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  1. Hi Pete, I realise I asked this a while back but I was wondering if you'd had any access to the new MSFlight team since then? I hear it's allegedly due out in Feb - are there any plans to support it with FSUIPC? Cheers Ian
  2. SOLVED ====== Ok so this was my fault, I misunderstood what the paths related to in the Flightplan open/save dialog. They should be set as follows:- Flight Simulator X - should be path Microsoft FSX was installed into FS Flight Plans - should be the path where Microsoft looks for it's flightplans Thanks to Volker for the help! Ian
  3. Hi all I have the FSC v9.1.0.1 that's running under Windows XP SP3. The folders for FSX and FS9 exist and can be written to but I can't seem to save them. When I click the PATHS tab I get the message "FSX flight plan folder unspecified! Choose <Flight Simulator X Files> manually" The sequence of events is as follows:- 01. Load any flight plan 02. menu Flight Plan/Save As 03. Click Paths tab 04. (message box says folders are invalid) - the FS folder is set to [drive:]\My Documents 05. Select FSX folder 06. Select different FS9 folder (first create this manually under [program fi
  4. Flightplans for Worldflight 2011 can be downloaded from here: http://www.flightdeck.webspace.virginmedia.com/WF_Flightplans_FSC.zip The WF route may change between now and the start of the event but these plans were converted 15th Oct from routes published on the event web site. [NOTAMS The following changes were necessary to accomodate the current AIRAC cycle for FSC WF1106 - GEPAL has been removed as it doesn't exist in the current AIRAC cycle for FSC WF1127 - SLT10 and SFK04 have been removed for the same reason WF1137 - Similarly 70MDY has been removed WF1134 - ZG does not exist on
  5. Hi Sascha, hi Volker I'm trying to convert the flightplans for Worldflight 2011 as they're not currently available in FSC format (see http://www.worldflight.com.au/operations/downloads.php) Can you explain the structure of the WP= lines in the FSC FP format - there are several fields I can't figure out? Many thanks for you support! Regards Ian
  6. Hi Sascha - you've hit the nail on the head. The fact that a range ring becomes a distorted circle at different latitudes is exactly why it's impossible to judge distances by eye. And if there are (for example) 10 controllers online I'd have to measure something like 50 times to get the distances between each one. I just want to fly! A range 'ring' would give us all that info at a glance and would be so easy to code, please consider it? Thanks! Ian
  7. Hi Sascha, hi Volker Like a lot of VATSIM pilots I'm pressed for time so I tend to mainly fly short trips - usually flights that last less than an hour including all the flight planning and start-up.shut down routines. For this reason I have a rule of thumb - where possible we only fly routes of about 150nm or less. Because the length of a degree changes with latitude I tend to use the ruler to get distances, but it only needs a handful of airports to be online before measuring the distance from each airport to each other airport factors up! It would be a lot easier and a lot more convenient
  8. Hi Pete, just to let you know I've been using the v4.731 on full flight cycles for a couple of days now with no problems (I noticed the word Beta on the download link and thought I should update you). All the best Ian
  9. Aha! Think we have a result Pete. I've been taxiing around with v4.731 the for a while now - both 737 and 747 with filters on. Even completed a quick hop from Gatwick to Heathrow in the 747 and no reversers deploying and no FSX hangs. Shall we call that a fix or would you rather I tested for a few more days? Many thanks for the efforts you've put in to this one Pete, very much appreciated. All the best Ian
  10. Yes, sorry, clumsy terminology. FSX hangs and I have to End Task it. Yes No - in fact I switched off the MapThr12to34 option and taxied the 747 around quite happily, albeit mostly to the right. However when I turned the option back on the sim hanged as soon as the FSUIPC dialog closed. FSX then had to be end tasked. Latest log is at www.ianniblo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/FSUIPC4_hang_after_setting_map12to34.zip All the best Ian
  11. Hi Pete, I've set all the Deltas to 512, switched filtering back on, added large 'buffers' zones at each end of the calibration ranges and removed the spurious entries in my INI file. Using v4.729 I reliably get FSX abends when I throttle up though it must be said that so far I've not had any rogue reverser deployments. To replicate the abend I start at EGKK using the 737-100 (see note later). Then I change to the 747-100, taxi to the runway and line up. I ramp up the thrust to check the engines are stable then open them fully but FSX freezes before I get to 100%. This happens with the new v
  12. Righto, I'll monitor all the offsets and controls that affect reversers to see if anything's firing them. Here you go, the reverser zone is deliberately narrow to try to minimize any chance of deployment:- Throttle2=-16383,0,1,16125/32 All the best Ian ps The full INI file follows, if it's any use to you. By the way, it's Saturday night and I'm sure you have better things to do than debug someone else's problem - I really appreciate all the work you've put in and I'm quite happy to leave this till it's convenient with you, just let me know. [General] Debug=Please LogExtras=x8 His
  13. Hi Pete Right, I've re-tested using the original FSUIPC v4.278 and with no filtering on any axis and I still get random reverser deployments. I copied the new log pretty shortly after getting one of those events so the axis info at the end of the log should be round about the same time. Looking at this and the earlier logs I noticed an awful lot of -96 entries springing up on Throttle2 but I've no idea if that's interesting or a red herring! The new log is here: www.ianniblo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/FSUIPC4278_No_Filtering_Delta_256.zip All the best Ian
  14. Ah, OK, I was searching for "Calibrated=-...". So if the axiis are sending correctly calibrated values and I have NRZ switched I wonder why the reversers are deploying, seemingly at random, when I'm idling or taxiing? Is there anything I can turn on to trap those events? For info the only thing I use to command the reversers is a switch that sends either -4096 or zero to offsets x088C, x0924, x09BC, x0A54 (all 2 byte VB6 integers). As before there is nothing set up in FSX to activate these. Cheers Ian [Later] Ah, wait - I'm probably missing something but there are loads of negatives in t
  15. Hi Pete, I've run some more tests using the replacement DLL and the new logs can be found at http:/www.ianniblo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/FSUIPC4728c_Logs_For_Pete_Dowson.zip* however there are several more logs that yesterday as the plot thickens! Yesterday I think we figured that the rogue reverser deployment could be elliminated simply by removing the axis filters but with the test DLL and using 512 as a Delta I'm getting the problem even with no Filter on any axiis. The log FSUIPC4728c_To_FSUIPC_Calib_No_Filter_Delta_512.log is littered with negatives and I wonder if that's symptomatic? Let m
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