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  1. PSX flight plan (answered)

    Hi Volker, I read the link you suggested but it seems to be more than 3 years old. Do you have any more recent information? Phil
  2. Hi, I have Aerowinx PSX and would like to export flightplans to it but it is not in the list of aircraft that I can select to export them to. Is it possible to do this and, if so, how is it done? I am using FSC 9.6 rev 7 Phil
  3. Hi Volker, Thanks for your help in pointing out the error of my ways. I'ts annoying for me to find out that the problem was due to my ignorance. I find product support varies a great deal throughout the world of FSX addons but your support has been excellent. Thanks again. Phil
  4. Hello Volker, I use FSX + SP1+SP2+ACC FSUIPC 4.945 registered FSC 9.6 rev 3 FSC database 9.6 AIRAC Navigraph 1509 (when I start FSC the opening screen still shows Navigraph AIRAC-1501 bottom left) FSC was downloaded from the FSC website Windows 7 I have tried to attach an LPPTLEMD.pln file from the Flight Simulator X files folder, the FSC flight plan and the PMDG flight plan but when I select the file and press "attach this file" I get the message .Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file. Will you please let me know where I am going wrong Phil
  5. I fly the PMDG 747. I create a new flight plan and save it with the PMDG box ticked. Later, when I am setting up the FMC on the 747 CDU, I enter the flight plan on the CO ROUTE line but find that the plan does not include the destination airport. The final waypoint is shown and all waypoint altitudes after the point that cruise altitude is attained are at cruise altitude. I have to manually enter the airport and locate its elevation so that when I enter it all the waypoints show the correct altitude. When I load the plan saved in FSX the destination airport is there. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to correct this problem.
  6. I have a CH yoke and I wish to use one of the levers to control the gear lever on my PMDG 744. The standard gear assignment seems to have only 2 positions (up and down) however the PMDG 744 gear lever has 3 positions namely up, down and off. Is it possible to use FSUIPC4 to configure a lever to do what I want? Thanks. Phil.