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  1. it's ok. all off lfrb waypoint are lost in the midle of france... I delete all and recreate the waypoint. thanks
  2. Sorry my name is JB When I go on the userwaypoint windows, in the list of userwaypoint there are 5 waypoint for LFRB but there are not visible in the fs commander map. I compare this waypoint with the gps coordinate (On the VAC chart in the SIA franch web site) and it's the same. You can look > ICAO> RB-K NAME> BREST K N 48 24 .30 E 003 22 .50 and on the fs commander map it's impossible to see this waypoint. thank you for help me
  3. hello, sorry for my english but I'm french. I have a problem with users waypoints. In some airports they are displayed to no problem (LFBO, LFBT) but cons of such LFRB impossible to display them. yet they are the basis of userwp but not displayed. t there is an explanation that it? thank you
  4. Sorry for my abscence but I was traveling for my job. Thank you for having transmitted the response of Navigraph ... If you want I can give you a screenshot of a map of french SIA for this star and a screen shot of that same star with FSC9 to show you the difference. The two points are the same but the turn to reach them not. thank you. jb
  5. hello, excuses me for my bad english but i'm french. I just bought fsc9 for IFR use. I thought I could use the management sid and star but that there is considerable error. For example, from Toulouse (LFBO) the sid ppg5b turns right while the left shows fsc9 ... I find it really very boring and I found a solution either. the software is not usable by the state thank you
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