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  1. In general, should we use "custom control" and the offsets, or the named event from the dropdown, for button presses? Or, does it not matter?
  2. Thanks. Spot checking, it seems like the official event name from this doc to the dropdown list is to TitleCase it, is that correct?
  3. Hi, Is there a definitive mapping between offsets, SimConnect events and the drop-down list of "controls" in the button configuration? The terminology between these 3 are inconsistent, and the drown-down is not searchable (so it's hard to tell where I fill find something). Alternatively, is there at least a searchable file of the "controls" in the drop-down list? Thanks, John
  4. Which IPC facilities can I use to trigger something (execute external program) on FSUIPC connect/disconnect? Should I assume that ipcinit is called only once, on first connection, or if there's a disconnect will it be called again? Is there something that is called on disconnect?
  5. I managed to completely clean up and reinstall vJoy. I'll report back when this error occurs again.
  6. I'll stop posting to this thread. I'm not sure if this was a mis-test on my part. The last few flights with FSUIPC running before the sim, I haven't had the issue of it not functioning as expected.
  7. I'm supposed to have 6 vJoy devices, which it seems like I have. I can complete uninstall and re-install vJoy, but not sure it will clean up the registry completely.
  8. Probably, but not sure where to delete these from. I did have an instance of vJoy have to be uninstalled "manually" which probably left these. They are not physical.
  9. Any suggestion on what/where to delete these from? I think these were being added by vJoy during install/uninstalls.
  10. The series of events that is probably related to the pause (and how I generally have to recover): 1. Flying with no issues (controls working) 2. Controls stop working (e.g. always at the wrong time - e.g. late landing phase, some maneuvers etc.) 3. I frantically pause (e.g. press ESC; pause with menu) 4. Start FSUIPC (since in this case it crashed) 5. Resume 6. Flying again, still about to crash etc. (no control effectiveness despite FSUIPC now running) 7. Pause again 8. Go to FSUIPC Axes/Ok 9. Unpause 10. Things have recovered
  11. Do you mean try to find them in the registry and clean them up? I'll enabled SimConnect and will keep you posted when it happens again.
  12. This happened with a restart of FSUIPC after a crash as a result of TransmitClientEvent failed. Logs for both session attached (also in other thread). Log 1 leading up to FSUIPC crash, log 2 FSUIPC restart but controls not working until Axes/Ok. logs.zip
  13. I just had another one of these events with the latest build... TransmitClientEvent failed, and an eventual crash of FSUIPC; logs attached (1). Also, on restart input was not working until I visited Axes and clicked Ok; logs for this also attached (2). logs.zip
  14. This issue (or maybe different) seems to have returned... On today's debugging session (since like with FSX I'm doing more of that than flying), FSUIPC was running, sim started, flight launched, no response in sim (went to axes) still nothing. FSUIPC exit//restart was required.
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