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  1. Hopefully CLS2SIM works with FS2020.. force feedback :D
  2. G'day I have the C2 PRO (older USB version without the fancy trim indicator...) and PFC Avionics advanced both USB.. Now this has always been a problem.. in piston aircraft the alternator switches work fine in FSX... HOWEVER - when I get into turboprop or jet aircraft that use "Gen 1 / Gen 2" I will switch the ALT 1/2 switches on the console on, and the Gen 1/2 inside FSX will flick on/off repeatedly... how can i fix this? it is almost like another function is fighting for the switches??
  3. No it does not, you need to power cycle the PC. Could be a PFC issue? I am glad i can still use it by unplugging them and plugging them back in while running P3D 2.2, but it is a bit of a pain
  4. Windows 7, it could be a timing thing i guess, when i start up P3D the avionics stack flicks on and shows firmware version (like being powered on for the first time) then shuts down
  5. FSUIPC axis / buttons and exiting again doesnt work. You need to restart the computer for PFC GuID to recognise the consoles again. Disabling controllers did not work either :-(
  6. 3. Have you not used this console before? Is it new from PFC? Yes had it a couple of years and use it with FSX also. 4. Does P3D see the yoke? No. 5. Is the a PFCHid menu entry in the P3D Add-Ons menu entry, as well as an FSUIPC entry? Yes. :smile: Yes PFC's test program runs fine, however after trying to use it AFTER attempted use with P3D 2.2 it dissapears and is then no longer recognised after that. Update: Ff i have PFC C2 & avionics connected when i start P3D v2.2 they do not work. However, if i unplug them and plug them back in while running P3D they begin to w
  7. I have the latest version of FSUIPC 4, I have applied the hot fix, and I have placed the PFCHid.dll into the modules folder of prepar3d V2.2 academic version. However P3D 2.2 is not recognising the PFC C2 Pro console exists nor the advanced avionics stack. help !! :) Regards, SB
  8. ok looks like it didnt attach: ********* HidScanner, Version 1.00 by Pete Dowson ********* Device at "\\?\hid#vid_03f0&pid_0862&mi_00#8&6884f52&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}" Vendor=03F0, Product=0862 (Version 1.5) Manufacturer= HP Product= HP Wireless Keyboard Mouse Kit Serial Number= Device is a keyboard Usage Page: 1 Input Report Byte Length: 9 Output Report Byte Length: 0 Feature Report Byte Length: 0 Number of Link Collection Nodes: 1 Number of Input Button Caps: 2 Number of InputValue Caps: 0 Number of InputD
  9. 3 times? only posted on the forums once - unless e-mailing PFC tech support forwards emails to you? attached is the log, I tried it without the Goflight modules plugged in... still freezes the PFC avionics (because the GFdev2k4.dll is in the modules folder) ...the avionics will have the backlight come on as you start FS, but then it freezes that way till you close FS. It appears as though the PFCHid and GFdev / GFmcp do not like each other? I am using FS2004
  10. G'day, I have the C2 console & the new avionics stack as well as a few GoFlight panels and things. I am running fs2004, the modules are the GFdev2k4, fsuipc 3.99, PFCHid Now.. the problem: the C2 works fine rain hail or shine with the goflight modules there or not... however the avionics stack will not work if the goflight modules are in place. is there a fix?
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