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  1. Hi, This is probably happening because the AFCADs you are trying to use were not developed using the same standards and specifications (e.g. parking diameter) that MyTraffic adheres to. The only way around this is to try alternate AFCADs for the airports in question.
  2. This support forum is solely for MyTraffic sold by Simmarket. Support for the Aerosoft and AirNav versions are handled by the respective publishers. If you are unsure which version you have obtained, look into the MyTraffic operation manual. This will tell you what you have installed. Also note that the updates published and announced here are not applicable to the variations sold by the other publishers.
  3. Hi, They will definitely be included in the next significant update.
  4. Hi, The Create, Schedule files and traffic option will take several hours depending on the type of computer. The repeated processes you see are normal. Try leaving it overnight and you will find that it is done by morning. The errors you see in the log affect those airports only (they might not get traffic in the regenerated schedules) but since VHHX is not on that list, you will still achieve your goal of having traffic at Kai Tak (provided you have imported data for VHHX into the Editor).
  5. Hi, In Flight Simulator X there is the option of having ground vehicles which simulates refueling and other ground services for both AI traffic and user aircraft. This is enabled through the display settings dialog. Try disabling ground traffic to see if that is the limiting factor.
  6. Hi Fabio, As Burkhard stated, we are not supporting, and have not tested on, Vista yet. You might want to try running Communicator in compatibility mode to see if that helps.
  7. Hi, Please put the files into a zip file and upload it here.
  8. Hi, As Burkhard mentioned, lights which scale are costly in terms of fps. Future updates might incorporate this, but they would be for FS X only.
  9. Hi, Real aircraft have a red light on the left wing and a blue light on the right wing: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1152566/M/ I am not sure why you are seeing orange. Perhaps your monitor's color settings are making a red strobe light on the top of the aircraft's fuselage look like orange?
  10. Blerg, Thanks for posting this. Your effort is much appreciated!
  11. Hi Renato, The "normal=" parameter must always be set to match a .mdl file in the model folder which the cfg file is in. The -quality and -performance "tags" are a new naming scheme implemented with the FSX models (MD80 onwards) where as the older scheme was to have an x after the model name for performance models. See my reply to your other post for an example of how the old naming scheme worked.
  12. Hi, Thanks BadDog73...you are absolutely right. The model.cfg file has a "normal=" parameter which determines whether the performance or quality models are being used. For models prior to the MD80s, the schema was to have an x for performance and no x for quality. So for example: "normal=B735x" implies the performance model is being used. "normal=B735" implies the quality model is being used.
  13. Hi Ilari, I think Burkhard was referring to the airline fleets book: http://www.buchair.com/JPAF.htm I am glad you are enjoying MyTraffic!
  14. Hi, If you continue to have problems in uploading despite using the method Burkhard suggested, e-mail the files to husain(at)simflight.com
  15. Hi, It seems the files failed to attach. Could you please try again?
  16. Hi Kagazi, Try removing all AI traffic bgl files from your scenery/world/scenery directory and see if that makes a difference. By doing so, do you at least retain commercial AI traffic in other parts of the world?
  17. Hi, MyTraffic does not include AISmooth. You can use AISmooth with MyTraffic but it has been found to be not too effective and even detrimental at complex airports. There is, however, no harm in trying it and deciding whether you like its effects.
  18. Hi, I don't have FS X on the PC I am currently on so can't say for sure but try right clicking on the small window and selecting the expand option.
  19. Tim, If the MyTraffic\scenery folder is only 4MB in size, the installation definitely did not complete successfully. In your FSX\MyTraffic directory, you will see a few .bat files. I am traveling at the moment and do not have FSX/MyTraffic installed on this machine so cannot tell you the exact name of the file you need to execute. If you list the names of all the bat files in that folder, I will be able to tell you which one you need to execute to successfully complete the installation. Dcc, Could you please check your AI traffic settings and ensure they haven't reset to 0?
  20. Hi, Please contact simMarket support as they will be better able to diagnose the problem.
  21. Hi, Happy New Year to you too! Burkhard would probably have taken note of your request but its difficult to guarantee that the repaints will appear in the very next update. Most of the performance enhancements of the discontinued Notebook edition have been incorporated into the normal edition so don't worry about losing out there.
  22. Hi, Path needs to spelled with a capital P...it is spelled with a small p in your closing tag. Correct that and it should fix the problem. Did you happen to copy and paste that bit of xml code into your dll.xml file? The reason I ask is that someone else had the exact same problem with the small p and I am wondering if that accidentally slipped into some documentation somewhere.
  23. Hi, Burkhard will probably be able to shed more light on the cause of the error. If you would like to get it working immediately, you will have to make the required change manually. Instructions to do so can be found here: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=57339
  24. Hi, Your attachment did not show up. Could you try attaching it again? Alternatively, e-mail it to reachhusain at gmail.com FSUIPC (registered or unregistered) is not required by MyTraffic.
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