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  1. Hello, To define the route of my flight, I use "Route Finder" from the Flight Plan menu How to proceed automatically to transfer the route to the "Flight Plan Panel" module? Thank you for your help Best regards Yves
  2. csstille2b

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Hello I downloaded and installed version 10 It works perfectly What are the improvements and novelties that have been made to this new version compared to the previous version 9? Thank you kindly to bring me the requested information cordially Yves
  3. csstille2b

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Hello The update of FSC9 to switch to FSC10 shows me this information: http://prntscr.com/jboq3q In case I agree to uninstall FSC9 can we come back later to this version? Can we back up FSC9? Thank you for your help Yves
  4. csstille2b

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Hello Volker J'ai très bien compris, merci Peux-tu m'indiquer le lien de téléchargement pour cette mise à jour de la version 9 à la version 10 merci Cordialement Yves SEGURA
  5. Bonjour Je suis enregistré sous YVES SEGURA pour la version 9.7 Build : 21 August 2017 Je souhaiterais passer à la version 10 tout en conservant l'actuelle version 9.7 Cette nouvelle version est elle payante ? à quel prix ? Merci de bien vouloir m'informer Cordialement Yves SEGURA
  6. csstille2b

    Aircraft on map (answered)

    Re, I want to disable this option Merci Yves
  7. csstille2b

    Aircraft on map (answered)

    Hi, I want to cancel this option in the settings of FSCommander How to change this option? Thank you Yves
  8. Hello, In the FSC settings, I want to permanently uncheck the "Aircraft on map" option Can you tell me how? Thank you Yves
  9. csstille2b

    Holding (answered)

    Hello Volker Merci pour l'information Amicalement Yves
  10. csstille2b

    Holding (answered)

    Hello Can a holding be incorporated into the flight plan? I did not succeed by following the documentation on the subject Can you tell me in detail what to do Thank you Sincerely Yves
  11. csstille2b

    Traffic (answered)

    Hello Traffic is represented by red dots Can we replace them with planes? thank you Yves
  12. Hello Volker The letter "Q" works perfectly Problem solved Thank you and good day Friendly Yves
  13. Hello Volker RouteFinder works very well Thank you and good W.E. cordially Yves
  14. Hello Volker I installed the 5 files as expected The FSC.exe file was successfully traded and is dated 28.04.2017 http://prntscr.com/f2bi9g RouteFinder still does not work (error 404) cordially Yves

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