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  1. Thank you Volker for your patience and help. I read the file, and I did my best to send you a zip file of the SUPPORT file of FS Commander. Thanks, Jim French Remark: solved by User
  2. I have FSC 10.6 abd went back to the old Google Earth and it did not connect. I uninstalled it and installed Google Earth Pro. Now I no longer get the red airplane and helicopter symbols, but when I try to check the GPS "Show position in Google Earth" box I get a pop up window with this message, " Run-time error ‘462’: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable In addition, when I position the plane at airports other than EGLL, it only shows the plane, and not the airport. No runways, taxiways, aprons, or anything. Any advice would be helpful. Sincerely, Jim French
  3. Hello Volker, Thank you for your reply. I uninstalled Google Earth Pro and installed Google Earth 7.1.8. 3036 I have FSC 10.6. It was working a month ago , then quit loading and I have had to start this whole process over again. Not working now.
  4. I cannot get Google Earth Pro to connect to FSC 10.6 My Google Earth Pro is installed in Program Files (x86) I have tried to delete it and install it in a directory other than Program Files (x86). Would changing directory make a difference? Jim
  5. Ian, Thanks, i was able to find my deatils for the order in my products at simMarket. However, even though I am entering the number key supplied there, it still will not register FS Commander. Consequently, I have written to simMarket, hoping they can help me. Sincerely, Jim French
  6. :unsure: For some reason my FS Commander quit displaying in full screen. I uninstalled it, and have reinstalled it. I want to register it again, however, I can not find the email with the KeyCode for registration. My email is FrenchJim1@aol.com I hope you can help me register the product again, without having to buy it again. Sincerely yours, Jim French
  7. This is my question as well, why am I getting this process error message. I will read the above listed files and see if that answers my question. Thanks, Jim French, Dakota, IL, USA.Sorry and I apologize for not seeing this thread when I entered a post just a short while ago about this exact same question.
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