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  1. hello The urlvatsim.ini file seems to me to be incorrect, can you send me the right file Thank you
  2. hello in addition to my message, I indicate the file I downloaded and installed in the FSC10 folder. https://cijoint.org/r/y28YvnJx#6korgT9+dxglmb+LgbAV3B0cKiaWdBWwLv14ECH4lpo=
  3. Hello, I have installed in the FSC 10 folder the urlvatsim.ini file that I downloaded on the site the connection to Vatsim via online is always wrong (02.03.2020) https://zupimages.net/up/21/04/pd3o.png an earlier date is always displayed: It seems that the urlvatsim.ini file is incorrect. can you regularize the situation Thank you for your kind intervention Sincerely Yves
  4. my connection to VATSIM looks like this:
  5. hi volker can you send me your file "urlvatsim.ini". Thank you Yves
  6. The link has been removed. Do not link any other link from our announcement Volker
  7. Hello, I seem to have noticed an anomaly in the display of the card connected to VATSIM. Indeed, the display of the card is blocked on the date 02-03-2020 and not on the current date. Can you update the connection to VATSIM? Thank you Pouvez-vous mettre à jour la connexion à VATSIM ? Merci
  8. Hello, The NICE region is black in color How do I fix this problem? Thank you Yours sincerely Yves
  9. Hello Can we program different altitudes on the course? Thank you for your answer yves
  10. Hello, I purchased and installed Kaspersky antivirus The latter considers that FSC.exe is a Worms.Win32.WBVB virus Protection of the FSC 10.6 application leads to the deletion of FSC.exe Can you tell me the solution Thank you Yves
  11. Hi Volker Thank you for your prompt response XPUIPC installed allows the operation of the interface between x-plane and FSCommander I note that the traffic does not appear near continuously as in FSX Can we have the same opportunity? Thank you Regards Yves
  12. Hello FSCommander version 9.6 is compatible with X-Plane ? Thank you Yves
  13. Hello The stated values correspond to the GPS Speed (Ground Speed) It is information that is not very useful I wish that the speed information is processed in TAS (True Airspeed) which is very requested in particular by IVAO Can we have that additional information on the flight plan or the GPS module Thank you Best regards
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