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  1. Thanks Pete, works ! I was indeed in the wrong folder. I always went via the program (x86) - FSX path and not via Windows Games - FSX. Sorry! I asked in the flightxpress.net-forum a week ago, if someone has the same problem with the GFEFIS, but sofar no reply. Since nobody reported the same bug, obviously nobody uses the GFEFIS with the default 737. On the other hand I had found a report in a computer magazin, before I bought my EFIS and the guy reported nice EFIS, but not worth to buy if one does not intend to use third parties software or planes. Reason to little features work with the default aircrafts. Perhaps one should tell the GF-People to advertise that it works fine with all features fsx provides in their default. I offered in the flightxpress-forum to hlp if someone has a problem and has difficulties to read the manual. best regards Bernd
  2. Hi again, sorry! downloaded as you said, extracted and drag and dropped into module folder of FSX. Its in the folder, shows version Typ dll, dated 14.11.2010 size 392. The FSUIPC under addons still shows version 4.60a and the mode button is not running. I have started the FSX several times after i loaded the file into the folder - whats going wrong best regards Bernd
  3. Thank You again Pete, great ! So finally I will now have the last button working and can assamble my little cockpit . No mouse-operation any more only buttons, jokes, toggles, close to real flying with my 737! One last question, just not to spoil the final step forward, regarding the download of the 4.634 update. "download, unzipp, copy to the module folder of the fsx (by right mouse copy and insert by right mouse?) and then run the installer of FSUIPC again ?" - which has to be where at that stage ? - not in the module folder of FSX ? In my case I have it in a different partition, were I originally downloaded it to. Would mean run it from there? Thanks and good day Bernd
  4. Thanks Pete, for your patience. Must not be easy with all the "experts" arround. Everything works fine so far, with one exception, the mode button. It shows no reaction at all with the 737 but works with the Airbus (both default) !? I started joy# 170 btn # 16 Control set "EFIS ND Mode set" Parameter 0 and 10/17 Parameter 1 etc.. Any idea or do I make the next mistake. Surprisingly it works with the A 321. Once this EFIS is working I will post the solution into the german forums I am in. I placed my question there and got no reply sofar. I think thats not because I am the only idiot. Often people have problems with the language. In my case I in deed only had the first 4 pages of the manual printed out, for what reason ever, I do not know. best regards Bernd ps.: I downloaded the 4.633 upgrade unzipped it and copied it into the Module Folder of FSX. Is that all, because the starting picture still shows version 4.60a - is that correct or do I have to do something else.
  5. Thank you Pete, for your reply. Sorry for my unqualified procedures, but I am an absolut beginner. First, I checked on the PM webside before I started and was under the empression to have the newest version of FSUIPC (4.60a from 4th March 2010), but this seemes to be the first mistake. Second, I saw later last night, that I obviusly did not download the complete manual of FSUIPC. What I have ends with the installation advices. Probably that happened, because I downloaded that part before I bought the full version. So I will check both - is the right place to do this the PM side ? What actually did so far was (to answer your questions) was: Button and Switches turned the "Range knob" got Joy 170 Btn 20 Select for FS controls In the column "Control sent when Botton pressed selected "EFIS ND Scale Set" and Parameter "0". then I turned the kob clockwise, again "EFIS ND Scale set and Parameter "1" (because I thought this would be very clever, and finally it worked, because the range was increased , but what happend was, that parameters changed by itself into 10 miles -0, 20 miles 257, 40 miles 514 etc. after I turned the knob completely clock and counterwise. I did not do that.. So to decrease I thought it would be wise to do it in the "Control sent when button released@ the other way arround, but this failed. The mode knob (Approach, VOR, MAP) I tried to animate the same way, I took from the menue "EFIS ND Mode Inc and used the same parameters ( 257 etc,), but in this case without success. The seven buttons when pressed give a corresponding 170/0 etc nr. so the EFIS seems to be ok. The GF.dll is up to date. So what I have to do is to get the latest update for the FSUIPC and the manual and give it another try. regards Bernd
  6. Hi friends, I use the GoFlight EFIS with FSX 737 default. I know, that in this case there are certain limitations and that the key mapper can not be used. What I managed to get working by try and error is: joy btn control rep control sent parameter DH 170 31 DH dec 0 30 inc 0 VOR L 9 VORAD 1 dec 257 8 # inc -514 11 VORAD 2 dec 257 10 # inc -514 Range 21 ND scale inc 257 22 inc 514 etc. I did not set anything in the "Range-file" under control repeat/send, because whatever I did ended in malfunction. consequently i can only increase the range and have to start from the beginning in order to decrease. Neither the mode knob nor the mode buttons are working. Whatever I tried showed no reaction at all. Could anybody help? Thank you in advance Bernd I use Windows 7/64 Home Premium, FSX with acceleration pack and a registered version of FSUIPC 4.60
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