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  1. Hi, I've started encountering this error (see image below) but think I am running the latest version i.e. v1.2.0.1 any ideas how to cure it? Thanks, Taff
  2. That's great. Many thanks, look forward to the update. Taff
  3. Hi, is there any way of setting the weight unit to Lbs rather than Kgs by default rather than having to set it every time TOPER is run? It's mildly annoying to have to set it every time. Thanks, Taff
  4. My thanks to Nikola who has sent me an updated serial that works. Taff
  5. I cannot register TOPER 767 v1 or v1.2.1 using the serial key I was provided upon purchase. I have sent you a private message with details and I hope you be able to resolve the matter soon. Thanks, Richard
  6. I have just encountered exactly the same problem. Please help as I have already purchased a subscription and I am keen to start using it. Thanks, Richard
  7. One question though. Do I need to uninstall v10.0 first and then install 10.6 or can I just install 10.6 over 10.0? Taff
  8. Think I've found the answer via a similar post here for a previous version titled "FSC 9.75 and PCAviator (answered)". Will give it a go. Taff
  9. Hi, can someone explain how I can update my FSC v10.0 rev2 to v10.6 please? I purchased it from PC Aviator and their download is still v10.0 not 10.6 and guidance here seems to only relate to Aerosoft and SimMarket purchases. Thanks, Taff
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