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  1. yellow69

    yetways in the air. (wrong forum)

    Sorry i got it the airpt. elevation was not correct. Frans Gehl f
  2. Hello At some airpts I have the yetways on the building. Used the FSCDManager and in ORBX the Global Vector Config. but no joy. Anyone a clue? Frans Geh; Win10 (64) Prepar3d v4.3 FSC 9.6 REV 8
  3. yellow69

    no airport info (solved)

    Hello Yourre right thx for the tip. Frans
  4. yellow69

    no airport info (solved)

    Hello Volker Here the screenshot you asked for. Frans ScreenHunter_004.bmp
  5. yellow69

    no airport info (solved)

    Hello The airport is just an grey place.there are no parking gates showed. This is for all airpts. I will send a screenshot tomorrow going to the hospital to welcome my 3rd grand daughter. Frans
  6. Hello Volker Earlier i had info about gates and stands on my screen. Now i only see a grey square. Win10 Prepar3d v4.3 Fsc 9.6 rev.8 build 1
  7. yellow69

    DEP-DEST don't show (answered)

    Hello Volker After reinstall of my FSC9 everything works again like a sharm. I have dep/dest also in the air. Merry X-Mas and a healthy 2019 Frans
  8. yellow69

    DEP-DEST don't show (answered)

    Hello But even that it doesn't. Frans
  9. yellow69

    DEP-DEST don't show (answered)

    Hello But i had this before even on the ground. Frans
  10. yellow69

    DEP-DEST don't show (answered)

    Hello Volker It's IVAO only the airplane symbol appears with the height of the airport. Frans
  11. Hello Volker I used to have DEP-DEST and alt and speed on my screen. I have ticked it on the online display settings though. but nothing on screen. P3dv4 fsuipc 5.13 no network FSC 9 v.7 airac 1810 dwld from website OS Win10 64 3 monitors Frans Gehl
  12. Hello When i open GPS in FSC9 the connect to sim is ticked but it stays in the States KVPS. How come? Frans Gehl
  13. yellow69

    Can't save my FPL. (answered)

    Problem solved thx
  14. guys i don't understand you. I'm using FSC with Prepar3d v4.3 and no problems at all except i can't save my FPL . Frans
  15. yellow69

    Can't save my FPL. (answered)

    Hello Is it not admin rights when i start it from the taskbar. Frans

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