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  1. I'm trying to set up the battery toggle switch in PMSYSTEMS using my CPFlight interface. The offset is 5628.0 bit 0 What is the size of this byte? 1,2,4,8 etc? Thanks, Rob
  2. Thanks Pete, i'll give that a shot. I do agree that something is happening in the network. Just not sure why it starts after takeoff? Rob
  3. Hello, While using PM software, LNAV and VNAV cease to function after initial turn-on. Jonathan, after looking at my logs, thinks it's a widefs/network problem. I have the logs and ini file if you need to see them. It looks like wideserver is having trouble with data transfer to the CDU computer(flightsim4) I have 4 computers networked together thru a 100mb switch. Normal winXP functions ok, by that i mean, i can access the files from flightsim4 computer just fine. Seems to only have trouble while running fs9? I'm at a loss here since it worked fine for over 500hrs of operation. For the life
  4. That did it Pete! Embarassed look on face! :)) Sometimes I miss the simple stuff. Thanks, Rob
  5. Hi Pete, Here is a copy of my cfg file. Still can't seem to get it to work. The wav file is in the default fs9 sound folder. [Devices] 1=Primary Sound Driver 2= 3=Modem #1 Line Playback (emulated) 4=Yamaha DS1x Native Audio [settings] 1=1,100,FL 2=4,100 [sounds] 1=PMDG_Call 2=Outermk [Triggers] 1=41:1,1,1 Thanks for your help as I know this is an unsupported program. :) Rob
  6. I'm beginning to use/program esound into my sim. My first task is the Attend call button. In FSUIPC it sees this as joy1, button 9 or in the cfg file 11=P1,9. Now my question is what number do I put in the [Triggers] section for the button number? This is NOT epic, just the normal windows game device being used. Thanks, Rob
  7. No, actually found it in the wee hours of the morning by process of elimination and chance. Rob
  8. Hi Pete, I found it! :) It was the cfg file for the CPFlight mcp I have. Somehow it got messed up and was sending erroneous commands via fsuipc. Thank goodness! Now all is well. Thanks, Rob
  9. Well i've narrowed it down to something in fsuipc!?? If i remove the dll from the modules folder and run fs9 , the rudder functions perfect?? There is no reference in the fsuipc.ini file to the rudder that I can find. Weird ehh? Rob
  10. I have FS9, my rudder is calibrated thru both windows and FSUIPC. I have control spike checked in rudder, elv. and aileron. Here is what happens, I get full left deflection of my rudder whenever I'm not moving the pedals. On gnd or in the air. If I pop open the cal tab in fsuipc, it shows 0 as the input and output but the rudder is in the full left position. I triple checked all my inputs to make sure I didn't have a double assignment. That chk'd good. Any ideas or help? Thanks, ROb
  11. Your right, it should work, but some reason it doesn't? I've tried 3 different switches. I'm at a loss. MAybe the jet start functions different??
  12. I'm trying to set-up 2 joystick buttons, one for jet eng 1 start and 1 for jet eng2 start. I found "Toggle starter 1" and 2 in the fsuipc fs controls list. I assigned the buttons and they work for a split second then the starter shuts off. Tried checking the "control to repeat while being held" box and still doesn't work if I hold the button down. Here is the catch, if press the button repeatedly it will spin up the engine. Tried a toggle switch also wired into the joystick button. Still did not work. Am I missing something or is there a better or different way to accomplish this task.
  13. Through some trades and such the cockpit ended up costing me knothing! Just the fee to unload it.
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