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  1. OK. Finally got it sorted. It now shows correctly. Thanks a stack.
  2. Yes, The codes are correct as per the AIG page. LNK and 4Z. If I swap them around the Airline entry disappears but nothing replaces it. It seems it does not recognise SA Airlink as an Airline.
  3. Thanks Simon, I am a bit stuck with this. I have set up Link to refer (I think) to SA Airlink, the Air New Zealand was coming from a Mount Cook Variation. This I changed to Airline " Mount Cook" with no mention of Air NZ. None of this seems to have worked as hoped . Attached shows what is the current state. The codes have changed but not the Airline. It is clearly an Airlink plane but is still referred to as Air NZ. This is the only case where it is really obvious that something is wrong. All other planes/airlines seem fine. Ian
  4. Not really a major issue as I can easily delete them but I am getting SA Airlink planes ( and I see them when viewed) identified as Air New Zealand Airline Link on the STB. How can I fix this?
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's why I asked the question.😉 GSX had a similar problem where the number of passengers boarding was calculated from the weight of the plane. That resulted in planes being filled with more passengers than seats. It was resolved with an option to fill in the number of passengers at start up. I do not use the P3D flight planner, I import my flight plans. So I have to use the screen where that info ( Dept. and Arrival) is entered manually. If you could provide a block to enter Departure time (the existing " time till departure" doesn't work for this) that would be excellent. Regards, Ian Harrison
  6. How does STB get the time of my User flight? My flight is due to depart at 18:45. STB is announcing 18:04 as departure. Consequently the gate is "closed" although passengers are still boarding. Is this correctable? Ian Harrison
  7. Pete, Thank you. I hang my head in shame and embarrassment. That was exactly the problem and I hadn't noticed it. Duh! (I know RC doesn't use Simconnect but the Radar Contact message window in P3D is titled "Simconnect message window", so I just wondered ).
  8. After a re-install of P3D v4.3 due to a silly action on my part caused it to stop loading, I now have a problem with Radar Contact where the notification window (Simconnect, I think) doesn't show. It always worked perfectly previously. Radar contact works in itself, as if I press the necessary keys, I get the expected responses. I just cannot see any messages. FSUIPC is v5.14. And I have run the 3 .msi files of simconnect inP3D redist. Could you perhaps help? Thanks Ian Harrison
  9. Pete, I had an issue on the RC forum, which is now resolved. In a reply, you contributed a couple of comments, twlling me that f5 and others are now produced by Makerwys. I downloaded 4.45 and ran it but there are still no files with a 5 after the letter. I have in the RC data directory:a,c,f,i,m,n,p,r,s,z all with 4 after. What's wrong and more importantly, is it a problem?
  10. Thanks for the info. I have adjusted the priority of RC and raised it to the same level as FSX. I don't know if this is a lasting solution but so far,so good. I flew for 5 hours yesterday without a problem.
  11. Actually an old topic which has resurrected itself, this time on my PC! I have been flying happily for months with FSX,FSUIPC,FSPassengers, Aerosoft Autobrake,Radar contact and the Trafficx programs all co-habiting happily. Last week Radar contact stopped mid flight and when I opened it I found the old "D008 can't change XXXXXXXXX remains xxxxxxxxx" story. I wrote to JD but in his usual terse way, he said it's not him it must be me, as nothing has changed in RC. I tried re-installing FSUIPC as he suggested, it fixed it once but the next time (today) it was back again after RC stopped mid-flight. Any suggestions as to where I can look for the cause of the problem? Ian
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