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  1. Thanks, Thomas. I will pursue this issue further with PMDG. Hans
  2. Since PMDG's Boeing 737 NGXu's series was released I am running into a problem with my Thrustmaster's HOTAS reverse thrust. When applying full reverse thrust with the Thrustmaster, throttle full backwards, the maximum N1% REV in the 737s reaches a maximum of 102.1 %, which is way too strong for the 737s. PMDG claims that maximum N1% REV in the 737s is limited to a maximum of 78%. When I use the F2 key for reverse thrust indeed the maximum percentage of N1 REV I can reach is around 80%. The ~80% max N1% REV in the PMDGs is delimited by the EEEC. Is it possible that fsuipc overrides the EEC? Or/and can you advise me what I can do to have fsuipc set a delimiter of ~80% max N1% REV? Attached a screenshot of my throttle settings in fsuipc. Thanks, Hans van WIjhe
  3. Got it. Thanks, Ray. Would be nice if Pete would put it on his download page :) Hans
  4. Thanks again, Ray. WIll try 5.151b later today. Hans
  5. Thanks, Ray. It has happened a couple of times to me that an AI aircraft flying faster than mine on a final approach caused P3D to hang and abort. It was my assumption that the "zapper" would do its job in a radius of 1.5 miles around my aircraft, rather than straight-ahead of mine. For your information, Radar Contact, which I still use, didn't prevent this situation. A solution to this might be to turn AI traffic to 0% when fearing for such an engagement in future :). Thanks, Hans
  6. Running Prepar3d 4.5 on WIndows 10 x64 and having FSUIPC 5.151 installed I seem not to be able to get the TrafficZapper option within FSUIPC to work. I assigned Traffic Zipper to a key combination that is not in use in P3D or any add-on, but still when hitting the assigned key combination my AI traffic is happily flying around. Any hints to what I might be doing wrong or what I might have overseen are of course very welcome. Thanks, Hans van Wijhe
  7. Nothing to do with Microsoft, Volker. :) OK, for now I keep on using v9.6.
  8. Hi Volker, Something must have been changed as I was using the same fs.ini as I was with v6. To make sure about it, I installed v7 again and unchecked the "Focus back to FS' option and all went well. Multitasking was possible again without being interrupted by P3D. However, while flying, I checked the "Focus back to FS" again, the phenomenon of not being able to multitask immediately returned and persisted every few seconds. When I don't start FSCv9.7 and fly around, all went well. As you know, I have been using FSC for many, many years and never run into this 'problem'. In all these years I had the option "Focus back to FS" checked. Weird, isn't it? Hans
  9. After updating FSC 9.6 to 9.7 I found that unfortunately multitasking while FSC and P3Dv3.3 are running is no longer possible. Every few seconds FSC/P3D will take focus making it impossible to work on something else, for example Word. Notepad etc, during long flights. Any flight for that matter. Can anyone give me a hint on how to circumnavigate this problem? (In the meantime I reverted to FSC9.6. Thanks, Hans
  10. Pete. <Banging head against wall> I was convinced that I was running P3Dv2.3 as Administrator. Not so..... All's running fine now. Thanks, Hans
  11. Pete, Using P3Dv2.3 and your FSUIPC4.36 I ran into a problem running programs as well. I tried 3 programs to be run, both with and without embedding in quote-marks, and the following errors were to be found in the log file: FSUIPC couldn't run: "c:\ASNP3Dv2\ASNext.exe" [error=740] FSUIPC couldn't run: "c:\FSC9\FSC.EXE" [Error=740] FSUIPC couldn't run: "c:\FSX Radar Contact\RCv4\rcv4.exe" [error=740] Any idea what might have gone wrong here? Thanks, Best regards, Hans
  12. Thanks Volker, Hopefully Ernie Alston will shortly come up with an update to FSBuild providing a possibility to generate FSC9 compatible flightplans. Why do I want such a feature I hear you ask. Well, as I am using a few programs in combination with FSC (a.o. FSC, ASE and the likes) I'd prefer to generate a flightplan once, as FSBuild was able to do for those apps I am using with FSX at the same time. In the current situation I have to, at least, make a flightplan twice, one for FSC9 and one with FSBuild for the rest of the applications :). (Yes, I'm kind of lazy :)) Kind regards, Hans
  13. Hi Sascha, You're absolutely right. I erred in that I indeed was able to have FSBuild generate FSC8 compatible flightplans. Now these flightplans no longer seem compatible with FSC. (They were in FSC8, I am 102% sure :)). I tried to load such a flightplan (a FSC8 one generated by FSBuild) in FSC9 and was slapped around the head with the message "Sorry! This is not a valid FSC flight plan". Is there a way to make this flightplan valid again? Thanks, Hans
  14. In FSC8 I was able to use flightplans generated by FSBuild for FSX and FSC. Now with FSC9 I can't import flightplans from the FSX flightplans folder, nor can I use FSBuild generated flightplans for FSC any longer. Is there a way to circumnavigate this? Regards, Hans FSC9 FSUIPC registered FSX SP2 FSBuild Windows7-x64 Ultimate
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