knots when the wind speed is only 5 knots. I am not currently applying an ycalculation to this Offset, according to my findings it is already in "correct" form (ie ready for something like SIOC)(?). I am also facing trouble with Offset 0580 (Heading of Aircraft for FSX). I apply the following calculation - Divide Offset 0580 by 360 - Multiply this value by 4294967296, which is (65536*65536) as per the FSUIPC SDK Offsets Status Manual. - (Aircraft Heading for FSX) Thanks very much for reading, Jack :)
  15. Hello Pete, I am trying to use Offsets 6010 and 6018 for FSX to display the Lat & Long co-ordinates. I am aware that they won't display straight outta' the box (ie lots of versions required), but when I study these Offsets in SIOC IOCPConsole Log, I don't get any readings at all. I was expecting random gibberish readings from the Log at first (this is good; as whilst not correct readings, it at least proves they are working), but these Offsets seem stone cold dead, at least in SIOC. Is this like the NWI Offsets which have to be "filled" before reading? Is there something I'm missing? I am just trying to get some sort of reading from 6010/6018, conversions will be taken care of later. Thanks, Jack :D
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