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  1. Thanks for your reply. Kins Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  2. Hi Peter, I bought FSUIPC under my own name(ofcourse) and Email address. But I,ve changed from provider now. I like to buy WIDEFS and I understood that both needs to be the same, Name and Email address. How can I solve that problem? KInd Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  3. Sorry Peter, I did,nt see the first one. Thanks for the reply. Kind Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  4. Dear Peter, I,m running FS2004 on a WIN-Xp system and I like to make a connection with WIDEFS to a WIN-7 system. Is that possible ? Hoping to get an answer, Kind Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  5. Dear Peter, I,m running my Fs in a winxp platform and I like to use my win-7 system to use widefs, is that possible. Kind Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  6. Dear Francios, i don't get your answer right, can those two be coupled and where do I have to look for more information concerning this subject. I hope that you can give more information. Kind Regards, Ronald Schuuring.
  7. Hello sim pilots, I do have a question about the following: I use W-XP for my FS2004, and use WIN-7 as a docu pc. Now I want to use WIDEFS 6.xx, can I couple these two with WIDESF ? I hope someone can help me out here. Kind Regards, Ronald Schuuring Netherlands.
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