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  1. Thank you Volker! I'll take that as a vote of confidence :mrgreen: !! Glad you enjoyed you time off! Cheers, Bill
  2. Dear Volker, I sorted the problem. It was a bad (intermittent connection) SATA cable to my D drive. Pulled PC apart and installed new cables. I reinstalled FSC9.6, then re-ran DB manager, installed AIRAC 1503 and it works perfectly now. *EDIT" In hindsight, and for anyone else that may benefit from this experience, I should elaborate that I realized there was a SID/STAR/TRS error after running a disc integrity scan where FSC9.6 exists (my separate D drive). When I installed AIRAC 1503, there were write errors (incomplete SID/STARS/TRS found by the disc scan). After pulling apart my PC, The SATA cable I found was too flimsy for my liking (had too much play in the hard drive socket end) and would sometimes eject D drive without me knowing it (FSC crash and even intermittent FSX crash with no error code because I also have REX Texture direct 4 and FSGlobal on my D drive). Because I couldn't be certain that the FSC9.6 update had integrity either, I uninstalled, then re-installed it along with REX and FSG. I trust you had a great holiday. Best regards, Bill
  3. Hello folks, I don't understand why this is happening, but I went to the Aerosoft site in my user account to see the 9.6 version now available, so I downloaded the 9.6 full installer. I did not see that there was an upgrade zip I could have used until after I started having troubles. FSC 9.5.1 has always worked flawlessly but now 9.6 sometimes freezes, crashes, or just sits there "thinking" right after I enter the departure airport - it doesn't open the arrival box right away like 9.5.1 did. If I let it "think" for a few minutes, then the arrival box will open, followed with the alternate right away. If I try to "rush" it by clicking anything at all (I was expecting the arrival airport selection box right away so I entered its ICAO code into the departure code by accident that had still not changed from departure to arrival) it will simply crash or hang and make the screen go dim. If I wait, it might clear up, but usually it just crashes and has even ejected the fixed hard drive (it's on a separate drive D) that it is installed in several times! It is installed in D:\Aerosoft\FSC9 and FSX is installed in C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\FSX (it has been here from day 1 and never caused problems with earlier versions of FSC all the way from version 8,then to 9x then to 9.5.1). I have been installing and using FSC from very early days and totally understand how to install it! Why version 9.6 is doing this is beyond me - but I am beginning to worry that my D: drive may be disconnecting on it own which might have nothing at all to do with FSC 9.6. All I can say is that after 9.6 crashes, my D: drive just disappears from "my computer" but comes back after a reboot. Then I start all over again and have learned to wait and wait for 5 minutes or more for the "arrival" airport box to open. After this all works OK. No other program causes this to happen and this only started happening after I upgraded to 9.6 using a full install method. Of course I uninstalled v9.5.1 first, then deleted folders as required before installing the full 9.6. My registration and plans were backed up, so I had no registration problems. The DB manager worked flawlessly as well after I installed the full 9.6 version. I don't know whether this problem warrants another uninstallation/reinstallation or if I should totally leave 9.6 alone and stay with 9.5.1 which was perfectly fine before all this. I did notice that my FSUIPC was overwritten too (I am a registered user and always update to the latest from the Dowsen site) during the 9.6 install. I always run both the install and the program as administrator and have had UAC off from day 1. I always download and install everything with anti-virus completely off and even run FSX with anti-virus off. I am using Windows 7 Pro x64. PC specs are i7 3.2Ghz/8Gb ddr3RAM/GTX780 3Gb NVidia graphics card. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I am lost with this problem. Regards, William
  4. Dear Volker, I feel so embarrassed! I went to analyse the flight plans (opened with notepad) that went into my (line 3) \Flight Simulator Files, to see that the plans that were supposed to go into the FSC folder went in there! No wonder ASE couldn't read them... Then I knew I had not set up the paths correctly. SO I did it all over to find it all works just fine, then I came here to see your message already posted. I don't know what is happening to my brain in my old age, but it certainly isn't as fast as it used to be. I usually never have problems doing these things until very recently. Oh well, if it continues, I will go to the doctor instead of posting in a forum! Sorry for taking up your time. Best Regards, Bill PS I am thrilled to finally utilize the vast improvements in this version. Transitions added = fantastic. Ability to import from Routefinder and Vatroute (and others with identical format) = excellent. Ability to add user waypoints = magnificent. No waiting to hit another button for Weather Downloads = time saver. I'm sure I will find a host of others as I become attuned to using FSC9xxx. Thank You.
  5. OK Thanks Otto- I dealt with my browser and disabled all addon tollbars. Here is a screenshot of "save" and "save as" flight for KDFW to SVMI. I don't understand what the difference between "save" and "save as" is? In FSC 8 I always selected "save as" so I did the same here, then got a warning to correct the path to flight sim files, so I directed it to C\Bill\Documents\Flight simulator files - exactly how I had it with FSC 8. I attached one of each - "save" and "save as". Hope you can help clarify what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance, Bill
  6. Hello Volker, I have FS9, FSX, and ASE (Active Sky Evolution), FSUIPC 3.99 (FS9) 4.853(FSX) both are fully registered, Win7 x64 - Installed as Admin UAC have always been off, and I run as Admin everything to do with FS9 or X. I downloaded FSC9.2.1 3 days ago and installed it in D:\Aerosoft\FSC9 , then put in your 9.2.2 revision because I was having KDFW issues. All that is OK now, but I noticed Active Sky Evolution cannot import a plan so I can load weather for my flights. This always worked perfectly with my previous FSC 8.6 version. For instance, When ASE is open, I go to "Brief" , then click "import plan" then look in my C\Users\Bill\Documents\Flight Simulator 9 (or X) Files\ then click "process" and I get an empty box with ? and ? in the ICAO codes. In other words, ASE is not recognising the FSC 9.2.2 plan the usual way it always did when I used FSC 8.6. Therfore I cannot process and load real world weather with ASE anymore. So, I disregarded this and just went to fly with ASE simply loaded without a processed plan, I hit "load" flight in FS9 (same in FSX) and I can see the name of the plan, but FS9 (and X) simply sits there doing nothing. It used to say "do you wish to move your aircraft to the departure" (or words to that effect), but now it does absolutely nothing. So I ignore that too and go on to fly anyway and flew my iFly 737 with the plan. That is the only thing that did work OK. Why is ASE and FS9/X not recognising FSC 9.2.2 plans like it used to when I had FSC 8.6? Thanks, Bill Alexander ( I'm sorry I cannot make paragraphs in this forum. If I hit the "Enter" (Return) key the cursor does not move down to the next line. I have no choice but to write on the same line. Is this a forum problem?)
  7. Sorry for that post here. I thought I was in the Aerosoft Forums! I posted separately as a new post and should have deleted this one. I am sorry if I offended about "hard earned money" (I know for a fact you work very hard and truly appreciate it) it was not meant as an insult at all to you. :oops: It was a genuine mistake, hence I started a new post after speaking with Richard from Navigraph- he told me there was a newer release that fixed KDFW issues. I only just bought v9.2.1 after many years using 8.6 (too old - just like me) as Richard said it would fix the problem. Anyway, I have sorted (and posted where I should have) the problem with your 9.2.2 revision. Thank you Volker for your great work, and please accept my sincere apology - my money certainly was not wasted - in actual fact, I just looked at my Aerosoft account and was surprised (and grateful) to see they gave me a discount because I bought FSC 8xx from them many years ago! I didn't even notice that discount when I bought the latest last night. Best regards, Bill Alexander
  8. Hello Volker, That post was a complete error on my part and explained why in that same area. I wanted to delete that post after I realized it was a mistake, but it was too late. I sincerely apologise here (and there) if I offended anyone (especially you). I already found your latest revision 9.2.2 well before I logged in here (it was 5AM here - we are 8 or 9 hours ahead of you here in West Australia). When I woke up a little while ago, I Installed FSC9 all over again, updated data, airacs, etc... then installed your latest 9.2.2 it in my FSC9 folder and am very happy to say I have no more problems at KDFW. As far as I can see, FS9.2.2 is working perfectly now. Thanks for your reply, Regards and my sincere apology, Bill Alexander PS Now I also owe an apology to Aerosoft because they actually gave me a discount because I bought FSC 8xx from them many years ago.
  9. Hello Volker, I had FSC 8.6 until 6 hours ago because it was crashing when trying to select a SID from KDFW. I went to Navigraph thinking it was cycle 1303 (which I just installed) but Richard told me I needed to get FSC 9.2.1 to get the latest FSC 9.2.1 which I bought from Aerosoft. then instant downloaded, installed (to my second hard drive) and ran the database for both FS9 and FSX, then installed cycle 1303, Now I go to KDFW and make a new flight plan KDFW to SVMI and it's doing the same exact thing as 8.6 did. I cannot select a SID from KDFW without a runtime error subscript 9. Just for your information, FSC 8.6 did not crash when selecting a SID at KDFW with cycle 1302. I find that particularly interesting and confusing - it should have crashed but didn't' for some reason. I am editing this post to add all the information you need so you can advise me what to do to fix my problems. 1) I have the latest registered versions of FSUIPC for both fs9 (3.99) and fsX (4.853). When I installed FSC 9.2.1 it said my FSUIPC were newer and would not be over-written, so all I had to do was click "check existing registration"). 2)My system is Win7 pro x64. 3) I installed FSC 9.2.1 in another drive other than my fs drives (they are in C:\), so decided to put FSC9.2.1 in a nearly free drive D:\Aerosoft\FSC9. 4) I have UAC turned off but I still always install and run it as administrator no matter. I've also been posting in the Navigraph forums about the latest airac 1303 cycle that I believe was causing the KDFW crash and Richard told me my FSC 9.2.1 build is older than his. Mine is FSC 9.2.1 build 28, July 2012, Richard's is 9.2.1 build 11 from February 2013. I cannot find that build anywhere in this site. Is my FSC 9.2.1 the latest or not? I cannot understand how Richard has a newer build (by date only) and all I can find in this site is 9.2.1 from July 2012, not Feb 2013 like Richard's (he showed me a screen shot of his and it definitely says Feb 2013). I have uninstalled, and re-installed FSC 9.2.1 3 times today and each time (after a long time updating airport/scenery data and airac cycle) I still cannot use it without this error at KDFW with selecting any of the SID's there. Could it be the cycle 1303 is the problem? I need to know so I can tell Richard. If not, can you please direct me to the same build Richard has (build 11, Feb 2013) if you think that is the problem. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Bill Alexander - an old man who needs to get some sleep! ;-)
  10. Hello, I had FSC 8.6 until 4 hours ago because it was crashing when trying to select a SID from KDFW. I went to Navigraph thinking it was cycle 1303 (which I just installed) but Richard told me I needed to get FSC 9.2.1, so I just spent $39 of my hard earned money at Aerosoft to get the latest FSC 9.2.1 which I downloaded, installed (to my second hard drive) and ran the database for both FS9 and FSX, then installed cycle 1303, Now I go to KDFW and make a new flight plan KDFW to SVMI and it's doing the same exact thing as 8.6 did! I cannot select a SID from KDFW without a runtime error subscript 9. Just for your information, FSC 8.6 did not crash when selecting a SID at KDFW with cycle 1302. Did I just waste $39 for nothing, or am I missing something? Is the latest download from Aerosoft really 9.2.1? Or does it need a patch? Best regards, Bill Alexander
  11. Many thanks VoIker - but I finally got it sorted and this is what happened (copy and pasted the following from a rather long thread in the Aerosoft FSC site) it was my ISP blocking/being blocked by the NOAA FTP site! Have a read of this : Ok - my weather downloads perfectly every single time using my daughter's broadband connection (different ISP), so I came home and placed a phone call to my ISP's support line. They asked for the ftp address I couldn't seem to get within FSC and they said "that site is blocking us, so you need to write to them and ask them to allow our DNS in" !!!!! I said, "But it doesn't happen using another ISP, so it's your issue"!, but they insisted it was the ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa...s/metar/cycles/ site that was at fault!!!! I then went to the site itself and looked at the current cycles (looks like it's updated frequently) and thought, I wonder if I could copy and paste the latest cycle information into FSC, but where is that file placed???? Funny thing happened as well - I started up FSC and clicked to download weather while I was still connected to the NOAA site in IExplorer and the weather was instantly downloaded within FSC! Why would that matter??? So, I am about to call my ISP and ask for a supivisor as it is NOT NOAA's fault my ISP gets rejected. It's a problem the people I pay for my broadband has to fix - if not, goodbye to them! I also tried to find an alternate site to download weather for FSC, but cannot find one. Anybody know an alternate URL? If not, I will dump my ISP and get connected with the same provider my daughter uses as I am no longer under contract with my current provider. What a ridiculous set of circumstances. Many thanks for the assistance gentlemen. Bill PROBLEM FIXED EDIT!!!!! Guess what? I went to the NOAA site and got the latest cycle in text, using this : http://weather.noaa..../cycles/07Z.TXT (fully intending to try a copy and paste to wherever it goes in FSC) but instead, I had a brainstorm and got rid of the last part, thus: http://weather.noaa....s/metar/cycles/ <<<copied and pasted that into FSC Window/Options/Downloads and it works perfectly every time! So, there IS another way to get FSC weather without using an anonymous FTP logon that "certain" ISP's are blocked from reaching. I attach the screen ( it's also at the Aeorsoft FSC site) that shows the weather at EGLL (picked randomly) is current and is using the http URL above (and shown in below screenshot). If anybody else is unfortunate enough to have an ISP that gets rejected by FTP sites, here's the way around it without having to dump that ISP for another.
  12. If you fetch the file named "Power Menu", here: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/PowerMenu.shtml you will have the "always on top" control (and other options) in Win 7x64.... it works well here and also works to keep SB4 on top using FSX - a very good tool for us Vista/7 64 bit users especially with fsx...
  13. Helo folks, I'm using FSC 8.6, bulld 010810 on WIndows 7x64, and installed as administrator per the pinned topic for Vista and Win7 users. I have it on a different drive D:\FSC and have enetered the new ftp url supplied in another post when I was getting "invalid URL" messages. Now, I keep getting "error in weather file! please download again!' over and over, Sometimes it takes 300 times to get my weather, taking me hours of time(see screenshot). This behavior is frustrating to say the least. I have user accounts turned off and run both FSC and (registered latest version FSUIPC) FSUIPC installed and also run as administrators per the pinned topic. I am at a total loss as to why this is happening. My Active sky weather works perfectly every tinme, as does Squawkbox wx, and built in FS9 and FSX weather. Can somebody please help me here? I really would appreciate any and all ideas as I have exhausted every other option ie: turned off my Internet Security, Windows Firewall to no avail, then enetered exceptions for FSC to not be blocked either by Kaspersky Internet security and did the same in Windows firewall. I still wind up spending hours waiting for a non corrupted weather file to get loaded. If I simply click "show weather" it shows weather that was loaded on a proir occasion (unsusable for puposes of planning a new flight). I do not run FSC along with fs. All I do is use it to plan for my PMDG and LevelD and export to those folders. All other downloads (Natracks and Pacots, ICAO and VATSIM data) dowmoload perfectly. It is just this weather issue that has be at a comnplete and utter loss. I am a very knoweldgable PC user (been building PC's for over 15 years as a business), so when I say I've exhausted all possibilties, I really mean it! Many thanks, Bill A.
  14. I've posted this in the aerosoft forums for FSC and nobody could help me. I'm using FSC 8.6 and use the latest ftp url (above) but I keep getting (see screenshot) "error in wether file! download the file again! ...This happens some 100 to 300 times in a row, until I finally get a weather download! It is frustrating to say the least and I have tried turning off all firewalls, disabling internet security, adding the ftp link as a trusted site, etc... all to zero avail. My Active sky works just fine (uses tghe HiFi servers) for weather, so does VATSIM, Swuawkbox, and built in weather retrieval in gs9 and fsX. So, why not FSC??? Something's got to give here. I'm using WIndows 7 x64 and have installed per the post for this O/S. All other features in FSC work fine, except weather downloads. I need this so I can plan, export, then fly. I do not want to use FSC while I fly as I am not on a network and don't wish to fly in windowed mode. I also only use payware aircraft (PMDG/LevelD/Wilco/etc..) so I am a by-the-book FMC flier. All FSC flight plans I make export perfectly to both PMDG and LevelD data-bases. All I want is this weather issue fixed. Also, I am using the latest FSUIPC registered and installed and run it as administrator. My user account is also turned off as I am the only user. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bill A.
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