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  1. Hello Burkhard Thank-you for updating CYOW,CYTZ and adding Porter flights as I requested. I now have Air Canada Rouge flights for Vancouver,Toronto and Montreal. Finding all schedules close to real world flights. Thank-you for the 6,0a update improvements. Ed
  2. Hello Burkhard Tianjin ZBTJ has new terminal and a second runway. possible to upgrade when you have time. link to details https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianjin_Binhai_International_Airport Thank-you Ed
  3. Hello Burkhard Would it be possible to update CYOW Ottawa Macdonald Cartier Intl to new terminal and more accurate gates as of 2015. see enclosed link http://fsxdb.com/Airports/Details/CYOW Thank-you Ed
  4. Hello Burkhard I was looking at the My CommercialRoutes.log file in the patched MyTraffic 6.0 and it says no parking available at CYTZ everytime I search for that airport.No Porter dhc-8 flights ever show up.The flights are showing in commercialroutes.dat. Can the afcad be adjusted.This is the main hub for Porter in Canada. Thank-you Ed Burkhard: Yes, the airport only is set up for smaller aircraft including DH8C, that is something to improve.
  5. Hi Burkhard Would you consider adding the new Air Canada Airline Rouge .website http://flyrouge.com/ and another link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Canada_Rouge Thank-you Ed Indeed this looks like a significant airline. Burkhard
  6. edbu


    Jal 787.bmp Hi Les With Mytraffic 54C If you go to RJTT at Gmt 4:19 pm on Sunday 1 Sept. with 65% traffic you should see a JAL 787. Hope this helps you. I am enclosing a screenshot. Ed
  7. Hi Burkhard IATA MM ICAO APJ callsign air peach airline Peach Aviation Thank-you for considering this airline. Ed
  8. Hi Burkhard A new airline has started in Japan. Peach airlines flying from main hub Kansai Intl using A320-200 I am enclosing website info showing aircraft and schedules. http://www.flypeach.com/home.aspx Thank-you for keeping Mytraffic so up to date. I enjoy the program very much. Thank-you Ed
  9. sas paint error.bmp Hi Burkhard The word Scandinavian is backwards on 1 side of aircraft the other side is fine, looks like naivanidnacS on right side of aircraft as it faces gate.The writing is at front of aircraft. See attached screenshot. hope this helps Ed
  10. Hi Burkhard I was flying out of Greenland and noticed an SAS CRJ9 has reverse writing on 1 side. The texture.MY22 seems to be reversed on one side only. I have MyTraffic 54b installed with updated patches. Thank-you Ed
  11. Hi Burkhard Thank-you for all your work in 54b update. There is one small correction to be done on P68 aircraft, texture 01 is in cfg file as 001 resulting in one aircraft having no texture. Thank-you Ed
  12. Hello Here is a screenshot from LFSB taken at 50% Mytraffic 54A. 14:57 GMT WED also LSZH same time as above. Basle Easyjet.bmp swiss rj100.bmp Hope this image helps. Ed
  13. Hi Burkhard When i installed the new 54a update I get an error using the atc update. I went to the original version of editvoicepack 4.0. It tells me there is an error in file airline.ACEY not signed properly. I removed that file and tried the installer with Mytraffic and everything is fine. Ed
  14. Thank-you Dave. That is a very realistic paint. I flew on this aircraft many times when I was young. All the best Ed
  15. Hi Dave Thanks for your quick reply I will look forward to it. Ed
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