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  1. yeah, this is my first go at this sort of assigning. thank you for your help!!
  2. ok, update, sorry pete, the key was i unchecked the control to repeat whilst in range box...i had that checked before and that was the difference. i guess the parameters werent the key....sorry to waste your time there...
  3. i reuploaded the picture and zoomed in a little more, is it still unclear? all i know is that the settings were not working with the pmdg 737 before i entered in the parameters. the lever in the sim was pulsing and the gear was not reacting correctly. after entering the parameters, it worked fine. only thing is if i want to turn the landing gear to the off position, i still have to click it the lever in the screen.
  4. I hope this helps...i do have one more question....im trying not to assign the individual switches to keys presses. for instance, i want to switch the retractable left landing gear to my "V" key, and i went into the SDK to get the parameters, and i was able to get key switch assigned, but only to go from extended to retracted. i couldnt find where i could enter a value that would allow my key to extend the light. does that make sense?
  5. sure, i hope it helps others! i have a three lever saitek throttle quadrant where the middle lever is assigned to the landing gear. here is a screenshot of my settings in fsuipc.
  6. Quick follow up : this totally helped me solve this. I now have my gear working the way I want it! Thanks again
  7. Thank you again Pete. This will get me going in the right direction. I'm not totally sure of what I will be doing but I learn best through trial and error :) thanks for fsuipc and ur help!
  8. Hi, first of all, i am sorry if the solution to my problem is stated elsewhere, but i cant seem to locate it. in every aircraft i have, i assign the landing gear to a saitek throttle quadrant. i set a range for the gear to be down and when it exits that range the gear goes up. this is not working with the FSX PMDG 737 NGX. the gear will go up, but when the lever (on my throttle) is pulled down, the on screen gear lever begins to pulse in and out and the gear doesnt go down. i also notice on take off that the a warning sounds as if the gear is not down, but it is. i am using windows 7, fresh fsuipc.ini and registered FSUIPC. any help will be appreciated.
  9. i will look this up in the manual, thanks again so much.
  10. Hi Sascha/Volker, first of all, FSC is one of the best addons that i have purchased...period. thanks so much for your work. i have a question about the map though. is there a way to update it so that if i have purchased additional addon scenery that would, for instance, correct coastlines or islands, this could be updated on the moving map? i have also installed a bunch of mesh files which also changes things. just curious. i am using.. windows 7 64bit FS9.1 registered fsuipc 3.99 FSC 8.6 build 200110 airac 1112 thanks so much, JO
  11. hi pete, don't be sorry. thanks for the response. i figured that it was mostly them, but i just wanted to check with you. they are not easy to contact, so i figured i would just make sure. thanks so much!
  12. hello pete, i just want to first say that i really like your product, thank you for the work you put into it. i was wondering if you could help me with a few problems i am encountering. i purchased a saitek pro yoke and throttle and rudder pedals, and a registered copy of fsuipc... 1) the brakes would stick would depressing them, and i tried all the fixes i could find, but sometimes it still would lock when they shouldnt....i installed the saitek software and this corrected this 2) however, after i installed the saitek software, i noticed that not all the buttons in the fsuipc would work. for instance, in my pmdg 737, the buttons for the autobrake will not work...they are assigned correctly in the fsuipc, and removed from FS9 assignments. it works in most other models, but not pmdg, so that might be a pmdg problem 3) when in the assignment panel of fsuipc, the button i am trying to assign doesnt stay selected, but rather jumps around 4) now i notice that my autobrake (which is assigned to button C1 in the saitek yoke) will randomly engage. again, it is not assigned anywhere but fsuipc, so i am not sure. any advice will help, as i am sure it was merely me messing up the installation somehow. thanks so much!!
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