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  1. Hello, i have a Logitech G940 package and the newest FSUIPC downloaded. Both running on a W7 (64bit) PC with FSX. My problem is now that i am unable to assign the Throttle Axis. Its not that i have a complicated Problem like to stear 2 seperated engines, just the simple assignement of the 2 Axis, it does not work. Or at least i didnt get it running. I handled according the manual. Rescan... FSUIPC always finds only the X or Y axis to asssign for the throttle lever, only if i press ignore axis its finds U or R axis at the third attempt. But when it is assigned then the throttle lever doenst work as it should. 0 seems to be in the middle an at the ends of its range power is added. It is not a logical range from -16000 to +16000 its more like 4000 to -16000 up to +8000. Can you help me with that?
  2. Ok i try it once more. I tried to use the autothrottle now with diferent addon models from wilco. The Wilco 737, 777, Embraer and Airbus. And the autothrust does only work with the B777 as i expect it to work. I expect the autothrottle to work like if i engage it and leave the lever alone i am able to manage the speed via the panel. Except at the B777 from Wilco, and of course the FSX standard aircraft, it doesnt work. The autopilot still gives to much power into the engines. the thrust lever is in TOGA position i enable autopilot/autothrust to climb in managed mode but the autopilot doesnt reduce to climb power. an in level flight for example if i level off at 5000 feet with a speed in autopilot of 250 Kts IAS, although autothrottle engaged the aircraft goes beyond maximum speed because the thrust is not reduced by the autothrottle. I dont know so far where the problem is, and as i said with standard aircraft and for wichever reason with the Wilco B777 it works well. With the Wilco airbus i want the autothrottle wo work like if i put the levers backwards the autothrottle reduces the Mode to climb power, and that from now on the autopilot is managing the speed. looking forward for your help with programming that
  3. Hi, first of all thanks for the quick support! I tested it with the default 737 and it worked there. But i tested it as well with the classic 737 and there i didnt work as well. I also tried to change direct to FSUIPC and direct to FS but with or without that im still unable to handle the autothrottle of any addon aircraft. Do you have any other ideas?
  4. Hi there, i have following Problem with the autothrottle of my FSX. I use Logitech G940 and FSUIPC for the inputs. Since i use that the autothrottle of all aircraft standard and wilco addons, is not working properly. Even when i put the thrust lever, eg at the wilco airbus, back to climb power, the thrust remains TOGA power. The blue line signing where the thrust should be works as far as i can see that properly but the thrust power remain inappropriate. Can anyone help me with this please? thank you
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