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  1. Hello, Taking advantage of the lowered price of the product I decided to buy it. I found an interesting tool with possibilities, but after a day of use gives me the feeling of being a product not finished and needs to be improved to be really useful. On the one hand, I do not like the way to launch applications. All at once, which can lead to computer freezes momentarily. It would be interesting that the utility was opening the way gradually, one after another, in an orderly manner. One of the things I found most interesting is to assign the use of each core for each application (Affinity Mask), but in my case is not working properly because FSX does not use the cores I establish in the application. Why? No, but it is not. In my case it had set a value for AM 116 (1110100), which works fine on my system. If I try to set the same value in MN, selected the appropriate cores, FSX uses other than cores. Why? Also, you can not change the use of cores in real time? Process Lasso as does, for example. It would be very useful. It's a shame not to have graphics processor usage, FPS and memory, for example, to allow testing to find the ideal combination. On the one hand, why restrict the list to just 10 addons? It would not be better to make the selection for each group with 10 addons for each group? Finally, I have found there is a bug. The Ribbon minimize button does not work. I think it's an interesting utility, but has much development ahead to be really useful. I hope that you will continue with its development. a greeting
  2. Ok. I understood. Now it's too late. :???: I have opened a ticket. I hope your help ... please :razz:
  3. Hello, There are several utilities to repair the registry. A quick search on Google or forums like the show. I've used is TweakFS: FSX Registry Utility. http://www.tweakfs.com/store/free_tools.php In fact, all addons that have reinstalled so far, found the correct path except FA. Anyway, I opened a ticket. I hope your help. regards
  4. Me neither recognizes me the path of FSX SE. I recently uninstalled version of FSX box and I've replaced by the FSX Steam Edition. I have previously uninstalled all my addons (scenarios, airplanes, utilities, etc.). Once installed FSX-SE I reinstalled FSX Acceleration Fiber, but at startup I get an error Microsoft.NET Framework window informing me not find the path of FSX.CFG file. The problem is that I am still looking for the old route of cfg instead of the new fsx-se.cfg. I used a tool to correctly configure the Windows registry with the new route and other addons are installed correctly, but not FSX FA. What I can do? My version is a greeting