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  1. yellow69

    missing ILS @ EHBK (answered)

    This is with Prepar3dv4 2.2 and the scenery is from NL2000
  2. Hallo Volker I only see one ils of rwy03 @ EHBK. ILS rwy21 is mising. Frans Gehl
  3. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

  4. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

    Hello This one works thx for the help. But i have another ques how do i get the FPL into IVAP with prepar3d v4 2.2.? I have the line in paths C:\users\Frans\Documents/Prepar3d v4 files . But when i want to load the FPL nothing happens in IVAP. Frans
  5. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

    Not everyone paid €50 for this weather program. Sorry only allowed to upload 4.08 mb So can't send you the files. Frans current_weather.txt
  6. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

    Hello I have everything but it still shows do you want weather from 7-3-2018 Frans
  7. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

    I only get the msg do you want to have the weather of 4 days ago and if i want to install this.
  8. yellow69

    FSGRW Build 401 (answered)

    Sorry for the late response but i ad a big sys crash and had to buy al my storage at new. I have the path C:\FSGRW_P3DV4\DATA\EXCHANGE\COMMON entered. This is for Prepar3d v4 2.2 Frans
  9. Hello Volker I just bought FSGRW Build 401 for PREPAR3D V4.2 it installed the weather but when i click weather on FSC 9 .6 rev 9 it doesn't work. Can you help me with this. Win 10 64 Prepar3d v4.2 Frans
  10. Hello Volker A friend bought FSC v8. Is it not possible to upgrade to FSC9. Frans
  11. Hello Volker I can't make the connection between the new FSGRW for Prepar3d v4.1 and FSC V 9.6 REV 9. i ALWAYS GET THE MSG IF I WANT TO USE THE OLD WEATHER INFO. i HAVE IN WINDOS ONLINE THE CORRECT REF THOUGH. Happy New Year Frans
  12. Hello Volker This was ticked so activated but when i desellect it come on. Frans Gehl
  13. Hello Volker I can't find my GPS window anymore on my FSC9.6 rev 9. I had to reinstall it but can't find it anymore however it's ticked. Win10 I5 Prepar3d v3 Frans

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