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  1. Very good Ian, Understand now, and I thank you. We will let that sleeping dog alone. Chuck
  2. Hello, you folks must be talking about something different in the area of X-Plane. Is there some other "content" that might (or not) go with X-Plane? I have used X-Plane (with the plug-in XPUIPC) and FSC for quite some time, works just great, both version 9.7 and the present and new DEMO version. You must be speaking about something other than the navigation, maybe flight planning, not sure. I am curious what the original poster was looking for regarding x-plane and FSC. Maybe you could explain what you mean by Professional 3D studio world. Thanks, Chuck
  3. Understand Volker. I wonder if anyone out in FSC land that is using Win7 64 bit with a HP Printer 7000 series (D7560 specifically) or F300 series (F340) could do an Approach window printout and see if they can print out in Black & White. May give me a clue as to what I have wrong. Thanks, Chuck
  4. Thanks for the reply Volker, I know that the previous version (9.0) of FSC the approach print function printed correctly. We will continue to look around for the reason but I suspect that I will not have much luck. I tried another printer (both HP's) but no luck there either. I will just have to open up for screen view and be happy with that. Regards, Chuck
  5. System info: Using FSC with X-Plane (works great) and also FSX. X-Plane add-on of XPUIPC FSUIPC is ver 5.0 FSC is Version 9.1.1 Build 21-10-2011 FSC purchased from AEROSOFT Operating system is Windows 7 64 bit I am having a small problem with the Approach Window print out in that it only prints out in color. I have made the following selections: 1. Approach window selected with airport of interest shown within window 2. I select the Printer icon on the Approach window. 3. My printer properties come up and I make a selection of, fast/economical and black cartridge only and select OK. 4. FSC asks me if I want color printout; I select NO. 5. Printer prints Approach window but prints in color even though I told FSC No to the color option. I assume that the NO color option will render a white background with black printing if it was working correctly. Thanks for any guidance/assistance, Chuck
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