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  1. Not sure if FSUIPC is the problem, I am hoping that someone can help. I upgraded to 3.82 and now I have problems with the A/P. While on approach to any airport with FS-9.1 auto pilot flying the plane right before touch down the plane will pitch down and I crash. Then one time same setup the A/P just turns off and will not respond at all. The worst of it this does not happen all of the time. The above happens with pay ware, Freeware, or FS-9 planes. Eddie
  2. Pete, I was not sure what was the problem. I was not trying to blame FSUIPC. Just hoped someone might know of a fic. My first thought was FS 9 and windows XP That I am running. But since I could switch between windowed and full screen modes with no problem without tring to use addons it was a good second thought that it might be the addons or FSUICP. I sent e-mails and posted in other forums for the addons as well. Thanks for your hard work without it my flight simming would have been pretty dull over the years! Hope know hard feelings! Eddie
  3. Hey George, Your tip works! This will let me fly untill we can find out what the problem is. Eddie
  4. Yep George, I have tried it without the addons....I have no problem.. I will give your idea a try! Eddie
  5. Pete I need help! I have a registered version of fsuipc 3.03 and Advdisp 2.11 I use them both with FS 2004 and Radar Contact 3.10 and FS Meteo 6.0. I got one flight with the above, now I have a FS 2004 crash problem. I am not sure which program is at fault. I can run FS 2004 and switch between windowed and full screen mode in FS 2004 without a problem. When I use Radar Contact or FS meteo I start FS 2004 in full screen mode. Then I switch to window mode to start one of the programs. Both programs run and after they are ready for me to go back into FS 2004 I make the FS 2004 window active. All is fine ready to fly. I then switch back to full screen mode, I get a black screen with FS 2004 still running. Now when I close out Fs 2004 I get the Send error to MS message box. Not sure what is going on.. Eddie System Spec: Intel 2.4 P-4 1 Gig DDR memory G-Force 4 Ti 4400 128 ram Nividia Video Card (Running Current Drivers)
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