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  1. Thanks Ian for the quick reply. I guess your correct, the overhead panel really doesn't do anything with regards to the actual flight. Still with all the Go Flight Modules I purchased, I'd like to actually assign them for something! I'll keep trying and see what I can come up with or just see if there is another software product that has more of the key programming, so I can go that route. Thanks again, until next time, Happy & Safe Flying.
  2. I have been flying Wilco's 737 PIC for FSX. I purchased the registered version of FSUIPC last week and started to program my Go Flight Modules for this Add On Aircraft. I quickly learned that I cannot program most of the Over-Head controls, buttons, switches etc. because this software doen not have key sequencing. My question is, What Boxed version of 737 or Airbus software is most compatable with FSUIPC Thank you !.
  3. Thank you so much Pete. I will try reaching out to the support group at Wilco for any help they can provide. If I have any other questions, I'll be sure to contact you. Have a Great day!
  4. I am very new to FSUIPC and need some help. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC4. I am running Windows XP and FSX. I have numerous Go-Flight module and I basically fly the Wilco 737 PIC. When trying to program the buttons and switches, most of them don't seem to work. For example, the master battery switch does not work no matter how I try to set it, by FS control or by key programing. I'm trying to set these switches on a Go-Flight module GF-T8-8. Is there a problem with Go-Flight or with Wilco PIC? Is there a titorial somewhere that explains, step by step, how to set these up? I would appriciate any help at all. Thank you in advance.
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