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  1. Hi Pete, Thx for that. It is all starting to make sense. Yes the two switches I assigned the Offsets to are part of a selector switch. (Level-D B767 IRS Selector) With the normal key assignments or mouse macro's I could only scroll up and down thru the selector options. Now I can use a rotary switch with an offset for each selector position. Magic! Regards Henco
  2. Hi Pete Followed your directions and what do you know, it worked! Thank you very much for the guidance. Had to use the "Offset Word Set" option for it to work correctly and programmed a second switch with bit4 = Hex 10 also and it works great. Being armed with this new tool and little bit more knowledge I am all exited again to continue my hobby. Merry X-Mas! Regards Bosvel
  3. I want to add an Offset from FSCONV to the FSUIPC4 INI file under the [keys] section. This is my line: [Keys] 206=81,8,+0x8B004E2RL7,0 << ERROR 24! Line ignored >> For testing purposes I have assigned the "Q" key to trigger the offset (therefore the 81 in above line), but I am sure I am stroking the cat with my actual offset layout. I am running FSCONV and offset data obtained from the user manual. This is what they give: "You will find the new offsets in the FSUIPC Offset space 0x8B00 – 0x8BFF, reserved exclusively for FSCONV. A big thank you goes to Pete Dowson, author of FSUIPC! " "Information and Command tables have two columns in common. The Offset column (O), specifying a hexadecimal offset, whereby the first two hexadecimals (8B) are always the same and thus left out for clarity, and the Size column (S), specifying the size in bytes. " Command tables have a Type column (T); command offsets can have seven different types of behaviour" Here is how they give my required offset: Offset column=4E Size column=2 Type Column=RL Bit=7 So my question is, how do I type above offset information so that FSUIPC will reconize it in the INI file? Thx
  4. Hi Peter, Yes, read and write. Here is an example from Hidmacro page. HIDmacros brings several functions to read and write variables through FSUIPC. To use those functions FSUIPC of course must be installed. view plaincopy to clipboardprint? HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCInt offset, size HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCFloat offset, size HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCString offset, size HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCRaw offset, size HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCInt offset, size, value HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCFloat offset, size, value HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCInt offset, sizeHIDMacros.GetFSUIPCFloat offset, sizeHIDMacros.GetFSUIPCString offset, sizeHIDMacros.GetFSUIPCRaw offset, sizeHIDMacros.SetFSUIPCInt offset, size, valueHIDMacros.SetFSUIPCFloat offset, size, value Parameters are: offsetvariable's memory offset from FSUIPC SDK.sizesize of variable in bytes, also mentioned in SDKvaluevalue to be setoffsetvariable's memory offset from FSUIPC SDK.OFFSET variable's memory offset from FSUIPC SDK SIZE size of variable in bytes, also mentioned in SDK VALUE value to be set Size parameter tells how many bytes will be read or written. For int functions (GetFSUIPCInt and SetFSUIPCInt) this can be between 1 and 8. For float functions only size 4 and 8 bytes is supported (float or double float). Function GetFSUIPCRaw read part of memory and return string representing memory dump. It means every byte is represented by 2 characters in hex format, for example byte 44 would be returned as 2C. Strings can be only read. Example view plaincopy to clipboardprint? ' read Dim isPaused </SPAN> Set isPaused = HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCInt &H262, 2 </SPAN> Dim rawClock </SPAN> Set rawClock = HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCRaw &H238, 3 </SPAN> ' write </SPAN> HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCInt &H262, 2, 1 'pause sim </SPAN> HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCInt &H330, 2, 16096 'alt set 1006 mBars Okay so here's my question. If I want to activate the following mouse macro I have created (Macro filename VACO.MCRO) [Macros] Module="B767main.GAU" 1=TCAS Display=RX30e0*Xa1cc What do I write in the Hidmacros scriptpage? Sorry if I come across desperate, programming is not my field, so the learning curve is a bit steep for me. </SPAN>
  5. Wow that was quick!. Thanks for the expeditious reply on my problem. Yes I have seen the scripting option in HidMacros 2 Beta but unforunately the examples given is way over my head. Would love it if they could make an extra tab for FSUIPC like the one they have for SIMCONNECT, so that created mousemacros will then show as an option inside the HidMacros program. Registred FSUIPC users only off course.
  6. Hi Pete, Can you use FSUIPC with multiple keyboards. For example keypress A on the main keyboard will register as an "A" in the keypress menu, but keypress A on the second keyboard will register as "KB2 A" or whatever. Only other program I know that can do that is HidMacros, but it seems only to output to SIMConnect and not to FSUIPC. I want to use multiple keyboards to action Mouse Macros created with FSUIPC for LevelD B767. Regards Henco
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