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  1. John, I had both a copy of fsuipc5.ini and fsuipc6.ini in the modules folder of P3Dv5. As I "updated" fsuipc5.ini rather than fsuipc6.ini, in which still runif asp4 was included, I was just editing the wrong fsuipc.ini file. Yes, stupid of me I know. When I finally found this out I then edited the fsuipc6.ini file to spawn ASP3D instead of the previous AS version and then all went fine. I hope I made myself clearer now. Stay safe, Hans
  2. My apologies. All is working fine. I forgot to delete the fsuipc5.ini file from the Modules folder of P3D5HF1. Hans
  3. When I use "RunIf1=CLOSE,D:\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe" in fsuipc5.ini for P3Dv4.5HF3 all goes well, upon firing up P3Dv4 ASP3D is launched, but when I use the same "RunIf1=CLOSE,D:\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe" in fsuipc6.ini for P3Dv5HF1 this command is skipped but all following RunIf's are being launched. Both fsuipc5/6.ini in P3Dv4 en P3Dv5 have an identical content. The log file states that FSUIPC couldn't run: "D:\AS_P3Dv4\AS_P3Dv4.exe" [Error=2] Do you have any idea what might be going wrong and how to resolve this? Thanks and stay safe, Hans van Wijhe
  4. Pete, All works now as it should. Thank you so much for your help. I was totally focused on the "Throttle Set" option as that worked perfectly with all previous versions of PMDG's aircraft. Thanks a gain. I owe you one Hans van Wijhe
  5. You are describing three ways to assign axis controls in the user guide. I tried the first two ways you described. Sorry for having been unclear. OK, at least I now could calibrate a minimum, idle and maximum zone. It looks as if it is working as I hoped it would now. Have to run, though, will try more later today. Thanks, Pete Hans
  6. Pete, I did read the Axis Assignment part in the user's guide carefully, but still I cannot get the Thrustmaster to do both forward and reverse thrust on its throttle. I tried options numbers 1 and 2 as per the manual, the joystick now can be calibrated, but as said, no success in getting it to do both forward and reverse thrust. It's either one of these two. I assigned the joystick to Axis Throttle, also tried Axis Throttle1 Set, and 2 set, same result. either only forward or reverse, not both on the same axis. I simply can't get both on the same axis. ANy idea what I might have been missing? Thanks, Hans
  7. I will try to MAP my throttle later today, but actually I don't mind controlling both aircraft throttles with just the one Thrustmaster throttle. Or do I misunderstand you here now? Anyway, I will try the MAP option. I am not sure what you mean by where I assign my throttle to. In FSUIPC I indeed did set it to Throttle Set (see picture in my initial note) and so far, through the years, this have been working fine as both forward and reverse thrust with just one axis on the Thrustmaster Hotas. Thanks for all your help, Pete.
  8. Thanks a lot, Pete. If I understand you correctly, I might be wrong, then it won't be possible for my Thrustmaster HOTAS to have both forward thrust and reverse thrust on it's throttle as the TM Hotas only has one axis, the Z-axis. But I just tried the same as I am doing on the 737-800 NGXu on the previous version, the 737-800 NGX and you know what, there it is working perfectly. Pushing the throttle all the way forward, N1% =102% N1, pulling the throttle back to its center position, neutral, the engines are running idle. (Yes, I know, my throttle is serving both engines at the same time). But now, when I pull the throttle all the way back, full reverse, N1% is 84% N1 REV, as I hoped it would be in the NGXu as well. The parameters used in FSUIPC are identical for both versions as I don't use different profiles for the aircraft. Strange, isn't it? Why is it working correctly in the previous version and not in the current ones, the NGXu's? And how to circumnavigate my current problem? Buying another joystick is not possible for me. PMDG is stating that their coding of the product is correct as the throttle is working fine if I use it under P3D's controls. (If I do, I can use the throttle for forward thrust or reverse thrust only, though). Perhaps I should put a piece of tape at the position where N1% REV is 84% on my throttle, but that would be quite idiotic, won't it? Thanks, Hans
  9. Pete, Unfortunately changing the min_throttle_limit parameter to any negative value, I tried several low and high ones, didn't have any affect at all. Could this be due to the fact that the throttle on the Thrustmaster HOTAS works via the Z-axis? In the calibration screen of FSUIPC the throttle is not being recognized. However, it is being recognized in the Axis Assignment section. In P3D's calibration screen I do see a separate entry for throttle calibration, hence my above remark. When I use this P3D calibration the throttle is calibrated as per Z-axis. How can I edit the endpoint values in the Calibration lines? In fsuipc.ini? Thanks, Hans
  10. Thanks a lot, Pete. I'm not at the computer now, but will give it a shot later today and will keep you posted. Best, Hans
  11. Pete,, Is there a way that I can delimit full reverse thrust in FSUIPC to be at a maximum of 84% N1 REV in PMDG's NGXu's? When I use P3D's own axis setting for full reverse thrust with my Thrustmaster HOTAS indeed maximum N1% REV does not exceed 84% N1, however, using P3D axis control for my Thrustmaster is not feasible as I then only can use the throttle for either forward or reverse thrust. As things are now, using FSUIPC's throttle setting for reverse thrust (see gpic above), is hardly possible. It would be great when I pull my TM's throttle all the way back (i.e. full reverse thrust) only a maximum of 84% N1 REV in PMSG's NGXu would be achieved. Thanks, Hans van Wijhe
  12. Thanks, Thomas. I will pursue this issue further with PMDG. Hans
  13. Since PMDG's Boeing 737 NGXu's series was released I am running into a problem with my Thrustmaster's HOTAS reverse thrust. When applying full reverse thrust with the Thrustmaster, throttle full backwards, the maximum N1% REV in the 737s reaches a maximum of 102.1 %, which is way too strong for the 737s. PMDG claims that maximum N1% REV in the 737s is limited to a maximum of 78%. When I use the F2 key for reverse thrust indeed the maximum percentage of N1 REV I can reach is around 80%. The ~80% max N1% REV in the PMDGs is delimited by the EEEC. Is it possible that fsuipc overrides the EEC? Or/and can you advise me what I can do to have fsuipc set a delimiter of ~80% max N1% REV? Attached a screenshot of my throttle settings in fsuipc. Thanks, Hans van WIjhe
  14. Got it. Thanks, Ray. Would be nice if Pete would put it on his download page :) Hans
  15. Thanks again, Ray. WIll try 5.151b later today. Hans
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