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  1. Hi Paul, I will take my words back - I think we do need an option for wss after all. If the web page we implement this on is https the browser does not allow using an insecure socket connection. I ran into this issue when trying to inject a little script into the Skyvector map to show aircraft position there... 🙂 Allan
  2. wss shouldn't be necessary - and doing the encryption will just take extra resources. Would only be for security purposes but there isn't much point when you are just on a home LAN. If it only listens on it will only work locally, but if you select to listen on the LAN IP it works from other computers. The only problem I had was that I had to run the program as Administrator in order to be allowed to listen on the LAN IP. Can that changed? Normally you can also set a program to listen on which means any IP can connect to it... Otherwise I'm looking forward to
  3. Excellent stuff. I assume you are thinking of sending all values when at least one changes... Wondering if it will make sense to even only send the values that have actually changed. Would save some bandwidth but would require client-side logic to check which ones are present.
  4. I have reviewed the code now - it looks terrific! Good to see you have the "name" ID in there so that we can match the response in case we need to use it a-la-HTTP. Will it only send a message with offset values if there is a change in at least one of them, or what do you think about that? Could save a lot of network traffic for values that rarely change... eg. if you wanted to monitor taxi lights for example... Will you be able to subscribe to multiple offsets.read requests with different intervals or only one? Just curious as I'm not sure if that would be needed... I guess the same reas
  5. Hi Paul, You're fast! This is great - it's exactly what I had in mind for HTTP communication. It can certainly work in a lot of scenarios - I'm just thinking that in case you for example wanted to do a gauge you would want very frequent updates, at least every 50-100 ms, and in that case there would be quite a bit of overhead in constantly opening/closing the HTTP connection and passing headers. At least theoretically that would be a concern... so that's why I was thinking of websockets. I was imagining that you could subscribe to a set of offsets which would then continually be sent back
  6. Guys, that's great to hear! I really think this could be very useful and open up for a lot of possibilities - as there are a lot of people who know how to work with the web technologies but don't how to use lower level languages, do compiling and all that stuff. But simple web APIs is what is tying systems together nowadays. Looking forward to see what you can come up with!
  7. What is the best way to make a browser web page interface with FSUIPC? So that we can easily design our own panels with buttons and information from the aircraft/simulator using HTML/CSS/Javascript? How could that be done? It seems like it should utilize websockets since that provides two-way instant communication and the WebSocket API is supported by any modern browser. But FSUIPC doesn't have a websocket server in-built I presume... Plain requests via the HTTP protocol could be an alternative but would only be optimal for button presses... I'm aware of WideFS button capabilities -
  8. I thought FSUIPC7 was currently only this beta stand-alone application, so I don't quite understand what you mean by that? Can I use Lua as it is now or not?
  9. Well, of course you would have to define the x,y coordinates in pixels for where the mouse click should happen, but that's not a problem. I have the Wilco Airbus and there are some functions I can't do any other way than using a mouse click. And if I use the same view all the time (I use Ezdok) the location of the buttons will always be the same, so it will work just fine even though its not the most desirable solution. Right now I'm using HIDmacros which can send mouse clicks but it's annoying to have FCU functions on a keyboard when I have the MCP Combo buttons that are meant for doing those
  10. Hi Pete, Is there an API available in the Lua that comes with FSUIPC for simulating a normal left and right mouse click? I can't find anything in the documentation, but wonder if a "simple" thing like this really isn't possible... My goal is to be able to assign mouse clicks to buttons on my VRInsight MCP-Combo through LINDA. (Mouse macros, Lvars etc doesn't work for the functions I need) Allan
  11. Pete, (I hope you see this :) ) I have a question along the lines of information from HIDMacros to FSUIPC/Lua. From a script in hidmacros I'm running a Lua script through FSUIPC by calling this (thanks to Petr recently adding the SetFSUIPCString call): HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &HD70, 40, "Lua testlua" But at the same time I want to pass a parameter (a string) to that program. I tried the parameter offset like this (before the above line): HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &HD6C, 4, "mystring" (not sure if SetFSUIPCString is correct and if I can max write 4 chars/b
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