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  1. alfou

    FSUIPC v3.08

    It's there...just downloaded... Alain
  2. I'v just downloaded version 1.2 of SB Relay since 1.1 was expired...A problem...I can't connect..SB Relay connect but main Squawkbox send an error message...Never had any problem with 1.1 version... Any help... Alain
  3. I'v just downloaded SB Relay 1.2, since the 1.1 version was expired...Don't know what's going on, I can't connect on Vatsim...SB Relay connect but the main Squawkbox send an error message... Any tips on that.. Thks Alain :cry:
  4. alfou

    "Dev" Keys

    I agrre with you ... Thanks pete...
  5. Hi .. I wanna buy the latest version of FSUIPC, but when I go on the page, can't find where or how I can buy it...Anybody can explain me...I have download the latest version but I wanna register it. Thanks Alain
  6. I'm using free FSUIPC for a few years now...I'M ready to pay fot it anytime... Thanks Pete.....keep on Alain SAC115 Canada

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