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  1. HI, retested yesterday with all admin rights. Went flawless. Thanks.
  2. Hi, have the same problem. First I start MSFS (admin), then FSUIPC (manually as admin), then Pilot2ATC but cannot connect. Same when I start with the FSUIPC desktop shortcut. Will try to start P2ATC as admin today ... we'll see ... Used to work OK before. I have the MSFS disk version (works via Store). Will keep you informed.
  3. Hello, I see in my log it's searching the scenery.cfg in de P3D folder, not in ProgramData. How can I change ? Best regards. Eddy.
  4. Hello, I'm quite confused about the percentage of traffic we have to set in FSX. :???: In an old topic, instructions were to set both sliders to 100 %, but a few posts ago they suggest numbers around 50 % or even mid-20's. When I activate a schedule (say eg. autumn 2012) and I set the amount of traffic to 100 %, does MTX regulate the traffic according to the schedule or is everything congested then ? Could you point me to the correct %-settings (Airlines and GA) ? Best regards. Eddy
  5. Hello, I'm having a very annoying problem with my Saitek Flight Yoke: 1. Yoke keeps disconnecting at random times. That's a problem I have try to solve. 2. On departure when I'm in climb and connect autopilot (lnav and vnav set) it engages. When I let the yoke center the AP disconnects. I take manual control and keep the plane on course and in climb. Then I can reengage the AP. As soon as I set the yoke in idle(center) position again disconnect AP. I can't engage AP while centered. Is there something I can set in fsuipc (registered latest version) ? Best regards. Eddy Crequie
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