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  1. Hi John, Your suggestion for Rudder=-25000,-512,512,25000 seems to have done it. Of course I can try and finetune it a bit more, but to be honest, I have had it for today :). I am glad that at least I can do a full throttle take-off from a runway with some crosswind and keep the plane under control while rolling. Thanks a lot for your help, Hans
  2. Thanks, John, I will give it a go. As I didn't run into this anomaly before updating to the mentioned mini-update, of which they (Asobo) said that it was only a navaid update, I will be surprised if indeed it will be this setting in fsuipc. Nevertheless, one never knows and I will try it. Will keep you updated, OK? Thanks, Hans
  3. Hi, I posted the below message in Avsim's MSFS forum and it seems that some other do suffer of this phenomenon as well. I wonder if any of my fellow-FSUIPC users also are being victim to this issue. For your information, I disabled all 3rd-party addons and tried all available aircraft types with the same result, ground steering was not possible. All controls were assigned in FSUIPC. I am just curious to know whether or not this can be a FSUIPC related problem. What I doubt, though). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. None of the given numbers were in the two sections of the registry. Last night I did find the IDs as described in Pete's message (fpr a Sitek and deleted them), followed the further procedures in that message, but still to no avail. Indeed it is a problem with all aircraft in both sims, I guess I have to dive deep in my treasure chest and buy a new joystick. Hopefully, in this case, it indeed is a hardware issue and that I don't run into the same issue with the new stick. As a last attempt I will uninstall the Thrustmaster driver(s) and see if that helps any.
  5. See attached screenshot of the in/out boxes. I also found that in P3D the throttle is not working as expected either. (It did early this morning hence I said it was working correctly). You are right, it seems that the full range is not being sent to the simulator. Moving the throttle on the joystick only a tad forward results in a full throttle in the simulators (P3D and FS2020). I followed the instructions given in the "fixes problems with 50% etc" article, but no cigar. I ran HidScanner to find the PID number for my Thrustmaster, but can't figure out what the correct number is. C
  6. Hi John, I moved the throttle from idle (middle position) to full (upper position), then back to idle (middle position) and then to full reverse (lower position). In the UI the Neo's throttle went to full throttle when my joystick was all the way up, then Neo's position remained there until the joystick throttle went to the lower position as did the Neo throttle. I am not all that keen of having a button to toggle between forward and reverse thrust. As mentioned, all went perfectly well until this morning with the Thrustmaster going from idle to full or reverse by just moving the its
  7. AGreed, something must have changed during shutdown or restarting of the computer, but I don't know what. Attached John Dowson.rarplease find the original ini file that I used, plus the latest log file. If you need more information, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to provide it.
  8. After starting up MSFS2020 for the first time today I found that the throttle settings in FSUIPC7 no longer worked. I could either set the throttles to full throttle or to idle, no position in between was "recognized". I calibrated the throttles several times ((separate throttle per engine), but FS2020 simply refuses to react. Nothing was changed after I shut my computer down yesterday. I also deleted the fsuipc7.ini file and let a new one being built, to no avail unfortunately. Now FS2020 only responds to the throttle in its "highest" position, full throttle, and to its "lowest" position (
  9. hvw

    Starting FS2020

    Thanks a lot, works like a charm 🙂
  10. hvw

    Starting FS2020

    No luck here, either, trying to use RUNIF. Thanks, Hans
  11. hvw

    Starting FS2020

    Same here. But I will try a few more attempts later. The cmd in windows shell works great. (For your information, I have the DVD version of FS2020. I pre-ordered the MS version but all download attempts failed. MS was kind enough to grant me a refund and hence I bought the disk version. Now anxiously waiting for PMDG to release the 737). (Yes, I know, not relevant to this subject, I just couldn't resist). Hans
  12. hvw

    Starting FS2020

    Thanks a lot, Pete, I will give it a go later this afternoon and keep you posted on the result. Hans
  13. hvw

    Starting FS2020

    Thanks John, yes of course it should be the other way around, I agree 100% with you, but I came to think about this because I start up FS2020 multiple times per day (as I do P3D). After I started up FS2020 I am being woken up by the fact that my throttles aren't working (they are assigned in fsuipc) and that I, for the umpiest time, forgot to run FSUIPC7 first :). Would it be possible to make FSUIPC stay resident after shutting down FS2020 then?
  14. Hi Pete and John, Wondering if it would be possible to fire up FS2020 from within FSUIPC7? I guess that most probably a RUNIF would accomplish that but then one would have to know the location of the fs2020 executable file. So far I wasn't able to find it. So I am thinking about a possibility to add a feature in FSUIPC that will start FS2020 by, for example, hitting a button.Just wondering 🙂 Thanks, Hans
  15. Thanks Pete. I overlooked the obvious, you were right, the throttle controller in P3D was not deactivated <shameful blush> Best, Hans
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