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  1. Okay, just so you know - when I run FS9 in "Windowed mode" FSUIPC opens as it always has for me. It seems as though the problem only occurs when in "full screen" or "non windowed mode". Cheers, wombat457
  2. I don't know, all I was saying was what I have read regarding FSX and PD3 so wanted to make sure, nothing more. I will double check but honestly, I can't see it being in the main FS folder when it is a completely clean install of FS9 on a newly formatted drive. This makes sense and when I reinstall FS9 again I will make sure that it closes properly before reloading it. On this point, do you have pointers on what might be causing FS9 to "hang" if it is? Pete, I know FSUIPC has been around for a long time and, until now, I have never had a problem with it - it has always been great. If it wern't for the fact that everything was new (clean installs windows/FS9 on formatted drives) I would not have bothered you for advice or suggestions especially as I use your paid version. In short, I just thought what was happening was not normal hence my coming here. Cheers, wombat457
  3. Pete, Thanks, I have just reinstalled windows etc etc etc so I will update my video drivers and hopefully that fixes things. Yes PF3 does utilize FSUIPC and does run with PF3. I just wanted make sure it was all compatible as I had heard/read that some people had issues with FSUIPC and FSX/PD3 and PF3. Okay one more issue though. Because of the issues I had above, I uninstalled FS9 completely, formatted the drive it was on, reinstalled FS9 and then FSUIPC. Now, when I try to start FS9 I am confronted with a message telling me that FS9 can't start because there are duplicate copies of FSUIPC running? How can that be when the drive was formatted prior to installation? As such, I have (again) uninstalled and formatted the drive, which is getting very tedious indeed. Cheers, wombat457
  4. I have just installed the paid version of FSUIPC for FS9 and have one problem with it and one question regarding it. They are: When trying to access FSUIPC from within FS9 my screen goes black and nothing happens. In other words, I click on FSUIPC in the FS9 Modules menu and the screen goes completely black then nothing happens. In order to get out of FS9 I have to use the task manager and cancel it??? The question, is FSUIPC 3.999 compatible with PF3? Thanks wombat457
  5. Volker, Thank you once again for your help. This was my error. I wasn't thinking when I installed the new version and installed it under C:\Program Files(86). As soon as I installed it under C:\ only, everything worked in fact, it automatically registered. Sorry for bothering you and thank you again. wombat457
  6. Volkien, I am having no luck at all sorry. Just reinstalled the Version 9.6 Rev 7 update and my registration details are not being accepted. I purchased FSC through Simmarket and have double checked the Key Code being inserted and it is correct. My name is obviously correct as are my email details. None the less, the registration window tells me: "Registration failed! Incorrect data entered!" Any idea what is happening please?
  7. Volker, You are 100% correct Sir. I have just reinstalled both programs and they now talk to each other and work as you stated. I think there may have been an issue with the first install of RC because it gave headings etc very very differently to those created with FSC and imported into RC, for example, the flight plan heading may have been 250 but RC was telling me to fly 150 and so on. That now does not happen and RC gives me the proper headings as per the plan. Anyway, everything now works very well and thank you for your assistance.
  8. Volker, Thank you and yes my mistake, I knew Sacha passed away and was very sorry to hear that, I meant to write your name. I fly with FS9 not FSX, but that is okay I understand I am in the minority where that is concerned. What I am understanding is that the plans I create using FSC and import into Radar Contact SHOULD be read (accurately) by Radar Contact and; therefore, Radar Contact SHOULD give me ATC appropriate to that plan. Thanks for the direction for the second question as well, I will have to go back and check as I must have missed it. Cheers, wombat457
  9. Good Morning, I have two questions if I may: 1. Can someone tell me a good (payware or freeware) ATC that works in conjunction with FS Commander? I have tried PFE and it will not work for me and is frankly too clumsy and awkward to setup. I have also tried Radar Contact but that doesn't read the flight plan that I create in FS Commander and does it's own thing. What I am looking for is an ATC program that reads the loaded flight plan in FS. I should mention I am using FS9 (FS2004). 2. I think I read some where that FS Commander 9 does NOT have to be installed on the same computer that FS is for it to work with FS. That doesn't sound right to me but was curious as I would like to run FS Commander off my laptop while flying on my main desk top system. Thanks in advance. wombat457 PS: For Sacha, how can I change my email address from the one in my account (now defunct) to my current email of XXXXXXX.com when I no longer have access to the old address?
  10. Volker, That is the manual I had and did look at. In hindsight I may not have explained the problem clearly to begin with. FSC 9.7 doesn't want to "auto generate" a flight plan. Once entering the departure and arrival airports, clicking on Low Alt or High Alt airways does nothing. From what I have read (Chapters 1 - 5 so far) selecting one or the other (Low/High Alt) should auto generate the appropriate flight plan but they aren't. I can use "Route Finder" and insert a plan or manually create my own, I just can't auto generate a plan. What am I missing or not understanding? Okay, I uninstalled and reinstalled 9.7 and it is now working perfectly. The problem was that I didn't have the "High Alt Plan" or "Low Alt Plan" options in the menu with the previous install, I now have them and "THEY" do work and "DO" auto generate the appropriate plans. The High/Low options I was trying to use previously were the ones that you select in the "Route Panel", the little check boxes. Bottom line, it seems as though it was a "bad installation" that omitted the High and Low Alt Plan options from the menu. Thanks for the help mate but is now all fixed and working "GREAT"! wombat457
  11. Volker, Okay I have re downloaded FSC 9.7 along with the "manuals"; however, I cannot find the manual specific to 9.7 only supplemental manuals that don't describe what you have recommended. Where can I get the FSC 9.7 manual that you have referenced above please? Cheers, wombat457
  12. Volker, Volker, thanks for the quick reply and I can do that. To be fair to myself though, I assumed that FSC 9.7 would work the same as FSC 9.0 especially when I first installed V 9.7 and it worked okay meaning I entered the 2 arports, clicked ok and a flight plan was generated. None the less, I'll look at the manual and see what happens
  13. I have just installed FSC 9.7 and cannot get the routes to display in the FSC Flight Plan in either FS9 or FSX, although I mainly use FS9. If I enter my departure and arrival airports and click "OK", nothing is generated for the flight with or without the high/low airways checked. All that is shown is the departure and arrival airports. I am using FCS 9.7 on windows 7 pro 64 FSUIPC 3 Not used in a network Download version 2 monitors no airacs being used
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