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  1. Yes, I know - I should have made that clear! I'm 'only' 61 and already going down that road! Well, as far as FSUIPC for X-Plane goes, I won't hold my breath then. Pity, but I understand. (Maybe your creating a 'Dowson' 'XPUIPC' would be a way of keeping the old grey cells young and fit?! 'Use it or lose it' 😀 OK, just fishing/kidding!) Martin
  2. The FSUIPC for X-Plane 11 does not unfortunately allow many of the functions that the full versions for FS9/FSX do. Many programmes of course rely on FSUIPC (my Oncourse PF3, for instance, can't communicate properly with X-Plane for updates because of the lack of a fully functioning FSUIPC module). I don't suppose Pete would consider making a full version of FSUIPC for XP11? A big ask, but I'd pay for a full, registered version as soon as it appeared, as I am sure many others would too! (How I miss the AI traffic 'zapper' now I fly XP11! And that's the least of things no longer available). Martin
  3. I may be misrepresenting PF3, but as far as I know the core FS9 ATC engine is active in all 3rd. party ATC programmes. Whatever, I find PF3 works really well and especially in co-ordination with FDC (also from OnCourse). I must say, I waited literally years for RC5 to appear and when it was finally announced that it never would, I went with PFE, then with the improved version, PF3. Both of these have ground ATC, which I understood RC4 lacked (a deal breaker, for me at least). I'll have to experiment with some more settings. I do have the appropriate boxes checked in AS6.5 and FSrealWX. I had thought there was an option in FSUIPC I had missed.. apparently not. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I am not really having much luck with my settings in FSUIPC when trying to prevent FS9 from changing my landing runway as I approach my destination. Can anyone kindly advise - I have looked on the forum and read the 'Wind' section in the pdf, but I still have problems: I use Oncourse's PF3 for ATC (though of course ATC is still in practice provided by FS9) and for my weather either FSrealWX_Lite (or sometimes FSrealWX_Pro), or AS6.5, though this latter doesn't provide a server now of course for real-time weather. I have the problem that, when ATC/PF3 assigns me a landing runway, within a minute or so they change their mind and assign a different runway, and not just once, but yet then again. The PF3 guys looked at the log of my flights and said that this is due to wind shifts at the destination airport. I have Wind Smoothing checked, with 5,0,0 in the boxes, but clearly that's not doing what I thought. What FSUIPC settings/figures would best eliminate the wind shifts and so (my chief aim here) the repeated runway changes from ATC in FS9? If anyone uses FSrealWX_Lite (which I prefer to the _Pro version really), I have the FSUIPC box checked on the DWC & Interface tab. Maybe I need to enable 'Direct Wind Control' instead? Many thanks.
  5. OK, tried in the air instead of on the ground, and all seems to work fine in the default FS9 B747. Is there no end to Pete's programming skills??!! In other a/c though it isn't quite so good and I am getting odd behaviour. For example, with the PSS Airbuses, the key to increase spoilers incrementally always works for seven clicks/inputs (at which point the spoilers lever registers about 1/4 up - which in some a/c has no braking effect at all): then the 8th. click flips them to 'armed' position, instead of continuing down towards full. Similarly, starting at fully extended, the key to decrease spoilers incrementally works all the way back up to 1/4, at which point any further clicks sets them to 'armed'. In PMDG 737s (this is all FS9 BTW), nothing happens at all, no speed brake repsonse to key presses. The Level-D 767: the spoilers flip between up and down with perhaps just one increment... has anyone found it possible to tweak these a/c (and others, like PMDG MD-11) so that they work properly with this FSUIPC setting? Thanks for any help with this. (Later: Already had three BSODs testing this with the Saitek X52. Error shows "x07E - Saik075C.sys"! Rather annoying! A Saitek rather than FSUIPC issue I am sure... but anyone else experienced the same thing at any stage?)
  6. I'd like to be able to have a key which will increase spoilers incrementally (and another to decrease of course) rather than all or nothing in FS9 - and then programme that into my Saitek X52. Googling this informed me that it should be programmable in FSUIPC. The manual says (p.31) that one function that can be set up is: But I can't find any reference to that in the Advanced User's Manual other than one mention of the word 'Spoilers' on p.37. So I tried setting this up anyway via the FSUIPC/FS9 window but, not really being as familiar with the programme as I doubtless should be, I am not making much progress. I went into the 'Key Presses' tab and selected \ for Spoilers Dec and / for Spoilers Inc, making sure I deleted any key presses in Fs9 itself for spoilers. The key presses show on the right-hand side. Without a 'tutorial' though I am a bit lost: when I press \ in FS9 three or four times (choosing the default B747 as a test) the spoilers do move a little way. A few more key presses and they move once more. If I continue pressing / the spoilers suddenly jump to full. So just three positions. The decrease key \ doesn't work at all. Clearly I am not doing this correctly: could anyone kindly help me, ideally with a bit of a 'step-by-step' to what I need to do? Many thanks.
  7. OK, thanks Pete. I am pretty sure that it is an error 'unique' to my setup, as MakeRunways has only started having problems over the past couple of months - it never objected to this AFCAD (which has been installed for a few years I think) prior to that. Something I added, but it's far to late for me to find out what that 'something' might be. (That said, I did try running MakeRunways with only UAFG + default folders active in the scenery.cfg file however, and the programme still aborted!). No big deal - I probably never fly to or form UAFG anyway! It's more out of interest to understand what is happening.. If you find out, I'd be interested to know. Meanwhile, I usually run MakeRunways as part of a series of scripts/macros which update my FSNavigator and PFE information; as I say, it was easy to add another small script to automatically disable UAFG before MakeRunways starts and re-enable it after it has finished.
  8. Yes, I am using v.4.694. The AFCADs in the scenery folder run .... AF2_UAFE.bgl, AF2_UAFG.bgl, AF2_UAFI.bgl; so UAFI is the next one. Here is that part of the runways.text file when I exclude UAFG. The following file completes OK... ============================================================================= Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFE.bgl ============================================================================= Airport UAFE :N41:28:52.4236 E071:43:21.7682 4226ft Country Name="Kyrgyzstan" State Name="" City Name="Kerben" Airport Name="Kerben" in file: Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFE.bgl Runway 4 /22 centre: N41:28:52.8771 E071:43:22.1608 4226ft Start 4 : N41:28:35.8377 E071:42:59.4548 4226ft Hdg: 45.0T, Length 5512ft Computed start 4 : Lat 41.476009 Long 71.715689 Start 22 : N41:29:09.2039 E071:43:43.7804 4226ft Hdg: 225.0T, Length 5512ft Computed start 22 : Lat 41.486698 Long 71.729959 Offset Threshold secondary: 262 feet Hdg: 45.000 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 5512 x 98 ft *** Runway *** UAFE0040 Lat 41.476009 Long 71.715691 Alt 4226 Hdg 45 Len 5512 Wid 98 *** Runway *** UAFE0220 Lat 41.486698 Long 71.729958 Alt 4226 Hdg 225 Len 5512 Wid 98 COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=122.10, Name="Kerben Tower" Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal): N41:28:33.6025 E071:42:56.5067 -- Forward Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal): N41:29:12.2165 E071:43:47.9310 -- Forward Taxipoint #2, type 1 (normal): N41:28:48.4391 E071:43:16.2628 -- Forward Taxipoint #3, type 1 (normal): N41:28:46.7870 E071:43:18.5045 -- Forward Taxipoint #4, type 1 (normal): N41:28:45.8476 E071:43:17.3056 -- Forward Taxipoint #5, type 1 (normal): N41:28:47.8560 E071:43:19.9514 -- Forward Taxipoint #6, type 2 (Hold Short): N41:28:47.8560 E071:43:17.0335 -- Reverse Taxipoint #7, type 1 (normal): N41:28:46.4307 E071:43:13.5591 -- Forward Taxipoint #8, type 1 (normal): N41:28:49.6053 E071:43:17.8174 -- Forward Gate 1 [#G0]: N41:28:45.3293 E071:43:17.9864 Type 8 (Small Gate), Size 22.0m, Hdg 134.4T Gate 2 [#G1]: N41:28:46.3335 E071:43:19.3928 Type 8 (Small Gate), Size 22.0m, Hdg 134.7T Gate 3 [#G2]: N41:28:47.2729 E071:43:20.7480 Type 8 (Small Gate), Size 22.0m, Hdg 134.7T Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=4, End#=3, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=3, End#=5, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=4, End#=G0, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=3, End#=G1, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=5, End#=G2, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=6, End#=2, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=6, End#=3, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Runway 4): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=7, End#=2, Wid=30.00m Taxipath (Runway 4): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=7, End#=0, Wid=30.00m Taxipath (Runway 4): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=8, End#=2, Wid=30.00m Taxipath (Runway 4): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=8, End#=1, Wid=30.00m Taxiname: #0 = TaxiWay : G0-4-3-5-G2 TaxiWay : G1-3-6-2 FSM A/P UAFE, lat=41.481236, long=71.722710, alt=4226 ============================================================================= Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFI.bgl ============================================================================= Airport UAFI :N39:49:06.9879 E069:34:04.1856 4756ft Country Name="Kyrgyzstan" State Name="" City Name="Isfana" Airport Name="Karabulak" in file: Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFI.bgl Runway 28 /10 centre: N39:49:07.7005 E069:34:03.0767 4756ft Start 28 : N39:49:02.0639 E069:34:35.0090 4756ft Hdg: 283.0T, Length 5576ft Computed start 28 : Lat 39.817085 Long 69.577222 Start 10 : N39:49:13.3371 E069:33:31.3008 4756ft Hdg: 103.0T, Length 5576ft Computed start 10 : Lat 39.820526 Long 69.557819 Hdg: 283.000 true (MagVar 0.000), Macadam, 5576 x 131 ft *** Runway *** UAFI0280 Lat 39.817085 Long 69.577225 Alt 4756 Hdg 283 Len 5576 Wid 131 *** Runway *** UAFI0100 Lat 39.820526 Long 69.557816 Alt 4756 Hdg 103 Len 5576 Wid 131 COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=122.10, Name="Isfana-Karabulak" Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal): N39:49:13.7907 E069:33:28.7999 -- Forward Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal): N39:49:01.7076 E069:34:36.9724 -- Forward Taxipoint #2, type 1 (normal): N39:49:07.0526 E069:34:06.6334 -- Forward Taxipoint #3, type 1 (normal): N39:49:04.6879 E069:34:01.9681 -- Forward Taxipoint #4, type 1 (normal): N39:49:04.1696 E069:34:04.7843 -- Forward Taxipoint #5, type 1 (normal): N39:49:04.4287 E069:34:03.4726 -- Forward Taxipoint #6, type 1 (normal): N39:49:13.5963 E069:33:29.7863 -- Forward Taxipoint #7, type 1 (normal): N39:49:01.8372 E069:34:36.0952 -- Forward Taxipoint #8, type 2 (Hold Short): N39:49:06.0484 E069:34:05.4249 -- Forward Taxipoint #9, type 1 (normal): N39:49:16.4470 E069:32:56.5442 -- Forward Taxipoint #10, type 1 (normal): N39:48:51.4062 E069:35:17.4680 -- Forward Gate 1 [#G0]: N39:49:04.2019 E069:34:01.8166 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 193.5T Gate 2 [#G1]: N39:49:03.8456 E069:34:03.3036 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 193.5T Gate 3 [#G2]: N39:49:03.5865 E069:34:04.6120 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 193.5T Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=3, End#=G0, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=4, End#=G2, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=3, End#=5, Wid=15.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=5, End#=4, Wid=15.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=5, End#=G1, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Runway 28): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=6, End#=2, Wid=40.00m Taxipath (Runway 28): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=6, End#=0, Wid=40.00m Taxipath (Runway 28): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=7, End#=2, Wid=40.00m Taxipath (Runway 28): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=7, End#=1, Wid=40.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=8, End#=5, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=8, End#=2, Wid=22.00m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=9, End#=10, Wid=609.60m Taxiname: #0 = TaxiWay : G0-3-5-4-G2 TaxiWay : G1-5-8-2 TaxiWay : 9-10 FSM A/P UAFI, lat=39.818615, long=69.567833, alt=4756
  9. Hi Pete, Here is the UAFG entry, with the error at the place where the Programme aborts... Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFG.bgl ============================================================================= Airport UAFG :N42:38:52.5106 E077:01:53.6307 5496ft Country Name="Kyrgyzstan" State Name="" City Name="Chelpon Ata" Airport Name="Chelpon Ata" in file: Addon Scenery\Kyrgyzstan\Kyrgyzstan Airports\scenery\AF2_UAFG.bgl Runway 34 /16 centre: N42:38:50.8909 E077:01:48.7192 5496ft Runway 34 closed for take-off Runway 16 closed for landing Computed start 34 : Lat 42.642120 Long 77.032560 Start 16 : N42:39:07.3796 E077:01:41.5092 5496ft Hdg: 162.0T, Length 4100ft Computed start 16 : Lat 42.652817 Long 77.027835 Hdg: 342.000 true (MagVar 4.000), Concrete, 4100 x 110 ft *** Runway *** UAFG0340 Lat 42.642120 Long 77.032562 Alt 5496 Hdg 338 Len 4100 Wid 110 *** Runway *** UAFG0160 Lat 42.652817 Long 77.027832 Alt 5496 Hdg 158 Len 4100 Wid 110 COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=128.00, Name="×åëïîí Àòà" Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal): N42:38:31.8430 E077:01:57.1923 -- Forward Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal): N42:39:10.1007 E077:01:40.3137 -- Forward Taxipoint #2, type 1 (normal): N42:38:57.3697 E077:01:45.9286 -- Forward Taxipoint #3, type 1 (normal): N42:38:58.2768 E077:01:49.9358 -- Forward Taxipoint #4, type 1 (normal): N42:39:07.0233 E077:01:41.6685 -- Forward Taxipoint #5, type 1 (normal): N42:38:33.3008 E077:01:56.5580 -- Forward Taxipoint #6, type 1 (normal): N42:38:54.3895 E077:01:52.3740 -- Forward Taxipoint #7, type 1 (normal): N42:38:58.0824 E077:01:51.0559 -- Forward Taxipoint #8, type 1 (normal): N42:38:55.2317 E077:01:52.0278 -- Forward Taxipoint #9, type 1 (normal): N42:38:54.6810 E077:01:52.2466 -- Forward Taxipoint #10, type 1 (normal): N42:38:55.5557 E077:01:51.9008 -- Forward Taxipoint #11, type 1 (normal): N42:38:56.1712 E077:01:51.6431 -- Forward Taxipoint #12, type 1 (normal): N42:38:56.3655 E077:01:51.5644 -- Forward Taxipoint #13, type 1 (normal): N42:38:57.1106 E077:01:51.2650 -- Forward Taxipoint #14, type 1 (normal): N42:39:00.5768 E077:01:49.9615 -- Forward Taxipoint #15, type 1 (normal): N42:39:00.8683 E077:01:51.2828 -- Forward Taxipoint #16, type 1 (normal): N42:38:59.8641 E077:01:51.7300 -- Forward Taxipoint #17, type 1 (normal): N42:38:59.5402 E077:01:50.4186 -- Forward Taxipoint #18, type 1 (normal): N42:39:00.3824 E077:01:49.1504 -- Forward Taxipoint #19, type 1 (normal): N42:38:58.4064 E077:01:52.3224 -- Forward Taxipoint #20, type 1 (normal): N42:38:59.3458 E077:01:49.5429 -- Forward Gate 1 [#G0]: N42:39:00.3824 E077:01:51.5016 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 162.3T Gate 2 [#G1]: N42:39:00.0585 E077:01:50.1802 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 162.2T Gate 3 [#G2]: N42:38:59.2486 E077:01:51.9989 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 341.5T Gate 4 [#G3]: N42:38:58.9247 E077:01:50.6938 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 341.8T Gate 5 [#G4]: N42:38:57.3050 E077:01:52.1857 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 6 [#G5]: N42:38:56.3655 E077:01:52.5478 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 7 [#G6]: N42:38:55.4261 E077:01:52.8742 Type 3 (GA Ramp Medium), Size 14.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 8 [#G7]: N42:38:54.5190 E077:01:51.4050 Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 10.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 9 [#G8]: N42:38:55.3289 E077:01:51.0589 Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 10.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 10 [#G9]: N42:38:56.1712 E077:01:50.7421 Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 10.0m, Hdg 72.4T Gate 11 [#G10]: N42:38:57.0134 E077:01:50.4298 Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 10.0m, Hdg 72.4T Taxipath (Name #0): Type 1 (Taxi), Start#=2, End#=3, Wid=15.24m Taxipath (Runway 34): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=4, End#=2, Wid=33.53m Taxipath (Runway 34): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=4, End#=1, Wid=36.58m Taxipath (Runway 34): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=5, End#=2, Wid=33.53m Taxipath (Runway 34): Type 2 (Runway), Start#=5, End#=0, Wid=36.58m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=8, End#=G6, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=9, End#=8, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=9, End#=6, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=9, End#=G7, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=10, End#=8, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=10, End#=G8, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=11, End#=10, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=11, End#=G5, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=12, End#=11, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=12, End#=G9, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=13, End#=12, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=13, End#=7, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=13, End#=G10, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=13, End#=G4, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=14, End#=G1, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=15, End#=14, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=15, End#=G0, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=16, End#=G0, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=16, End#=G2, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=17, End#=16, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=17, End#=G1, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=17, End#=G3, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=18, End#=14, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=7, End#=3, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=19, End#=7, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=19, End#=G2, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 3 (Parking), Start#=7, End#=G3, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=20, End#=18, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=20, End#=3, Wid=12.19m Taxipath (Name #0): Type 4 (Path), Start#=17, End#=20, Wid=12.19m Taxiname: #0 = TaxiWay : G6-8-9-6 TaxiWay : G7-9 TaxiWay : G8-10-8 TaxiWay : G5-11-10 TaxiWay : G9-12-11 TaxiWay : G10-13-12 TaxiWay : G4-13-7-3-2 TaxiWay : G1-14-15-G0 TaxiWay : G0-16-G2 TaxiWay : G1-17-16 TaxiWay : G3-17-20-18-14 TaxiWay : G2-19-7-G3 TaxiWay : 20-3 FSM A/P UAFG, lat=42.647919, long=77.031563, alt=5496 ***ERROR C0000005 at 00407E23: *** Access violation trying to read address 0031DF74 *** EAX 00000001 EBX 11EA0990 ECX 00000001 EDX FFFFFFFF EDI 0B31DFB4 ESI 0031DF60
  10. OK, the programme is this time aborting at a certain scenery entry, different from the last time I had this issue, but definitely the same place on this occasion - the list of scenery.cfg entries processed goes by so fast that it took a while, but in the end I tracked down the problem to one single AFCAD file. If I disable this to bgx before I run MakeRunways.exe, the programme runs just fine. Re-enable the bgl file and the programme aborts. I looked at the AFCAD file in AFCAD2 and there are no errors in it however. It's a small file and I can't see why it would cause any issues. If by any chance you are interested, Pete, (or anyone else come to that) to look at it, (and see if it causes the same problem on your PC?) I can upload it... Otherwise, well, problem sorted, I have a batch file now which disables and re-enables the file every time MakeRunways creates its database...
  11. Are you sure you haven't got some other driver or software reading these devices? That's the only cause i know of for this sort of thing. OK, yes, you are right, I have been trying to have FSUIPC read the device buttons with the profile active (in other words, FS9 is reading the device). Now I have switched off the FS9 profile, all the buttons now create numbers in the FSUIPC boxes. Many thanks Pete, Martin
  12. Installed the programme and made the X52 No.1 in the list. No change, so I tried a few other positions (I only have the X52 and a Nostromo N52 keypad there). Still FSUIPC sees only a couple of hat switches. :???: I guess I could try reinstalling FSUIPC??
  13. OK, I'll check that in the FAQ. (I run Windows 7 x64 though, not Win8 or Win10). Many thanks.
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