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  1. Hello to all I have an issue problem with the USB Axis from the opencockpit. With this joustick card i use the Aileron elevator and Rudder. Everything works ok until the moment of the landing, when i close the A/P to take the control of the aircraft , but the controls are not responing for i couple of seconds (the number of the seconds are random) 50`` 20`` 10`` 15`` 40``. And after of this dead period of the seconds the controls are working normal again. With 2 versions back of the Fsuipc this problem is not exist. Switch the new version and i have the problem. Switch to the old ver
  2. Peter The test version works fine. Thank you. Regards Lambis
  3. I un-check the "Allow the computer to turn off the device ..." But still nothing. Lambis
  4. Peter ----------------- >>>Since I had never heard of this card I most certainly would note simply state such a thing as I wouldn't know. didn't you say it worked with FSUIPC3 but not FSUIPC4? ------------------ Yes is work in the FSUIPC with the fs2004. In the FSUIPC4 with the fsx is not working only in the Axis Assigment menu. In the Fsx axis assigment is working fine. Only in the Axis Assigment of the FSUIPC4 i have problem. ( when i push rescan and move the axe nothing happen). ---------------- >>>Mind you, it only recognises the first 16 DirectInput devices. Mi
  5. Hi Peter The USBAxles card for OpenCockpits is not recognized from the FSUIPC4 because you tell me before 2 days maybe "their driver isn't a proper modern Windows driver and only provides the old Windows API." I ask the producer of this card and he don`t give me clear answer of what they use the card. The only he say is that he don`t test it with FSUIPC4. The link for the card is the follow: http://www.opencockpits.com/modules.phpage&pid=56 ---------------------------------------------- In the test that i make i report the follow: if assing lets say the RUDDERS with the USBaxles
  6. The follow is correct? Or i miss again something? Throttle=-16254,16383/8 ThrottleB=65867 <--------here i put the control number of the spare axes? [Axes] 0=1Z,256,F,65765,0,0,0 1=1R,256,F,65867,0,0,0 <------ this is the spare axes that i don`t need. If is wrong Peter please try to writte me an example. --------------------------------------------------------- Also Peter i want to report that the fsipc4 it don`t recognize the IOCARTS UBS AXES from Opencockpits. I go to the Axis Assignment in the fsuipc4 , select the Rescan button. And when i move the axe nothing happen. The o
  7. Hi Peter I use the spoiler lever for my tests. I have make my assignments in the FSUIPC: The Mixtrure4 is the spare axis that i don`t need it. Spoilers=-16384,-4386,-512,16383 Mixture4=-16384,-3870,512,16254 [Axes] 0=1R,256,D,22,0,0,0 1=1U,256,D,16,0,0,0 Next with the note pad i make my changes And replace the Mixture4 with the spoilersB and in the axes 1 i change the 16 with the 22 (spoilers) Spoilers=-16384,-4386,-512,16383 SpoilersB=-16384,-3870,512,16254 [Axes] 0=1R,256,D,22,0,0,0 1=1U,256,D,22,0,0,0 But it is not work i take the follow resaults. I start to move the spoil
  8. Phil In the case that the brakes are mechanically connected there is no way to worry about conficts to the pots because exist only one pot. But in my case i have to connect 2 pots for the left brakes and 2 pots to the right brakes. I wait Peter to return maybe he have any idea how to do this with the FSUIPC. And if not exist any other way i will use switches (momentary) Regards Lambis
  9. Yes i think you have right about the values to be send to fs only if a change is happen but the problem is what will happen if and the pilot and co-pilot push together the left brake. This is the problem. Regards Lambis
  10. Hello Can i put multiple axes (lets say 2 potentiometers) to the same assigment? (left brake) I have 2 potetiometers , one for the left captain brake and one more for the left co-pilot brake BUT exist only one assigment in FSUIPC. How can i connect the 2 potentiometers? Best Regards Lambis Greece
  11. Hi again Pete wrote: I check it but show me the same number in every possition i place.(Incr 2730). for flap up to put 0,2730,5460 for flap1 1,2730,5460 and so on? change only the first number? Lambis
  12. Hi again Pete wrote: I check it but show me the same number in every possition i place.(Incr 2730). for flap up to put 0,2730,5460 for flap1 1,2730,5460 and so on? change only the first number? Lambis
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