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  1. why is there a thread here about mt6 installer and link is not working how can i get this
  2. install traffic sounds 3d and no sound...please help
  3. hi i just send u an email and just bought your product mr aconstable ...i will also ask it here what option should i choose here running p3d v3 my traffic 6 pic attached .thanks in advance
  4. Well for real weather crosswinds i have rex and also the vectors are wrong because of the wrong runway numbers if you want do an i fr flight to jacksonville and the vectors will take you far from the airport and also the atc will stop giving you vectors
  5. I have found that my traffic x installs wrong runways in alot of airport i have been fixing them with aiport editor for i am getting tired of it look at the pic i will post for example look at all the 33ft runways it has lol kjax jacksonville intnl PLEASE FIX AIPORTS I KNOW FOR SURE THERE ARE ALOT LIKE THIS and that makes ifr flight bad i dont get the right headings ALSO IT HAS THE WRONG RUNWAY NUMBERS IN REAL LIFE IT HAS 26 /8 14 /32 RUNWAY
  6. Hi iam planning on buying this but i have some questions before buying this nice product ... Right now u have ultimate traffic 2 ...my question is what would be the advantage of using this product concerning real time schedule over the ut2 real time schedule???? would stb give me better real time scheduling ? also lets say iam only using fsx default ai traffic will stb convert fsx default to real time traffic ?
  7. Ok check the link i post it on the first post i post it the pic where it shows is from my traffic you will see the ktpa mod who is the one causing the problem also i like to add if use the airport editor that my traffic x brings you will see that it says that ktpa has 12 runways soft and 3 hard
  8. no sr i use it to see if i can fix the fake runways my self but afx says that it can not be done...iam using 53a update ..Iwill atached the file that was under my traffic x scenery that was causing the problem chek it out ..when i delete it all is good now ...opps sorry the file is not permited to upload lol anyways the file is called BR2_KTPA.BGL
  9. yes sr iam certain using afx tells me that is from my traffic x i will post a pic of afx showing that the airport name ktpa mod is from mtx ...thanks
  10. Hi i just found out why i was having problems when flying some ifrs flights and missions Here are the pics of the problem ...1 airport that i flight alot to is ktpa tampa international ....Cn somebody that has tfx 5.3a tell me if iam th only one having this issue....follow this link for pics of the problem http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=191940&st=0&gopid=2384463entry2384463
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