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  1. Hi Jon, Yeah, the main installer can be found at Simmarket. The subsequent patches are available in the thread above called MyTraffic 6.0a public beta. Simply search the pages for the links, download and install. Hope this helps. Regards. James
  2. Good afternoon Burkhard, It's great to hear from you and have you back on the forum. But, sorry to hear your health is still not the best. Looking forward to your fantastic work as and when you get around to it. Best wishes. Regards. James
  3. Go into the scenery folder in MyTraffic 6, all the airport files are there. Simply delete the ones you don't want if it is causing a conflict. Regards.
  4. Good afternoon, Does anyone know how Burkhard is doing? Missing his fantastic work and support. I hope you are feeling better Burkhard. Best wishes. Regards. James
  5. Good evening Burkhard, I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I wish you a speedy recovery and good health. Take care. Regards. James
  6. Good evening Burkhard, I have never been able to use the editor or communicator because I receive the message TrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied. I think I have found the files I need and I have now copied these into the MyTraffic folder. The files are: TrafficDataBasebuilder application and traffictoolbox.dll application. What do I do now? Do I simply run the applications? Regards.
  7. Problem solved, so no need to reply. I contacted Microsoft who suggested a system restore, that seems to have restored all items in the scenery library. Regards.
  8. Good evening Burkhard, fellow simmers, I deleted NMG Johannesburg scenery from my computer last night. What I didn't know, there was a bug in their scenery which has automatically deleted all my entries in the Scenery Library in FSX, including MyTraffic X which I have spend years building up. I am wondering how to restore MyTraffic X there? Regards. James
  9. I wonder if you might include the new liveries for Easyjet and Thomson Airways Boeing 757/767. It would also be great to have some aircraft in the One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance liveries. Thank You.
  10. Hello Burkhard, I made the changes advised. However, subsequently, I could not access either KJFK or KEWR. Flight Simulator crashed with a message "fatal error has occurred". When I delete the amendment I do not get a crash and I can access the airports. So, still can't resolve the problem and get rid of the cargo planes overtaking the gates at KJFK which is so annoying. I wish we had an option of not installing cargo planes. Any suggestions? Regards.
  11. Good evening Burkhard, I have found the file and will try and edit it as advised. Thanks.
  12. Good evening Burkhard, Still stuggling away to delete unwanted aircraft, but can't do it. I have attached a screenshot of what I see when I open in notepad. Your help would be appreciated. Regards.
  13. Thanks Burkhard, However, when I open in notepad it is not like what you show it should be like, it looks like a jumble of letters across the page and makes no sense whatsoever. Can I just delete the entire B744FMX file folder? Regards. James
  14. Thanks for your reply Burkhard, However, I am no expert and don't know how to do what you have suggested. I wonder if you would kindly break your advice down into more simplistic terms and a step-by-step guide how to do this. Regards James
  15. Good evening, I wonder if there is an easy way to delete unwanted aircraft. I don't have full control over the editor. It's so annoying that I have Atlas Air at the gates at JFK and cargo planes at the gates at other airports. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for the update Burkhard. I look forward to downloading it and trying it out. But if I may ask a question before installation. Do I need to remove Beta application versions 2-5 before installation? Regards. James
  17. Good evening Burkhard, With regard to the latest version of the Beta, I have run th application as per the instructions. But, I wonder if I need to also install what is in the file folder. Please advise.
  18. Good evening Burkhard, Now seeing BA 787 fine. I attach screenshots x3 of Argentina at Singapore.
  19. Good evening Burkhard, Some more observations, Since the update I see lots of Aerolíneas Argentinas Boeing 737 aircraft at Singapore Airport, WSSS, which should simply not be there. Where have the BA and virgin Atlantic B787's gone? I note it has changed [presume the afcad] at KLAX for example as I no longer have many heavies at the gates which were there previously. Regards. James
  20. Good evening all, I agree that the My Traffic Communicator does not show the Summer 2015 schedules. However, I think they are present in My Traffic. I think this because I have flights at my home airport of EGPH that were not there before [still looking for American Airlines to KJFK and Air Canada Rouge to Toronto though] and there has been a huge change in the traffic at EGLL which now seems to be overpopulated with British Airways traffic at all terminals, but now with few heavies at terminal 5 where they should be and were previously before this update was applied. Also British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 aircraft seem to have disappeared. There are new liveries that were not there before. While Thomson Boeing 787 is in the new livery, it would be great and more realistic to see all their aircraft types in their new livery. So, while I do not know why the schedules are not in the communicator it seems the update has been effective. I will advise more as I explore further. Regards.
  21. Hi Burkhard, After downloading the first patch for MYT 6, what schedule, if any was included in the patch? Regards. James
  22. Hi Burkhard, Uk2000 scenery has advised they can only add the respective parking spots and airline codes to the AFD file. It's your AI plane package that needs to provide the planes and schedules themselves. If this is the case, would an update be possible? Regards. James
  23. Sorry Burkhard, I also meant to query that there is no United, American, Air Canada, Qatar and now Etihad ai traffic at Edinburgh. I wonder if this if to do with the afcad or Mytraffic 6. Prior to Mytraffic 6, United used to arrive. UK2000 Scenery provided an updated afcad file but it's made no difference. Would you kindly let me know your thoughts? Regards. James
  24. Good evening Burkhard, I observe that there is only ever 1 British Airways A380 parked at Terminal 5 at EGLL at any one time. I use UK2000 Scenery. I queried this with the manufacturer who advised: "the number of A380s at T5 is not controlled by the AFD file. It will be to do with your ai program. There are enough parking spots at T5 for eight A380s". Does anyone else have the same problem? I wonder what the solution is? regards. James
  25. Good evening Burkhard, It would be good to see updates for: Thomson Airways. MYT 6 shows new livery on the B787; Thomas Cook UK; Czech Airlines; Some One World Alliance, Star Alliance liveries etc. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to send you that would be helpful. It would be my pleasure paying for any update though. Regards.
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