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  1. Hello, i too purchased an subscription through sim market and did not receive a token john Gaffney jmg225eharm@gmail.com
  2. Thanks Thomas. I was able to fix it and all works well except about after a half hour of flying the soft keys on the mfd don't work anymore. If I open up fsuipc and review my keysend commands and return to flying they usually start working again. Very strange. john
  3. Hi Pete, Let me set up my system quickly for you as I think it will help. I built a Citation Mustang cockpit. On the server Pc I run p3d4 with a licensed copy of the newest version of fsuipc. I have a client Pc running g1000 simulation software. I have a custom MFD made with twelve soft keys. When you push a soft key a keystroke is sent. I use fsuipc to capture the keystroke and send it to the client Pc using widefs and the keysend feature of the widefs client software which then sends the correct keystroke to the g1000 simulation to activate softkey 1 of the mfd. So basically when I press the first soft key it sends a keystroke ctrl+shift+A. Which fsuipc captures and is setup to send that keystroke as parimeter 1 via widefs to the client software which then uses keysend to send that same keystroke to the g1000 software which is setup to receive that keystroke to activate mfd soft button 1. Every thing was working perfectly then it stopped working. I went into my widefs client ini file and all my keysend commands were gone in fact my whole user section was gone so I redid everything. I know everything is set up properly because when I press the keystrokes on the actual keyboard on the server Pc it correctly activates the correct softkey in the G1000 simulation on the client Pc. The problem I'm having is only some of my actual mfd soft keys seem to be sending their keystroke to fsuipc on the server pc and some don't work. I know the buttons are all mechanically and electronically working as there is software where I can test them. I just can't figure out why some of the soft keys send the correct keystroke to fsuipc which is sent to the client Pc via widefs and the keysend feature and correctly activate the correct g1000 soft key and some of the soft keys seem to not want to send a keystroke to fsuipc.or want to work with fsuipc. As I mentioned before what really puzzles me is if I press the appropriate keystroke on the actual keyboard of the server Pc all the soft keys on the g1000 simulation on the client Pc work. What is even stranger is it was working perfectly then some how the user section of the client ini file got deleted. I should mention the custom pfd has a simple cfg file where you can set a keystroke to each soft key. I'm stumped. Do you have any insight what might be going on. Always appreciate you're help John
  4. Sorry Pete, not sure why it posted my last post again. Thank you for directing me to the KeySend portion of the widefs manual. I'm having trouble getting it to work. If you remember I have a hardware PFD with soft keys that output keyboard commands (like ctrl shift A) I put the keyboard string in the keys page in fsuipc and select "KeySend 1-255" from the function list and enter a number in the parameter field. On the client computer i have the g1000 software running and in the widefs client.ini file under "user" I add "KeySend1= 65,8" as ctrl shift A is needed to activate the softkey button in the G1000 software. I'm missing something because it's not working. If I try each piece separately it works. If I change the function in fsuipc on the keys page to something like "pause" and press the soft key, p3d does indeed pause. If on the client computer I press ctrl shift A on the physical keyboard it does indeed activate the soft key in the software. I can't figure out why the server and client won't work together. Thanks, john
  5. Hi Pete, Thank you so much for your quick response. "UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes" solved all the problems. The detents in the hardware throttle now match the software FADEC perfectly. I have one more question I thought you might have some insight to. This is kind of hard to explain. I'm building a citation Mustang cockpit. I have one computer with p3d4 networked to another computer running flight1techs G1000 student pro. I had ruscool electronics build me a custom 15" mfd for the g1000. The problem I'm having is getting the soft keys on the mfd to work. The mfd does not appear as a gaming device, rather it comes with software that allows you to assign a keyboard command (like "SHIFT A") to each soft key button. It then suggests using fsuipc and assigning the keystroke to a function. I think the problem I'm having is the function I want to happen is not in P3d but in the g1000 software. The g1000 software also has a file where you can set a keystroke to activate any button. I'm not sure how to get fsuipc to interact with the g1000 software. I have the USB from the Mfd connected to the computer with P3d and the mfd software running on that computer. Ruscool then suggested to run widefs which I'm doing to send the command to the g1000 computer. So for example I have set the mfd software softkey 1 to "shift A". I set the g1000 software keyboard.ini file mfd_softkey_1=shift_A. When I press the actual soft key on the mfd nothing happens however when I literally press shift A on the g1000 computer's keyboard, softkey 1 is activated. I guess I'm asking is there a way with fsuipc and wide fs to press a button on a controller that has a keyboard command attached to it and have it transmitted to another computer in the network and have that keyboard command executed in general on the networked pc if that makes any sense. Thanks again for your time.
  6. Hi Pete, i am building a citation Mustang cockpit. I have Throttleteks Mustang Throttle that has detents for cruise, climb and takeoff. I'm using flight1techs g1000 student pro. The only way I can get the FADEC to even work is if I set the throttle axis via fsuipc and select "send to fs axis" and select "set throttle 1 axis" and "set throttle 2 axis". The Takeoff and Climb detents work (the n1 values get captured when I place the hardware throttle in the respective detents), but when putting the hardware throttle in the cruise detent, the n1 level does not get captured by the cruise setting and falls way below. I'm using P3d 4. If I try to set the axis to calibrate via fsuipc the n1 values dont capture in the software FADEC takeoff, cruise, climb at all. If I try to just set the axis in P3d using its calibration the fadec settings don't even change between cruise, climb, takeoff on the throttle tape display. not sure why it wont capture the Cruise FADEC position when in the cruise detent on the throttle especially when the takeoff and climb detents work correctly. Was wondering if you had any ideas of things I could try (my fsuipc is registered) Im thinking it might be a calibration issue However I have nowhere to calibrate sense it only works by selecting "send to fs axis" and if I select each axis in P3d itself the FADEC doesn't work/capture at all Thanks, John
  7. I think we all owe Pete a big thank you for getting FSUIPC 5 out so quickly.
  8. Dear Pete, I have a custom made throttle that has detente and I've been using trial and error to get them to line up with the airplanes throttle detects. Which calibration controll should I be using in FSUIPC. I've been changing the "Slope" but it doesn't seem to have much effect. Thanks, John
  9. Hi Pete, could this work with the flight1tech g1000 training software, which uses external switches on hardware (no visible panel). If I flip a switch on the hardware while in fsx, could I get a logging or lua variable? thanks, John
  10. Hi Pete, We have had fruitful conversations before and I was curious if you thought this would be possible. I want to purchase the Carenado Phenom 300, I also have the Emuteq G1000 hardware simulator. Is there any possibility with fsuipc (which I know well) or Linda/Lua (which I'm not really familiar with) to assign the knobs/buttons from the Emuteq G1000 hardware to the prodigy G1000 in the Phenom as all the knobs and buttons are the same. Thanks as always for your help! John
  11. Dear Pete, I am trying to build a baron g58 cockpit. It has a left and right battery and left and right alternator. I don't see options for these in the fsuipc list of control assignments. Is there a way I can get this to work? Thanks, -John Gaffney
  12. Hi Pete, If you look at a photograph of any Cessna G1000 cockpit you will see a standby battery switch with arm, off and test in the upper left hand corner of the panel. One of the first things to do on the checklist when starting the engine is to turn the standby battery to arm which powers the PFD Allowing you to see the amps of the standby battery. Standby battery switch stays in the arm position for the rest of the flight. I am building a Cessna G1000 cockpit and would like to program the switch. Any thoughts? Thanks, John Gaffney
  13. Hi Pete, I am new to using fsuipc to assign commands to controllers. I am flying a g1000 equipped aircraft and like all the g1000 aircraft there is a standby battery. I want to set a switch to arm it (which causes the pfd to light up before the master battery is turned on. I can't find an option for any stanby battery in the fsuipc fs commands list. Is there another way to assign a switch to arm a stanby battery through fsuipc. Thanks, John.
  14. Thanks Pete for all your help and your great contribution to the flightsim world. -John
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