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  1. Hi Volker, That is correct, since the "Y" mounted drive is the FSX flight plan folder. With other words, Y\: is equal to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Flight Simulator X files\ -> in my "root Y" drive are the flight plans, that is why it is shown empty. Where you share your "\Documents\" folder and indicated the path Z:\Flight Simulator X Files, I shared the "Flight Simulator X files" folder and incated the path Y:\ in FSC. To me this is the same........ or not? Regards, Etienne PD. As you can read in my previous reply, it now works. Thanks however for answering!
  2. Hi all out there, I have been fooling around a little with different tests and could find out following: All flightplans are saved in the C:\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC\ folder. If in the window "flight plan - save as" Flight simiulator X is marked, the flight plan will also be saved in the FSX flight plan folder (logic isn't it). In my case "Y:\" To open a saved flight plan, it only can be done from the C:\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC\ folder. Since I don't make other flight plans than with FSC, this is Ok for me. I hope this clears a little bit how it works and my own confusion, for all struggeling with the same, if any. regards, Etienne
  3. 1. FSX

    2. FSUIPC 4.6/ WideFS 6.78

    3. FS Commander 9 29.10.10 / Database Manager 9.0 build 09.10.10 from Aerosoft

    4. Windows7- 32b for FSC /Windows 7- 64b for FSX.

  4. Hello Timonier, I would rather not like to share my whole C:\ drive on my FSX computer. I don't either think that this the problem. I attempted to change the FSC.ini file ( I read in some post that the FFPATH09 and FFPATH10 were not updated), but it didn't work. For some reason FSC only grabs back to C:\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC folder. Hello Volker, could you please give me an idea, since I can't use FSC at all.:???: regards, Etienne
  5. Hi, Ian, Thank you for the reply, but no, I'm not in the trial mode. I had a registered 8.6 and a have a registered 9 version. Before I was able to save by browsing, today that is not possible anymore. Etienne
  6. Dear Volker, This evening I upgraded my version 8.6 to 9. Installation went smoothly and databases were updated. During the set-up however I find myself with the following problem: In de windows -> options, tab Flight Plan, I am unable to save the changed path for the flight plans. For your information, I have installed FSC in a network, that means FSC is running on 1 computer and FSX is running on another. The Folder Flight Simulator X files map is mounted on a drive: “Y:” This drive is fully accessible in the network. When I choose this drive and “close” the window, I am still unable to save and open flight plans. This problem I had already with the former version, but I could always browse to the corresponding map. In the new version this isn’t possible anymore. Do I miss something or can you suggest something? :rolleyes: Thanks a lot for your help. Regards, Etienne 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.6/ WideFS 6.78version used<B><BR siber__q92dpb7seovvtbh5__vptr="5cbc500"></B>3. FS Commander 9 29.10.10 / Database Manager 9.0 build 09.10.10 4. Aerosoft 5. Windows 7- 32b for FSC /Windows 7- 64b
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