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  1. Hello Can we program different altitudes on the course? Thank you for your answer yves
  2. Hello, I purchased and installed Kaspersky antivirus The latter considers that FSC.exe is a Worms.Win32.WBVB virus Protection of the FSC 10.6 application leads to the deletion of FSC.exe Can you tell me the solution Thank you Yves
  3. Hi Volker Thank you for your prompt response XPUIPC installed allows the operation of the interface between x-plane and FSCommander I note that the traffic does not appear near continuously as in FSX Can we have the same opportunity? Thank you Regards Yves
  4. Hello FSCommander version 9.6 is compatible with X-Plane ? Thank you Yves
  5. Hello The stated values correspond to the GPS Speed (Ground Speed) It is information that is not very useful I wish that the speed information is processed in TAS (True Airspeed) which is very requested in particular by IVAO Can we have that additional information on the flight plan or the GPS module Thank you Best regards
  6. Bonjour, Pour ma part je ne transfert jamais mes plans de vol sur les appareils Je procède différemment en utilisant les multiples fonctions de FSCommander en remplacement des FMC des appareils Je m'explique : Je lance FSCommander A l'onglet Flight plan j'ouvre "RouteFinder" Je détermine la route qui m'est indiquée selon le départ et l'arrivée Je fais un copié/collé sur le "Show Flight Plan" et Ok J'obtiens le détail du plan de vol et le tracé de la route sur la carte FSC Je détermine les SID & STAR selon les pistes en service que j'introduis dans ce plan de vol Je me sers du module "GPS" pour lancer mon vol en AutoHdg Si tu as besoin de conseils je suis à ta disposition Bon dimanche et bon vol Cdlt Yves
  7. Bonjour Gerard Un clic droit sur l'airac téléchargé (FSC_1511) : exécuter en tant qu'administrateur Next - Next et Browse... pour rechercher où est installé FSC 9 Pour ma part c'est ici : http://prntscr.com/8uputk Cdlt Yves
  8. Bonjour, Pour ma part je n'ai aucune difficulté pour installer les airac de NAVIGRAPH Il suffit d'indiquer le chemin où est installé FSC 9.2 (FSC.exe) dans ton PC puis installer, et tout se fait automatiquement Amicalement Yves
  9. Hello By launching online / ivao / download ivao current data, it appears this message http://i59.tinypic.com/2ih9czn.jpg Can we regularize this error Thank You yves
  10. Hello Volker I checked all the fire and antivirus firewall settings: everything is correct I also disabled the firewall and launched FSC 9.6 I still have the same display that keeps coming every 3 minutes There is a problem that occurred during the update FSCommander between 9.5.1_Rev2 release and version 9.6 friendships Yves
  11. Hi With the new version 9.6 it is displayed every 3 minutes this information http://i62.tinypic.com/sdmydw.JPG I did not have this type of display with the previous version 9.5 Can you settle this problem thank you Yves
  12. Hi Volker I use the AIRAC 1413V1 Where to download the AIRAC 1413v2 Thank you Yves
  13. Hello The creation of a flight plan with the airports of Guadeloupe as : TFFJ TFFA TFFM TFFG TFFS TFFC TFFB stops operation FSC 9.5.1_Rev.2 version containing the AIRAC 1413 to December 2014 How about it ? Thank you Yves
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