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  1. Hi, I have FSX on Windows 7-64 and sometime last week, I was surprised by an autopilot disconnection after using the button programmed for elevator trim down. Testing with other aircraft, I found that default aircraft are not affected by this issue, but the PMDG 737, A2A C172 and C182 are. Changing the buttons for others, the same issue continued. Turning on the AP and moving the trim wheel with the mouse, the AP disconnects. I swear that in more than 25 years of MSFS I never saw this behavior. May I ask now, is this behavior normal? As I can remember, I did not change anything referenced to buttons, joysticks or pedals. I was mostly flying the PMDG 777 with FS2Crew successfully. The only new fact was the purchase of Alabeo Saratoga + Flight1 GTN750. I use FSUIPC 4 commercial for all my buttons associations. Thanks for your attention Heron
  2. Gentlemen, The culprit is Ezca. Try disabling it (3) and see that the mouse cursor stays in place. Enabling Ezca again (3), the view is centered. What I can contribute is that, in my last FSX installation, the mouseview feature worked like a charm, and in my brand new one things are hard to tune, as this irritating mouse behavior. I'll turn on my former computer and see if I fcan ind out what is configured there. Regards, Heron
  3. Burkhard, I agree. FACs too. Heron
  4. Replying myself, I opened the installer zip file and found a INSTALL.HTM which explains all. So, if you have a previous version, simply proceed on executing the new installer MTXV54a and ignore the last two manual adjustments because they are already installed - the MTX Aircraft entry in FSX.CFG and MyTraffic layer in the Scenery Library. Simply close the Communicator and the installation is done. Anyway, please read the INSTALL.HTM file to know the whole process before installing. I checked some airports and found the new airlines and great models. Congratulations to MyTraffic team. Regards, Heron
  5. Hi, I have a MTX 5.3 installation working flawless since 2010-Nov. Now I want to upgrade to 5.4a since it is better and they offer a good discount to 5.3 users. I've been reading the forum and did not find a correct and straight method to this upgrade. Is it better to uninstall 5.3 first or may I simply double click 5.4a installer? Thanks in advance Heron
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yesterday night, after reading more of this forum, I checked the Update ATC Sounds entry in the Communicator menu and it actually did quite an update. Then, I made a flight from KGEG-Spokane-WA to KPAE-Everett-WA using FL240 and now I think things are back to normal as I heard ATC talking to Fedex, Horizon, Delta, Navy, UPS, etc. Guess 123 Heavy was grounded this time ;-) I use ATC at 25% because with this rate I can comfortably talk to ATC around big fields without waiting in a long line. Soon i will be flying back to KRAP and report it back here. Heron
  7. My FSX is kept with few addons as this helps to keep my frames high. I use only 2 commercial aircraft (Duke 60 and Embraer 175/195) and have installed just one commercial airport scenery (KSJC). The other sceneries are all FSX default. This is a new FSX installation on a Windows 7 not so high-end system, let’s say, good enough.This machine is new and entirely dedicated for the FS. I installed this week the 5.3 Pro version of MyTraffic and the process was done by the book, with no surprises. I started parking my E195 at KRAP-Rapid City-SD FSX default airport to prepare a flight to KGEG-Spokane-WA. The percentage of commercial aircraft and GA is kept at 25%. I saw some other planes parked, so the installation has worked, I thought. Suddenly, at my left side, a jet went right into the airport building and, after sometime, I could see her getting out from the building at the other side. This is strange, because the airport is default and there is no afcad addon for KRAP or any other airport installed in my Addon Scenery folder. Did MyTraffic installed any afcad which disagrees with default KRAP? After 10 minutes, I was taxiing to rwy 32, and noted there were no more aircrafts on the field nor default ATC talking. I took off and some minutes later I started hearing ATC talking with only GA actf. 30 minutes later, the first jet called ATC: “123 Heavy” !!!??. 123 Heavy followed me all the way across Montana and Idaho. Many GAs were heard and sometimes an Air Force xxx talked to ATC. Just before landing, on rwy 21 final at KGEG-Spokane-WA, I heard tower talking to a Southwest, the first airline name heard after 2 hours flying. One note: I bought MyTraffic on last November and at that time it worked perfect. Any ideas? Heron
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