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  1. Thanks Pete. I should of realized that as I've used your product for many years. It's just a habit of mine to look on the forums for change logs before installing/updating. I get this habit from being in the IT industry(Sr. UNIX Admin/Infrastructure & Application support specialist) for over 25yrs. I tend to go through fixes/patches of anything, OS or applications, with a fine tooth comb before applying. You just never know whether you really need it or if there's potential for breaking something else. I'll have a look at it and thanks again. Cheers, Todd.
  2. Greetings, Just wondering if there was post of the change log for the latest version of FSUIPC5? Would like to review the changes before I install. If there's nothing that effects me, then I'll hold off from installing. Everything is working fine now. No point in fixing what ain't broke. Thanks, Todd.