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  1. There's a strange mistake at the home page. At the right side of the home page you can find the following line: Registration: FlightSim Commander v. 9.x is a shareware program which can be registered for € 39.90 at Simmarket.com etc. It's possible to click on Simmarket.com, but then you get the Simmarket's page with the V8.x version of FSC. It's easy to make a mistake now and purchase an elder version. Just my two cents. Ad
  2. Hello, Just a question about purchasing FSC via Aerosoft or SimMarket. At the site of Aerosoft you van purchase FSC for € 34.95 VAT included. See: http://www.aerosoft.com/shop-online/bas&pid=10120 At SimMarket you can purchase FSC for € 34.95 VAT excluded or € 41.59 VAT included. See: http://secure.simmarket.com/flightsim-cr-v8.phtml Is there any difference between these versions or just a wrong purchase price at Aerosoft or SimMarket? Regards, Ad
  3. Hi Pete, Many thanks for your fast reaction. I checked the thread "Problem with shutting down apps on the clients" and it seemed to me it was the same problem. I downloaded and installed the interim wideclient.exe on my client pc's and you guess what......it all worked perfect. Great. :D :D :D I was busy with this all for two days and i had to write you sooner. But first i'll always try the options and read the manuals before i contact an author. I searched the forum but not with one of the words that was in the thread. But i'm happy with the solution and can sleep well tonight.
  4. Dear Peter, Fist my specs. I run 4 pc's with the PM software. PC1 runs FS PC2 runs PFD Captain by Magenta PC3 runs Eicas/CDU by Magenta PC4 runs PFD First Officerby Magenta I've installed the latest registrated FSUIPC and WideServer/Client software. But now the problem: Starting up FS works well and it starts all the Magenta software on the other pc's. But when i close FS via the menu witrh F X Yes, FS closes but all the Magenta software keeps on running. I've read the manual many times and tried several options. No succes. Here are my ini files ********************************
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