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  1. Problem solved :-) I missed the registrer button and instead just clicked "next" sorry Michael Moe
  2. Hi again, Tried to un-install all and install again in the default folder (documents/p3dv4 addons) but now also P3Dv4 is unregistrered ?? Its like its not accepting my licens when i enter it ? its reading the wrong sim running it seems Michael Moe FSUIPC6.log
  3. Sorry, What i meen is its only registrered in P3Dv4, P3Dv5 says its unregistrered and i cant get it to work. Also the register buttons on the right is greyed out and i need to reinstall it says but it doesnt work. Installed as individuals Michael Moe FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.log
  4. Hi, i ran the installer twice as of v4 and v5 and something whent wrong . I dont have licence in v5 for sure What am i missing in v5 ? Thanks Michael Moe
  5. For years i havent being abled to find the correct function to the spoiler arm with speedbrake. The first part on my lever is a switch and just after a normal axis. Axis spoiler setup is straight forward but how do i arm and disarm the speedbrake? Its only one switch Example PMDG 7XX Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Hi Pete You are brilliant - indeed it was one of your suggestions regarding the weather files. Now back to normal . Thanks alot Michael Moe
  7. Hi Pete Thanks for your quick response, No will do the other way around as well - Chaseplane also mentioned a corrupt installation some where I will look into the wx file but also want you to know that i can reproduce the CTD everytime i activate FSUIPC Event-viewer did not give a "red alert" crashreport but i will report back what i find Thanks alot Michael Moe
  8. Hi Pete, After an update to some cameras from Chaseplane i think i have a conflict with both FSUIPC and Chaseplane for P3Dv4.2. By trial and error i have reinstalled P3Dv4.2 Client ,Chaseplane and lastly i disabled FSUIPC (5.124) which solved the CTD and Chaseplane interface was back working. I dont know how and why this happened so i tried out rolling back to 5.122 deleting everything in the module folder but with same result (CTD in the NGX counting down from the normal 20 seconds when it init the plane with 17 seconds to go. I have provided the ini and log file here . Any suggestions is very welcome :-) Thanks Michael Moe FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  9. Hi, (Pete) Anyone know if its possible to use the CDUII from VRInsight with P3Dv4 and FSUIPC5 ? Drivers/software not updated since July 2016 , I am not that much into the tech between VRInsight products and FSUIPC5, not to mention P3Dv4 being 64 bit Thanks Michael Moe
  10. Hi Pete I am using MT6 and the "Traffic Toggle density" is not behaving (not working) like in V3 Can you look at it ? Miss it as a shortcut on my yoke on Approach or if i just needed that extra 2fps :-) Thanks Michael Moe
  11. Thanks , I noticed that VPilot has model matching for SODE and other AI . I tried disable those so only Mytraffic is used Yeah i am staying with because of VAS/SLI driver issues with later versions Thanks Michael Moe
  12. Thanks and sorry , yes the CTD was out of the blue 2 times yesterday . Leaving Vpilot out of the equation helped . Second CTD and nothing in the eventviewer other than SODE (1.4.2 (allthough dll says 1.4.3) crashed but at FL350 it might be because the sim crashed to desktop i dont know. Thanks apreciated Michael Moe
  13. Hi Pete I started my PMDG 747v3 experience this weekend and updated to the latest FSUIPC. I have the MT6 and P3D3. 4.9.18400 and traffic slider at only 5%. I got some strange errors loading up Vpilot saying something about my AI had change a lot and it made a rerun. After that i see alot to this P3D loading Traffic screen and especially if i am using the sim speedup feature inside the 747. I did not have any issues with 4961 and i do think its related to vpilot but again i did not have any issues before updating FSUIPC. Any ideer why this happens? Thanks Michael Moe
  14. Hi Pete, I have Throttle 1 and 2 assigned in FSUIPC (using the NGX today but not specific calibration for aircrafttype) For some reason it seems that the spoiler assigning might have been corrupted so i removed it and everything is fine right now. Thanks for explaining things Michael Moe
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