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  1. Hello Pete, We really enjoy using your great products; FSUIPC and WideFS. Unfortunately we are having some issues with WideFS. Our current setup is: "Sentinel" and "Shadow" - Two powerful i7 rigs, running w7x64 and FSX Acceleration/SP2. Latest versions of FSUIPC and WideFS. "Nimrod" - A P4-class XP machine with wideclient. Our network is setup correctly as are all software packages. We are successfully able to connect WideClient to either Sentinel or Shadow and are able to manipulate the simulator sessions using our custom WideClient/FSUIPC touchscreen button map. GPSOut is configured to push data via WideServer/Client. Unfortunately, when we try to use other software via WideFS, like FS Commander or Plan-G (tested multiple versions), we get errors from those software packages informing us that they cannot connect to the FS session. Use of flight planner software with direct interaction with the simulators is absolutely critical to our project. I did get in touch with FS Commander about this, but since we spoke I have tested the lastes version and Plan-G with the same results, so I think we can discount this being an issue with that software. The thread of our discussion is here. We really need to solve this problem as soon as possible and would appreciate any help you can give us in doing so. All the best, AoA.
  2. Hi Volker, I understand your position, however FSC 8.6 was bought with the expectation that this particular feature, as advertised, was functional. If we had known that this feature would not function for us, we would not have bought this software. Therefore I believe that we are entitled to: -Your support in solving this issue so that the software we have functions as advertised and expected. or -A different but fully functional version of the software. or -A full refund. Thank you for your support so far, I hope that we can come to a positive conclusion. Best Regards, AoA
  3. Dear Volker, I cant find the "support" directory that you request. Please give me directions. Best Regards, AoA
  4. Hello Volker, Yes, those screenshots are similar to what I have here. Also I am able to manipulate the FSX using buttons on WideFS - so it is definitely correctly connected and working? This is a really strange problem, which is why I am grateful for any assistance or suggestions. Best Regards, AoA
  5. Hi Volker, Server shows time correctly. Client has all N/A. WideFS is configured correctly and working. Cheers, AoA.
  6. Hi Volker, Please excuse me, I didn't make clear that the clock was in fact mirroring the FS time correctly. I appreciate any further advice you can give, as I am absolutely convinced that I have everything setup correctly. Best Regards, AoA
  7. Dear Volker, I'm afraid that, despite following these instructions for a second time, I still am not able to get anything other that N/A from the client PC. Please advise on how else to troubleshoot this. Best Regards, AoA
  8. Hello Volker, I accept that this may be the case and would appreciate it if you explain why it cannot be FSC at fault, when everything else is setup and working correctly? Sim PC+FSX+WideFS + Client PC+WideFS = WideClient = Functioning Correctly UIPC Hello = Can't connect: Cannot link to FSUIPC or WideClient Sim is: N/A FSUIPC Version: N/A FS Clock: N/A Sim PC+FSX+WideFS + Client PC+WideFS+FSX = WideClient = Functioning Correctly but only locally (as expected) UIPC Hello = Okay Sim is: FSYETANOTHER FSUIPC Version: 4.703 FS Clock: 00:00:00 Thank you for your help so far. I look forward to your reply. Best Regards, AoA.
  9. Specification: FSX Gold/Acceleration FSUIPC 4.70 WIDEFS 6.86 FSC 8.6 101209 (Sim) Windows 7 (Con) Windows XP Setup: Two seperate simulators. One control point. Instead of sharing folders and having to constantly update paths in FSC according to which sim one wishes to connect to, I compiled the sim database and copied this to the control point. This should not be the cause of my issue but am happy to hear theories on why it is. Plan to alternative WideFS connection to either sim with some scripted magic. However, I am currently only connecting to one sim and will not progress to the multiple option until I have this working. Issue: My network topology et al is setup correctly and WideClient is able to connect and manipulate the simulator from the control point. Despite the connection being successful, I am not able to piggy-back FSC onto this connection and am greeted with the error: "Unable to connect to Flight SimulatorMsg #2: FS not running or cannot link to WideClient" Please could you advise on how best to rectify this. Best Regards, AoA
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