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  1. I guess that is what happens after a 15 hour day of work and then you try to code :( you miss the " "...even twice...works now :) I'll download the latest FSUIPC to make sure I have the fix for the ipc.exit bug.
  2. I just started fooling with Lua and had a few successes. I thought it would be cool to try to write something out a com port such as when a button is pressed. So I wrote this: dev = com.open(com1, 19200, 0) if dev == 0 then ipc.log("Could not open port") ipc.exit() end val = 5.0978056 str = string.format("NUM%04d", val) com.write(dev, str) As soon as I press the "button", FS immediately crashes. However, the com port (a real com port which is tested good) never opens and the log file says that the com port says "LUA. 0: Could not open port" The "val" means nothing, just a number to spit out the com port when I push a button. I am sure I'm missing something simple. I checked the com ports looping two together with Hyperterm and they are working. I looked at the documentation but I am obviously missing something...any help would be appreciated. Gil
  3. Pete, I found the LUA documentation and I can't believe how powerful this is. And easy to understand and implement. I'm off and running. Thanks again! Gil
  4. Hi Pete, Thank you for the reply. I may have misled you in what I wrote so I apologize. I only need the heading bug to slew to the current compass heading when I "press" a pushbutton (the pushbutton portion of the rotary encoder used to "rotate" my heading bug); however, I do not need to enable the AP master or HDG mode on the AP. However, your response really demonstates the power of Lua so I need to get off my duff and figure it out. Which I will do. While I am sure you have heard this a thousand times, I want to extend my true apprecaition for FSUIPC and your effort. This morning, I was flying (for real) with a student as we were practicing an ILS and a VOR-A approach. It was a beautiful morning CAVU, light winds, and the student did a great job. We pushed the airplane back into the hangar and my student left. Then I turned on my "sim"...I flew multiple appraoches to several airports to minimums. I had just as much fun flying my sim as I did my airplane. This would have not been possible without FSUIPC, your effort, and countless others. My hat is "off" to you as much as it is to Clyde Cessna. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Is there an offset or way for me to have the AP HDG bug align with the current heading. I know that there is an AP HDG Offset that allows me to set the heading based on the equation: headingbug desired * (65536/360). Is there an offset that will set the AP HDG to the current HDG...or do I have to write an add-on to do this... Any heap is greatly appreciated! Gil
  6. I would be glad to try it. I have an iPad 3. My system is FS9, with FSUIPC, and WideFS which connects my IS. I will email you.
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