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  1. No I didn't have the assignment window open. The reinstall of 7.0.9 from April 14th seems to have "fixed" it.
  2. I'll try with the latest. No, the logs are before I quit FSUIPC to restart it, but was sitting on the ramp in the plane. I'll attach the full chain of events next time (if it still occurs).
  3. Yes, I'm using the "old" release (where you added offsets for engine master). The log is complete, as in, that's all FSUIPC would show despite loading up a flight and being ready to go. Is there an official source for the latest greatest version (I'll search for these for now)?
  4. I launch FSUPIC before the sim starts. With the latest update ipcReady never fires after loading into a flight and FSUIPC doesn't actually work (e.g. controls/events). I have to relaunch FSUIPC in order to regain functionality. Is this a known new bug? FSUIPC7.zip
  5. It's the WASM module that was CTD on loading screen for me.
  6. Thanks, it works using the new offsets as bytes.
  7. I'll try this. I was testing on the TBM930 which does have off/on/auto and setting them to 0/1/2 does correctly set the switch and function.
  8. Yes, the individual ignition switch state for each engine would be ideal as multiple offsets.
  9. Ok, so it looks like this "should" work as expected (e.g. there's no update between the two sequences), but it doesn't because 208C only shows a value of 1 regardless of whether the control sends 1 or 2 as the param. The aircraft switch behaves correctly (Auto vs On) but 208C always reads 1, never 2, and 0 when off. I'm not sure if this is a sim/aircraft issue or whether the value is reflected incorrectly in this offset. Any thoughts? Resetting the flag is a great idea, I should have thought of it, thanks.
  10. I tested with lower sequence numbers: 360=P65,9,C65930,0 -{MAGNETO1_BOTH}- 361=P65,9,C67059,1 -{ENGINE_MASTER_1_SET}- 362=D208C<2 P65,9,C67017,2 -{TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_SET1}- 363=D208C=2 P65,9,C67017,1 -{TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_SET1}- And the result is the same. It appears offset values are modified immediately after #362, so pressing this button always just result in the ignition set to "1". The flag idea works (thanks for the pointer), but it's less deterministic from a user standpoint (not predictable where the toggle state will land when switched off). So is the only other option then a Lua?
  11. What would the pause help with in this case (assuming both actions are actually being executed).
  12. They are in the INI (placed next to #42, #1042 etc.), but there is 2043 (for example). I'm basically trying to group button actions using this method. I have >200 "base" assignments (made in the UI), and to pick the right sequence when adding additional controls I would have to find the next highest one. So I'm using this schema, where additional actions for a given base are +1000 +2000 etc. In this case #41 is MAGNETO1_BOTH, #1041 is ENGINE_MASTER_1_SET. I'll verify that #3042 is being used. This works across many planes/types that achieve same functional result (e.g. some sort of ignition on). I'll look at this, thanks.
  13. I have the following to try to toggle between auto/on for ignition (off is separate). 2041=D208C<2 P65,9,C67017,2 -{TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_SET1}- 3041=D208C=2 P65,9,C67017,1 -{TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_SET1}- The above doesn't work because offset 208C is updated immediately with the state (2) after sequence 2041, so 3041 will always trigger. Any chance you could add a "break" option to this syntax that would stop process or ignore sequences after the break? The other option would be to treat the "state" as atomic across all sequences (or at least per button), but I imagine that would likely break lots of legacy stuff. Or, do I have to use a Lua for this?
  14. Right, and that works (I've used it), but you can't for example search for "ign" to find controls that have "ignition" in them unless it's the beginning. The text file with the list works fine.
  15. That was the issue. I guess if the folder doesn't already exist, it won't be created. Reinstall (and creating that folder) fixed it. Thanks!
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