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  1. Hi Normally wifth other programs you get updates payable or not. Now i can't use the manager so how can you make fpl's if you only can choose The Netherlands or Japan ? So in what program do you make the fpl's? Frans
  2. Hello I heard from Volker that the FSC9 REV.8 is not longer active for P3dv4/5. So i paid 39,95 in 22/11/2010 for the programm and can't use it anymore. I think that's rediculous. Anyone an idea how to solve this? Frans Gehl
  3. Hello Sorry i didn't change anything. I saw that my picture had compleet other colours as the day before. I checked virusses but none. I want to run the FSCDb manager but that didn't work as well,was ready in a sec. I installed a new airpt which FSC did'nt know off so wanted to run the manager. I still have only The Netherlands and Japan where i can choose off Frans
  4. Hello Volker I started my pc this morning to fly another leg and was surprised. I've put a new scenery and want to run the FSCDbManager Vers9.6 Rev.8 but is was ready in a sec. Now i opened my FSC09 9.6 but surprisingly everything gone. I can't install an FPL cause i only get THE NETHERLANDS and JAPAN as WORLD COUNTRIES. Don't know what happened here. When i closed yesterday everything was normal as i had. Do you have a conclusion for this? Win10 FSC09 Rev.8 P3dv5 Frans Gehl
  5. Hello When i open FSGRW V1.7 500 FOR p3DV5 AND FSC V9.7 rev8 i only see the direction 278/0 but not the strength. I have the correct weather folder open in options/online. What can i do? Win10 FSUIPC6 FSC V9.7 REV.8 P3DV5 fRANS gEHL
  6. Hi Are there other simmers who has the same problem?? Frans Gehl
  7. Hello It's the Beech Kingair BE80 And it worked on the previuos legs of Worldtour2020 VFR. It's sims standard autopilot Frans
  8. Hello Today my AutoHdg is not working. Yesterday everything fine. Frans Gehl P3dv4.5 FSC V9.6 REV8 fsuipc 5.1.153 Win10 3 monitors
  9. Hallo Sorry after reboot comp it worked again. Frans
  10. Hello Volker I made an FPL KSLC-KIAH of WT2020 IFR but can't open it. I always get No data without flight plan when i push WP. Gen does work and WX . How come? Worked yesterday perfect. Win10 P3dv4.5 FSC 9.6 REV8 Frans Gehl
  11. Hallo Volker I want to reinstall my FSC9 but i can't find it anymore at the Aerosoft storeI do have the key though. What can i do? Frans Gehl
  12. Hello Can someone send me the content of the FSC9 \Database\Online ? I lost some and can't use IVAO\VATSIM now.(special the old ones) my mail is (read the post below) Frans Gehl
  13. Hello After copied this file to C:Aerosoft\FSC9\Database\Online i can't use IVAO or VATSIM ONLINE in FSC VERS.9.6 REV8 anymore. Can you help me with this? win10 P3d v4.5 ScreenHunter_013.bmp
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