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  1. Once you have assigned a joystick profile to an aircraft, the checkbox is greyed out so you can't change it. I assume it can be done by deleting a text string, probably in the fsuipc.ini but there is no way of doing it from inside FSUIPC? I assume changing the fsuipc.ini would need a restart of the flightsim? I was also going to ask if a certain profile could be loaded by a key assignment, eg if you have a setup with two yokes and pedals and you want to transfer control to the other set. But I know read about the "direct to FSUIPC calibration" alternative in another thread and it sounds absolutely fantastic! /Krister
  2. When I start up FSC 8.42 I get the error message saying "File fsc_ivac.txt missing or zero bytes. IVAO and VATSIM features unavailable". However a file with that name and file size 66 kB is there and if I start the FSC80.exe file (I upgraded by moving the files to the old folder) instead I don't get the message and can download VATSIM info (haven't IVAO since I don't care about that). On my laptop I installed FSCommander 8.4 in the same way, first 8.0 and then the 8.4 files into the same folder and there I have no problem getting the VATSIM display to work. What can be at fault? The IVAO and VATSIM options under Online are now greyed out. BR Krister
  3. Thanks for the info! The mere possibility of perhaps being able to improve the performance is enough incentive for me to buy WideFS. :) Regards, Krister Finland
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find any reference to it. Like everyone else I'm on a constant lookout for ways to improve the performance of MSFS, so I'm considering buying WideFS. However, I wonder what applications do/can you put on another computer and then connect to MSFS via WideFS. And do you notice any performance improvements or is it just more convenient to have it that way? I'm using among others Activesky 2004, Activecamera 2004, FSnavigator, FSCommander (well, at least I own it and have it installed...), Lago Scenery Enhancer, FSHotsFX, FDC, Squawkbox and FSUIPC. Actually I'm not currectly Squawkbox since I'm waiting for SB3 which should make life much more simple! ;) Thanks for any input! /Krister Finland
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