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  1. What is the proper version for FS2004? Thanks...
  2. Thank you very much for your assistance...Guess I was guilty of not reading the manual close enough! Steve KGCK
  3. Hi: I am reprogramming my keyboard commands with FSUIPC and this is driving me crazy...Which command should I be using for "cycle views"?...The default in P3D is the "S" key, but I cannot find the equivelent command in the FSUIPC menu...Thanks a lot... Stevwe KGCK
  4. Hi: I am using fsuipc, registered, with Win 8.1 and FS2004...Here is a problem I have never encountered before...I have two keyboards one of them is labeled with FS2004 commands, the other I use for the standard keyboard...When using FS, I disconnect the standard keyboard so there will be no conflicts...When I run FS2004 with the regular double click start, all is well and the second keyboard functions as labeled...When I try to run as administrator (in order to run FSWidgets programs), the same keyboard does nothing...FSUIPC shows up in the administrator version as a module, but it will not send commands to the simulator...Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, I would appreciate knowing how you solved it! Thanks, Steve
  5. Sir: Thanks for the reply...I am learning...I actually did figure it out after I downloaded and installed the latest .dll to update my program...Thanks for your detailed explanation and your patience... Steve in Kansas
  6. OK, I know someone is going to get back to me here on the Forum and tell me how to do this, and i am really going to feel stupid because it will be very simple, but, hey, that's happened before... I want to program a key to switch between DME N1 and DME N2...Seems like it ought to be possible, but I have tried every DME option and still can't get it to work...Offers of assistance welcome... Thanks, Steve
  7. Thanks for the explanation...Don't think I'll be doing much experimenting, but it's good to know that I wasn't doing something wrong! Keep up the good work! Steve
  8. Thanks for the reply...I don't think those keys are being used for anything else, but, with so many pieces of equipment, there is always a chance of a conflict...I will do a thorough scan of all the assignments and see if I find anything...I'll let you know...Thanks again, Steve
  9. I programming keystrokes in FSUIPC, are there certain keys on a keyboard that FSUIPC will not recognize? For example, the "~" key (very upper leftmost key) will not program along with several others...Thanks... Steve
  10. I have tried the FSUIPC Speed Hold function in FSX and it doesn't seem to do anything but cycle the throttle back and forth resulting in lost control...What exactly is it's function? Thanks... Steve
  11. Duhhh...Thanks guys...I wasn't looking under "toggle"...Got it going now...Age is hell... Steve
  12. I have spent several frustrating yet somehow enjoyable hours trying to program the following functions through FSUIPC...I want to assign the NAV Light, Taxi Light and Beacon Light to switches on one of my controls...I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it...I have programmed Landing Lights, Strobe and Panel lights but not the others...Assistance would be most appreciated! Steve
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